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BlueHost VS WebHostingPad - Which is the Better Host

updated on Feb 06, 2017
BlueHost VS WebHostingPad - Which is the Better Host We have made a comparison between BlueHost and WebHostingPad based on their community reputation, price, features, reliability, speed and technical support. The purpose of writing this article is to make the similarities and differences between them clear enough for readers to make the right choice for their personal websites.

Community Reputation

Having been in the industry for more than 14 years, BlueHost is serving for 2+ million customers, which enables the company to be the largest shared hosting provider designed for individuals and small businesses. Compared with BlueHost, WebHostingPad is such a young web host just hosting 200,000 domains. We have seldom heard about any dissatisfaction about BlueHost, but a lot of the complaints about WebHostingPad.

Actually, BlueHost is the most satisfying web host among the hundreds we have reviewed in these years. So far, we have received 1086 verified BlueHost real customer reviews. Generally, BlueHost is rated 4.97 of 5, while 99.2% of the customers are satisfied with BlueHost overall shared hosting service and reliability.


At first, we are deeply impressed by WebHostingPad cheap price starting at only $1.99/mo, but after careful review on other aspects including features and reliability, we finally understand why the company could charge such low fees. The secret is that WebHostingPad oversells hosting space, ignoring the reliability and performance of customers' websites.

Furthermore, the price of $1.99/mo is locked to only a 3-year or greater subscription of WebHostingPad cheaper Power Plan. If you purchase the 1/2-year term of the Power Plan, the price rises to $3.99/mo and $2.99/mo respectively. Besides, you must note that all these prices are for the initial term only. The renewal of Power Plan costs $3.49/mo to $5.99/mo. For the other web hosting plan, Power Plan Plus, the discounted prices are $3.99/mo to $6.99/mo depending on the length of the term.

On the contrary, BlueHost does not oversell. Currently, the company offers 3 web hosting plans which are priced higher than the plans of WebHostingPad in regular times. However, there are still special discounts for the initial term, with which the plans, Basic, Power and Prime, are available from $2.95/mo, $3.95/mo and $6.95/mo only. The discounts can be claimed with the promotional link below.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

Judging from the price solely, WebHostingPad is undoubtedly the winner. However, you will be sure to change your mind after learning about other aspects of the two companies' web hosting services including the features and performance.


BlueHost shared hosting plan has been proved by millions to be rich-featured for including nearly all the features needed for personal websites such as unlimited bandwidth, PHP, MySQL, SSI, Perl, Python and 1 free domain. These basic features are also provided by WebHostingPad, but there are still some differences between the two companies.

For instance, WebHostingPad Power Plan does not include the spam filtering feature which is usually offered by most web hosts as a standard feature. Besides, web stats software is not available, either, which makes the collecting and analysis of website statistics harder. The lack of these features results in a decrease of the value of the plan.

For more information about features, you can read the table below.

PlanBasicPower Plan
Free Domain
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Site Builder
Secure FTP
Ruby on Rails
Money Back GuaranteeANYTIME30 Days
24x7 Technical Support
ConclusionRecommendedNot Recommended

Reliability and Speed

BlueHost and WebHostingPad both guarantees 99.9% server and network uptime. The difference hidden behind the guarantee is that BlueHost can fulfill the guarantee well by utilizing 7500+ 100% Dell servers in the 3 dedicated data centers and multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections, while WebHostingPad actually has played a trick on this guarantee.

In Terms of Use, WebHostingPad explains that the uptime guarantee doesn't cover any area that the company has no control of, for example, failure of the backbone provider, DNS, etc. Once customers find that the uptime has failed to meet 99.9% and ask for compensation, WebHostingPad will shirk the responsibility by saying that the downtime is caused by the areas it has no direct influence.

Also, their uptime record is not satisfactory.

As regards the speed, we are sorry to say WebHostingPad is one of those web hosts with really slow loading speed as we reviewed. According to our comparison of the same WordPress site hosted with BlueHost and WebHostingPad, the site hosted with WebHostingPad runs up to 150% slower than that with BlueHost.

Technical Support

In BlueHost exclusive support center, customers can solve their problems by searching answers in the knowledgebase, user forum, video tutorials, or asking an online support agent for help. BlueHost on-site support team can be reached via email, phone and live chat with waiting time average less than 30 seconds. In fact, the average response time of phone support should be only 4 seconds.

On the contrary, we don't think WebHostingPad's support center is helpful, since only knowledgebase and ticket system are available here. For customers used to live chat and phone support, they can reach WebHostingPad support team via the toll-free phone and the live chat entrance in the home page. However, customers should note that the response from WebHostingPad support team requires much patience since the average holding time is longer than 2 hours.

Money Back Guarantee

Both of BlueHost and WebHostingPad guarantee 30-day full refund. However, there are many differences between their detailed refund policies.

For example, BlueHost not only offers a full refund for customers who terminate their accounts within the first 30 days, but also promises a pro-rated refund for accounts cancelled at any time after the 30 days. This ensures that the company's customers are not risking their money when buying long terms like 2 or 3 years.

We have kept receiving WebHostingPad customers' complaints about the unreal guarantee of 30 days full money back. WebHostingPad claims that customers not satisfied with its services or support can have a full refund within the first 30 days, but in fact, the company charges fees for the called free domain name ($14.95/year), cPanel license ($12/year) and Softaculous license ($12/year). Customers will never take all of their payment back from WebHostingPad.

BlueHost VS WebHostingPad > BlueHost Is More Recommended

The low price of WebHostingPad is attractive, but it means nothing if the customers' websites meet with latency and downtime frequently. Therefore, we recommend BlueHost for personal websites more than WebHostingPad because BlueHost delivers much faster, more reliable and rich-featured web hosting service. You can visit BlueHost to learn more.