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Cheap VPS Hosting 2017 - Best Cost Effective Choices

updated on Nov 13, 2017
Cheap VPS Hosting 2017 - Best Cost Effective Choices By reviewing over one hundred web hosts, we would like to introduce the best VPS hosting providers for you who have a painful experience on finding out the most appropriate option for VPS hosting. Taking budget-friendly support, abundant server resource and good performance into consideration, we have three good options recommended for you which include InMotion, A2Hosting and HostMonster.

All of the three companies are leading VPS providers in this industry with good reputation and large group of customers. Most importantly, their services are affordable, with prices even lower than the average in the industry.

We firstly want to show an overall table of the mentioned three hosting companies with regards to some necessary and crucial factors in VPS hosting quality. To be more specific, this table consists of the hosting price and features from those referred hosting companies' VPS packages. Get more details displayed in below.

# Company Feature Price
1 InMotion Hosting
  • 60 GB storage, 4 GB RAM & 1 TB bandwidth
  • Managed VPS hosting with cPanel/WHM access
  • Free daily backups & custom advanced firewall
  • 24x7 US-based telephone & live chat support
2 A2Hosting
Cloud VPS
  • SSDs for operating system, files & databases
  • High availability & pay-as-you-go
  • SwiftServer platform, root access & expert-tuned servers
  • A2 QuickInstaller, quick start cloud & reboot control
  • CentOS 6.5 & server locations in US
  • 1 free IP address & 1 free domain
  • Dual core, 2 GB RAM, 30 GB storage & 1 TB bandwidth
  • cPanel, WHMCS, SSH & SimpleScripts with 100+ scripts


Cheap VPS Hosting - InMotion InMotion is always in motion for customer-oriented and budget-friendly hosting service. With their well-experienced and dedicated staffs and good performance, the company set targets up high and is going to reach them so as to provide 100% satisfaction hosting solutions for you.

Owing the world-class data and state-of-the-art data centers which are powered by Dell PowerEdge servers running dual quad processors with 16GB RAM and equipped with network infrastructure from Cisco Systems, InMotion promises to guarantee at least 99.9% server and network uptime for its reliable VPS hosting.

Besides, InMotion has been keeping partnering with some world leading companies and adopting its power supply infrastructure, such as UPS and diesel as well as generators using redundant routing providers all over the world. Furthermore, as all of these factors matter much in the secure and reliable hosting environment and this company has won millions of customers' compliment since its first presence in 2001.

Even, for the better website running, this web host offers the solid state drives for the faster loading speed and the better uptime, along with the exclusive Max Speed Zone technology for the more effective routine.

Speaking to the VPS hosting plans, there are three optional plans which regularly charge for $29.99/mo, $49.99/mo and $74.99/mo. Moreover, this web host provides an exclusive promotional link for about one half off the listed original price for $19.99/mo, $29.49/mo and $42.49/mo eventually. Moreover, as this company also offers a considerable discount for monthly and annual billing, we sincerely recommend readers running a fast growing business site starting with the monthly plan to make the purchase not only safe but also easy to upgrade. For you better satisfaction, the company guarantees you 90 days money back.

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As a professional web hosting provider, InMotion provides 24×7 US-based excellent technical support and customer-friendly service. For any technical assistance, reach to their support team via live chat, email, hotline and support ticket. For self-help, go to their knowledgebase where you can find guides, instructions and FAQs. There is also a community for user interaction.

According to customer feedbacks, people who has hosted with InMotion for years give them high scores for support. As the leading company in this industry, InMotion does match its good reputation.


Cheap VPS Hosting - A2Hosting As a large and high-performance web hosting company, A2Hosting has been well-known for its budget Linux VPS hosting packages which are named as the Dynamic VPS plan with different hosting price and features involved. In terms of the price, both of the mentioned packages are affordable, which only charge you who are now purchasing this company's service for $9.89/mo and $15/mo.

Moreover, for the purchase of this plan, this company allows both annual billing and monthly billing to give customers complete freedom in choosing the right term you want. Furthermore, in each of the offered packages, you are allowed to pay only for what they have used with full root access and optional cPanel included in the meantime. Also, you are flexible to custom the own VPS on demand and have the ability to choose the needed operating system.

Apart from rich VPS hosting features, this company owns SwiftSever SSDs which is said to have the power to accelerate the loading speed 300% faster than other average platforms. Moreover, you can get crushed sites back into normal within minutes by its offered free high availability failover service.

