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Concrete5 Review - Can It Meet Your Online Demands Completely?

updated on Nov 03, 2014
Concrete5 Review - Can It Meet Your Online Demands Completely? Concrete5 is an excellent content management system and is considered perfect because of its features like amazing implementation and in-context editing. The system is regarded to be best for non-technical writers and non-technical stakeholders. This content management system could be considered for variant kinds of web projects.

This article is a descriptive Concrete5 review, which can help you in familiarizing it when it comes to the creation of websites and blog posts. The review is based on the ease of installation, the feature offerings, website customization, add-ons, and community support.

Ease of Installation

Concrete5 is easy to install, and it does not require any technical knowledge on your part. You can easily install this content management system without any professional assistance for the creation of your websites and blog posts.

All you need to do is to select the right hosting environment and then install it in your system to get started. After all, most of the web hosts have one-click installation procedures. If the web host does not have a one-click installer, then you need to take some steps on a manual basis.

Content Management Features

Concrete5 Content Management Features This CMS has a WYSIWYG text editor. It also contains the in-content editing toolbar, which helps you in changing the website while you are surfing.

The other important features of this system include automatic navigation, track versions, drag and drop options, preview options, Google Analytics integration, spellchecker, automatic add-on and theme installation options, detailed permissions and performances, file manager, flexible Meta Data for SEO, content scheduling, RSS feed, YouTube integration, polls, surveys, slide show of photos, Google Maps, scrapbook and many more.

All these competitive features make this software amazing to be used for the creation of effective blog posts and websites. With these options in hand, you are definitely going to provide your website with an attractive outlook.

Website Design and Themes

Concrete5 has a variety of themes available for website designs. By using these themes and templates, you can effectively add excellently touch to your websites. The features of these themes can assist you in enhancing the outlook of your blog posts and websites.

There are hundreds of Concrete5 themes that are available on the web. They can be easily downloaded from the marketplace of Concrete5. The themes are easily downloadable and have easy and simple user interface.

In this case, if you want to maintain your websites and want to give an attractive outlook to your posts, then you can use these themes effectively. They do not require any manual steps of installation. In fact, they make the editing and enhancement process easier for you.

Extensibility and Add-Ons

Concrete5 Extensibility and Add-Ons With the help of Concrete5, you can easily create customized attributes that are designed for taking particular kinds of information in the process. The excellent extensible framework allows you to get great extensibility and customized usability. The page categorization of Concrete5 is only confined to the website’s hierarchy. The category of the page is defined by the parent page that is presented within the tree of website.

These add-ons are regarded to be really sensible, and they provide you with the great deal of very simple architectures. You can use various add-ons for availing the feature of extensibility on your website while using the content management system of Concrete5.


This content management system follows amazing security practices for you. The system makes use of ADODB library in order to protect the attacks of SQL injections. Guestbook block is an important component of the core, and it functions by stripping out the tags. It is also regarded to be very safe and protective against the attacks of potential XSS.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of its security, then you can use variant add-ons, which are specifically created for the security vulnerabilities associated with the system. So, you do not have to worry about the security and safety of your privacy while you are creating websites and blog posts on Concrete5.

Community Support

Concrete5 Community Support Content management system of Concrete5 has received a lot of affections from all of its users. It has maintained a loyal community and user base because of the effective support that it offers. In order to begin with it, you have the options of using the forums, newsletters and the chat sessions.

All the forums of Concrete5 are active enough, and you are never going to feel alone while using it. In addition, if you have undergone any problem, then you do not need to be panic as effective community support is offered by the system to you. The documentation of Concrete5 is well populated, and excellent tips and guides are provided to you no matter if you are using it as an editor or a developer.

Besides the support from Concrete5 community, you can also seek professional assitance from a large number of good web hosting providers that gives full support to the software, such as the 3 leading ones listed in the table below.