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How to Change the Display Order of Articles in Joomla 3

updated on Apr 25, 2015
How to Change the Display Order of Articles in Joomla 3 As one of the most popular content management systems, Joomla is trusted by millions of users worldwide because of its high usability and rich features. Among a bunch of possibilities, article display order rearrangement is mentioned in this guide and it is go-as-you-please. That is great for webmasters running a content-heavy website and wish to reorder certain articles for better reading experience.

By default, Joomla arranges all articles automatically according to written time and enables users to rearrange those articles manually by changing certain settings. Here, we would like to show you how to change the order of articles via Joomla article manager and menu manager.

Reorder Articles via Joomla Article Manager

Here requires you to log into your Joomla dashboard at first and then click to Article Manager. This is where to view, create, and edit articles on your Joomla website. By default, the order of all articles shown on the site front-end is in accordance with the default order in Article Manager.

If you wish to stick a certain article and display it above other articles all the time, then click the pentacle icon next to that article as the following example. Perhaps, you are able to stick more than one article if needed and that will be ranked on the front page according to the sequence of sticking.

Stick Article in Joomla

The default setting ranks the latest written post to be shown on the top of articles list. To make it upside down, click the up & down arrows on the top left corner to sort by this column. That helps you settle a matter at one go without reordering all items one by one. Since you have the articles reordered, the display order should be like this example.

Upside Down Order

However, if you only need to reorder certain articles separately, click the dots icon and drag & drop an article to anywhere as planned. For example, we move the "Test Article 6" onto "Test Article 1" as the following screenshot.

Manually Reorder Articles

Perhaps, you can also reset order of articles by using a filter on the top right corner. The "Ordering ascending" and "Ordering descending" are used to reorder articles all at the once.

Ordering Ascending or Descending

In fact, in addition to the sticky articles that will be shown on the first place, there is no change for other articles on the front page. Go on with the following method and decide the display order of articles on the front end.

Reorder Articles via Menu Manager

Log into your Joomla dashboard and go to Menus > Main Menu on the top menu bar. Select a menu item marked as the default option and click it to enter the setting page. There are 8 tabs available for you, among which the Layout tab is the one you should start with.

The options including Multi Column Order, Category Order, Article Order and Date for Ordering are all used to reorder articles on the front page. Make a decision according to personal needs and then go to website front-end to check if everything goes well.

Menu Manager Layout Setting

According to different reading habits, Joomla 3 allows you to display articles from left to right or do it from top to bottom. Two options are available for that purpose including Across and Down, which are shown under Multi Column Order drop-down list. Besides, the Article Order option enables more possibilities for the display order of all articles and that allows you to set an order in terms of Most recent first, Oldest first, Title Alphabetical, Most Hits, and so on.

The "Date for Ordering" enables three possibilities for display order and ranks articles according to created time, modified time or published time. After having all changes done, move to the top menu bar and click "Save" button.