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How to Bulk Schedule WordPress Posts for Easy Management

updated on Sep 26, 2016
How to Bulk Schedule WordPress Posts for Easy Management WordPress itself allows users to schedule posts so that updates can always be published at the time you want. However, with this feature, you have to schedule each post one by one, which may cause a mess if you need to manage 10 or even more drafts.

Fortunately, there is the possibility to schedule WordPress posts in bulk. You can take a few minutes only to get all drafts scheduled, and then there is nothing to worry about. You don't need to manually schedule any draft again.

If you want to try the bulk schedule feature, we will suggest you use a plugin named Drafts Scheduler. Maintaining a 5-star rating in WordPress plugin directory, this plugin allows you to schedule all drafts easily at one time. The awesome part is that the posts you will write in the future will also be scheduled automatically.

To get the job done, you have to install the plugin, activate it, and then go to Posts > Draft Scheduler. There you will see all the available options included in the plugin with which you can do the following things.

Choose the Post Type and Specify the Start Date

On the plugin's page, there are several fields and options to complete. Firstly, you will be asked to select a post type. The dropdown includes all the available post types on your WordPress site, such as pages, posts, and the custom post types you have created. You can make the decision based on your specific needs.

Choose Post Type

Below the post type is the start date of your schedule. Simply select any start date as you want. However, we don't suggest the current date ("Today") because you may not want new posts to be published in the midnight.

Choose Start Date

No end date is needed, because all your drafts, both the existing and the new ones that you will add, are going to be scheduled and published automatically until you discontinue the schedule by yourself.

Select the Post Order and Interval

For the post order and interval, Drafts Scheduler provides two plans. With the first plan, you can specify a fixed interval between each post, and choose to publish posts in a sequential order from the oldest to the newest. Of course, random draft schedule is also supported.

Select Post Order and Interval

And with the other plan, you are able to choose during which time in a day your posts will be published, and how many posts will be published. For the latter option, you can specify an exact number of posts for each day, or define the maximum number that applies to per day, per week, or per month. All posts are picked up randomly, so you cannot decide the post order.

Post Randomly

Run the Scheduler and Make Sure It Works Right

After dealing with all the plugin's options, remember to click on the "Schedule Drafts" button to start the scheduler. If nothing is wrong, all your posts will be scheduled properly. However, we still suggest you check your new posts several days later to see whether the post order and interval work right.

Undo Your Schedule

If you want to modify the schedule, you can simply disable the current schedule by clicking on the "Undo schedule" button. The posts that haven't been published, then, will be unscheduled. Then you can create a new schedule as you like.

Undo Schedule