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Cart66 VS WooCommerce – Which Is the Better Shopping Cart Solution for WordPress

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Cart66 VS WooCommerce – Which Is the Better Shopping Cart Solution for WordPress Nowadays, we would like to make a comprehensive comparison between Cart66 and WooCommerce after we have explained the differences that exist between PrestaShop and WooCommerce.

In short, Cart66 and WooCommerce are both useful WordPress plugins which play the pivotal role in making online business run with efficiency and profit. Besides, we have to point out that Cart66 and WooCommerce share a few similarities along with many differences dramatically. Thus, we will mainly compare Cart66 and WooCommerce from their similar and different aspects.

Cart66 VS WooCommerce - Similarities

At first place, both as the excellent WordPress eCommerce plugins, Cart66 and WooCommerce provide merchants with great features and a couple of tools to host online store with WordPress. In addition, both of their platforms enable you to make use of WordPress to control your own store with enough themes that all you need for decorating your site. Furthermore, Cart66 and WooCommerce both allow you to have access to a large quantity of WordPress plugins including image galleries, embedding videos and music, SEO and sliders or slide shows with connecting with all of your social media channels.

Cart66 VS WooCommerce - Similarities Apart from what mentioned above, both Cart66 and WooCommerce can give you the ability to host your own WordPress site where customers' shops can entirely lie. In details, WooCommerce allows you to enter the product descriptions so that the product pages can be the custom post types. Likewise, Cart66 enables users to manage products the same way as organizing blog posts into categories in WordPress.

Cart66 VS WooCommerce – Differences

In terms of the differences between Cart66 and WooCommerce, the most obvious disparity is that the former offers one all-in-one package which includes almost everything you need ranging from features to security while the latter leaves you one self-decisive eCommerce solution that many extensions and services need to be installed and configured by yourself. More differences are showed as follows.


WooCommerce is a useful and accessible WordPress plugin which is free to use and downloaded in the WP repository with its core features involved. Comparatively, Cart66 charges for some fees according to which version you choose. But from another perspective, we find that more cost can be spent on WooCommerce than Cart66 as many useful extensions involved in will cost you more or less fees afterwards.

Cart66 VS WooCommerce - Price Furthermore, you can enjoy all of the built-in services or extensions of Cart66 for free, but you have to pay extra money to purchase the extension you want. Taking those three WooCommerce extensions mentioned above for example, you have to pay additional $447 fees for one year.


Although Cart66 and WooCommerce are bundled with numerous extensions and services you may need for building up an e-commerce store, the former lends the helpful hand for free and the latter charges for some fees depending on individual demand. First of all, let's have a brief look at the bountiful and free of charge services delivered by Cart66 as follows.
  • Free PCI compliant storage for your customer's billing data and accounts and free PCI compliant secure hosting for the checkout page.
  • Free business-class SMTP service which helps to prevent email from cramming with useless spam rather than customer emails.
  • Free storage on Amazon S3 which can ensure the safety for delivering or hosting your digital products.
  • Built-in recurring billing engine which supports for no less than 50 payment gateways.

Cart66 VS WooCommerce - Extensions In terms of WooCommerce, you can find out all kinds of extensions or services which are more than Cart66 available in its built-in marketplace, but those comprehensive extensions are developed by the third-party developers, which it means that you have to rely on the third-party developers for support in the process of installation or configuration. We also select out some of the noted extensions as follows.
  • Product add-ons which enable your customers to customize the products through adding drop-downs, input boxes and check-boxes with charging for $49 for per year.
  • Table rate shipping which can help you define multiple shipping rates on the basis of price, location, shipping class and weight with charging for $199 for per year.
  • WooCommerce subscriptions which can allow you to manage and create products by using recurring payments with charging for $199 for per year.

PCI Compliance

Cart66 VS WooCommerce - Differences We find that only Cart66 can be PCI compliant and there is no need for you to look for an SSL certificate or worry about any technical requirements for PCI compliance. It means that you can save a large amount of money or time and set up your online store just as any WordPress site. In comparison, by using WooCommerce you are not allowed to make the site guarded and PCI compliant automatically by the plugin as its competitor does and you have to look for an SSL certificate as WooCommerce doesn't endow.


To sum up, we can make the verdict that Cart66 and WooCommerce are equal-good shopping cart solutions for WordPress.

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