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Cheap VPS Hosting - HostMonster As a high-performance and entrusted hosting provider, HostMonster utilizes advanced servers which are directly connected to first-rate fiber optic networks engineered on multiple tier 1 service providers. Moreover, the networks can create alternate routes for data delivery to make sure that customer sites always gain the fastest speed by staying away from any route encountering latency.

Speaking to the customer service aspect, this company provides a variety of ways for customers to seek for help, such as helpful knowledgebase and directive community forum. Moreover, all of technical workers are all prepared for those customers who prefer to solve problems by themselves. In addition, there is also 24x7 on-site support via live chat and phone with holding time less than 60 seconds, and email answered in 15 minutes. Making contact with the support team is more than easy.

In regards to the VPS hosting packages, this web host offers four differentiated hosting packages which are the so-called Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate. Furthermore, those VPS hosting packages charge differently as they have different hosting features in store and the specific prices of them range from $29.99/mo to $119.99/mo. Now with a 50% discount, the prices reduce to $14.99/mo - $59.99/mo.

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Secrets about Cheap VPS Hosting

Surely, in addition to these recommendations, you can also find many other cheap VPS hosting providers. However, not all of them can ensure you the same level of hosting experience. In the following, we’d like to unveil some secrets about these cheap options.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

It is true that the VPS hosting solution gives you enough server-side freedom, so that you can make any configurations on your privately dedicated server. However, this kind of freedom also means the responsibility. For instance, you need to install the control panel, operating system and many other necessary tools on your own. Also, you need to pay attention to the server maintenance task and security issues to ensure the proper working. This kind of hosting service is called as unmanaged VPS hosting, which can lead to some troubles for common webmasters.

Generally, if you choose the cheap VPS hosting, the hosting provider will offer you the unmanaged VPS hosting.

Bad Technical Support

The support service is essential for all the webmasters as no one can ensure that they will never encounter any issue when creating and managing their websites. However, the set up and maintenance of the support team requires a lot of investments. Even, the staff training for VPS hosting solution is costly. In this case, many web hosts that offer the cheap VPS hosting will outsource their support service to some third parties, resulting in the inefficient replies and unprofessional resolutions.

Some Extra Fees

Generally, these cheap VPS hosting providers will charge you at the low rate initially, but set up the expensive renewal price. Even, some of them may require you to pay some hidden fees that are not explained clearly in their official sites.

Besides, you can hardly get the enough server resources from these web hosts, so you may need to pay some additional fees to get more allocation of monthly bandwidth, CPU, disk space and many more.

How to Choose a Cheap Linux VPS without Compromising Performance

Cheap price is sometimes a marketing trick used by some bad web hosts to lure people having very limited budget. But this does not mean all cheap things are not trustworthy. If you are willing to invest time in the selection and follow some principles carefully, you will certainly find hosting solutions that are cheap and good.

When it comes to choosing a cheap Linux VPS, there are some tips that can help you reach your goal.

Check the price and features

A reliable VPS would be "reasonably" cheap instead of "extremely" cheap. To prevent that you are trapped by a cheap while low-quality solution, you should think about whether the price is reasonable when the features of the VPS package are considered.

For example, the regular price of a managed VPS with 2 GB RAM, 30 GB storage, 2 CPU cores and 1 TB bandwidth is usually around $30/mo. Therefore, you should be careful when faced with a VPS which comes with the similar resources but is priced less than $15/mo. The promotional price should be no less than $10/mo.

See whether the VPS is managed or not

Due to the significant differences between managed and unmanaged VPS, there need to be different standards in pricing for the two types of services. A cheap managed VPS costs no less than $20/mo, while a cheap unmanaged VPS could be $8/mo. Note that most of those VPSs which are priced under $8/mo do not have real value.

Read user reviews

User reviews are good resources for you to figure out whether a provider and its VPS are good or not. When reading reviews, pay attention to the common praises as well as the frequent complaints. If a provider is complained much for service interruptions or security issues, avoid it at any cost. For the shortcomings in other hosting aspects, you can ask yourself whether they matter to you or not.

Read the uptime and speed monitoring statistics

Some web hosting review sites, for example, HowsHosting, conduct uptime and speed monitoring of hundreds of web hosts and display the real-time results. With these statistics, you can know how the hosting performance of the provider you are going to sign up is. Also, you can deploy monitoring by yourself with uptime monitoring tools.