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How to Change Joomla Admin and Site Language?

updated on Apr 20, 2015
How to Change Joomla Admin and Site Language? The language of a Joomla 3 site is originally set to English, and it is possible to change the default language to your preferred one by going through the following simple steps. Note that, Joomla supports many different languages and allows you to alter the settings on individual users.

Step 1 – Enter Joomla Admin Area

Just like changing templates for the frontend, changing your admin/site language also requires you to install a new language from the backend of Joomla 3. Due to the newly-added Install Accredited Language Translations function, this language installation process has been much easier than ever, and you don't need to search and download new languages from elsewhere. In respect of the details, you should firstly log onto the Joomla administrator area by using username and password. Below is the Joomla 3 control panel interface.

Joomla Language - Enter Joomla Admin Area

Step 2 – Make a Selection of Your Language

The next step is to navigate to "Extensions" > "Language Manager" from the upper-right toolbar of admin dashboard. From here, you will be able to see a list of installed languages on your Joomla website. Under the "Default Installation" tab, you may only see the default "English (United Kingdom)" language. To add more choices, just make a hit on this "Install Language" button next to the "Default" option.

Joomla Language - Make a Selection of Your Language

To find the very language pack to install, you can browse the list of languages or use the inbuilt search feature by pressing this "Find Languages" button. To proceed, check the box next to the language you'd like to install afterwards, and in the meantime, hit on the "Install" button. At this place, we prefer to choose "Albanian" as the language for "Admin/Site" language.

Joomla Language - Choose Language to Install

Step 3 – Set the New Language to Default

In a matter of few seconds, this selected language package will be installed in your Joomla. Let's revert to "Extensions" > "Language Manager" again and set the newly-added "Albanian" language as the default language. As is displayed, this new language has been listed under both of the "Installed – Administrator" and "Installed – Site" tabs.

Joomla Language - Set the New Language to Default

For the purpose of the tutorial, we are going to change the "Site" area language in below. Just access the "Installed – Site" section on the left-side of this page and make a hit on the icon of a star inside this "Default" column. Pay attention that, the chosen radio button should correspond to the language you'd like to use. If done correctly, the star will turn to yellow, and you can receive a success message. As is announced, this implementation won't affect any users who have already chosen a language on their login pages or personal profiles.

Important to Note: If you want to set the new "Albanian" to the default for "Administrator" area, then you can also repeat the above steps. If nothing goes wrong, your Joomla admin interface will be working in the new "Albanian" language as follows. If needed, you can go to "Users" menu and set "Basic" Settings in order to alter the language for each user.

Joomla Language - Admin Control Panel Language