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BlueHost Web Hosting with Content Delivery Network - CloudFlare

updated on Nov 15, 2016
BlueHost Web Hosting with Content Delivery Network - CloudFlare BlueHost has been partnered with CloudFlare for nearly one year. In this period, BlueHost customers have experienced much faster page loading speed and better security for their sites. Some readers might be wondering how CloudFlare works with BlueHost. Then read the in-depth review as follows.

About CloudFlare

CloudFlare is a well-known CDN (Content Delivery Network) service provider focusing on speeding up and protecting users' websites. Its CDN works to automatically cache the static website files and intelligently distribute them to multiple data centers located all around the world. On average, the websites using CloudFlare loads twice as fast for visitors no matter where they are.

CloudFlare Activation on BlueHost

CloudFlare is available without any hardware, software or code changes. Therefore, activating it is quick and easy for BlueHost customers. BlueHost integrates CloudFlare into cPanel, so customers can simply log into cPanel and click on the CloudFlare icon in the Domains section.

BlueHost CloudFlare

After creating a Free CloudFlare Account, they need to click Activate to finally enable CloudFlare.

BlueHost CloudFlare

Improved Web Hosting Performance with CloudFlare

At present, CloudFlare independently operates 23 data centers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The CDN caches users' static files and reserves them to the data centers closer to visitors. When a visitor comes to a website using CloudFlare, he/she will be routed to the nearest data center.

For example, visitors from Los Angeles load pages from the data center in Los Angeles, and those from Japan load pages from the one in Tokyo. By leveraging the fastest routes and pipes, the websites can always load fast. See all the data center locations.

BlueHost CloudFlare

In addition, CloudFlare works efficiently even in traffic spike and downtime. If a website suffers a surge in traffic, the CDN can smartly minimize the bad effect because it helps reduce 65% requests to the server and save 60% of bandwidth. Even if the website is so unfortunate as to encounter with sudden downtime, CloudFlare can provide a copy of the cached website to make it visible for visitors.

Enhanced Web Hosting Security with CloudFlare

Partnering with CloudFlare, BlueHost provides a much more secure web hosting environment for all the customers by protecting them from comment spam, excessive crawling and malicious attacks including SQL injection and DOS attack. The advanced technologies can also detect new threats and block them for the whole community.

CloudFlare users can easily change the security setting for I'm under attack!, High, Medium, Low or Essentially Off to ask CloudFlare for full protection or just protection against serious attacks. Besides, they can see the list of attacks that have been stopped and easily add IP addresses or even countries to the Trust or Block list.

BlueHost CloudFlare

BlueHost Web Hosting Price with CloudFlare

CloudFlare has 4 plans called Free, Pro, Business and Enterprise. Just as the name suggests, the Free plan, which is provided by BlueHost, is free of charge. Therefore, paying only $2.95/mo when going through BlueHost promotional link below, readers can have both BlueHost rich features and CloudFlare in their hands.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

The Free plan includes:
  • Worldwide CDN with 23 data centers
  • Intelligent threat protection
  • Asyncronous javascript loading (Rocket Loader)
  • Performance/security stats
  • Priority image loading & image size optimization
  • SSL support
  • Automatic mobile optimization
In the case that some people may look for higher levels of optimization of performance and security, they can upgrade the plan at any time. The 3 paid plans are priced at $20/mo, $200/mo and $3000/mo for each website.


Given that BlueHost guarantees an improved performance and enhanced security with the utilizing of CloudFlare technology, we recommend BlueHost web hosting plan to individual users and small business owners who require excellent online presence at a low rate.