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BlueHost VS WebHostingHub - Best Web Hosting Campaign

updated on Dec 20, 2016
BlueHost VS WebHostingHub - Best Web Hosting Campaign Based on the in-depth comparison from page loading speed, reliability, system resource allocation, technical support, and web hosting features, we recommend BlueHost a little more than its competitor, although they’re both reliable web hosting providers.

Most features of these 2 web hosts look similar apparently. They both use cPanel as the web hosting control panel; provide over 100 applications by integrating an auto installer; offer 1 free domain; support unlimited monthly data transfer; include advertising credits; etc. Don't be confused by the appearance. Let's disclose the difference step by step.

About BlueHost and WebHostingHub

BlueHost was started as a shared hosting provider in 2003. Due to the excellent service quality in the past years, the company now enjoys a vast popularity on the world scale, and it is hosting over 2 million websites with more than 700 staff. Shared hosting is the primary service offered by BlueHost, while other hosting services, including cloud sites, managed VPS, dedicated servers and managed WordPress hosting are also available.

WebHostingHub has been offering shared hosting solutions for 6 years. This is not a long time, however, the company has built up a good fame due to the professionalism and high performance. Compared with BlueHost, WebHostingHub is much smaller in the business scale.

Below are the basic ratings we have given to the two web hosts based on real reviews and monitoring.

Page Loading Speed
Technical Support
Read MoreBlueHost ReviewWebHostingHub Review

Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

Both companies offer 3 plans for shared hosting demanders. The plans of BlueHost, named Basic, Plus and Prime, are priced from $7.99/mo to $14.99/mo, but now you can enjoy much cheaper promotional rates of $2.95/mo, $3.95/mo and $6.95/mo by clicking the promotional link displayed below. A free domain is included in each of the plans.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

WebHostingHub plans, Spark, Nitro and Dynamo, are rated at $8.99/mo, $12.99/mo and $10.99/mo regularly, but at present, the former two plans are available from $3.99/mo and $6.99/mo respectively for those subscribing them with the following promotional link. Furthermore, you can get an even better deal of $1.95/mo for the first 3 months of the Spark plan.

WebHostingHub Promotional Link Activation

System Resource Allocation

BlueHost and WebHostingHub offer unlimited bandwidth in all of their shared hosting plans. Besides, WebHostingHub also allows unlimited disk space while BlueHost sets limits on the storage based on the plans. Basic includes 50 GB storage, Plus 150 GB, and Business Pro includes unlimited storage.

Yes, we know UNLIMITED is impossible for shared web hosting, although most of web hosts advertise in this way. The essential of shared web hosting is that many users share the system resources of a dedicated server, but the keys for web hosting providers are: how many users are hosted with one server, and how to ensure each user is allocated with resources fairly.

BlueHost and WebHostingHub actually do it very well. As the branded web hosting companies, they don't oversell their shared servers. The amount of clients hosted on one server is usually determined by the server load at peak time. However, they still do slightly different on system resource allocation.

As introduced, WebHostingHub usually reserves 50% of the server capacity as the redundant resources. The redundant resources will be allocated to the bursting websites temporarily, to ensure both the websites and the server won't be crashed or out of memory.

BlueHost reserves 30% of the server capacity as the redundant resources. They keep the health of servers by their unique CPU Throttling technology that isolates the bad websites over-using the system resources automatically. In this case, the system resources allocated to each hosting account is consistent and stable.

Web Hosting Features

Both BlueHost and WebHostingHub provide rich features. They support Secure Shell (SSH) Access, PostgreSQL database, Ruby on Rails and a large number of other features. Secure Shell (SSH) Access is a security feature that is flexible for developers configuring the web hosting environment. Some Django developers would also need SSH to successfully deploy Django websites over a shared web host.

To learn more about the two companies' web hosting features, read this table of the comparison between BlueHost Basic and WebHostingHub Spark.

Hosted Domain(s)12
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Auto InstallerSimpleScriptsSoftaculous
PHP, Python & Perl
Cron Jobs
Site Builder
Special Offer$2.95/mo$3.99/mo
Claim the OfferLink ActivationLink Activation

To be frank, both BlueHost and WebHostingHub offer the rich-featured hosting packages, coming with all the necessary features, tools and services you may need.
  • Plenty of Free Extras – With both of these two hosting providers, you can get a free domain name and free advertising credits, enjoy the free services of daily backup and domain transfer, leverage the drag and drop function of the free site builder to start your website quickly and many more.
  • Great Hosting Security – To ensure you a secure hosting environment to run your websites, both of them include a lot of secure related features into the hosting plans, such as SSL, IP blocking, firewall, SSH, hotlink protection, password protection and many others.
  • Ultimate Ease of Use – With the cPanel control panel offered by them, you can control everything over your website and hosting account with much ease via the user-friendly interface. In addition, the 1-click installer is available, with which you can finish the installation process of all the widely used scripts within minutes.
  • Programming Languages – To achieve the 100% compatibility with some PHP based applications, both BlueHost and WebHostingHub ensure the latest versions of PHP and MySQL. In addition, some other advanced programming languages are available, including Perl, Ruby on Rails and Python.


The reliability of both BlueHost and WebHostingHub is terrific. We cannot have a sort between these 2 web hosts. In fact, we never encountered any downtime with them in past 1 year based on our own experience.

BlueHost has CPU Throttling by customizing Linux kernel. When any bad websites take too much system resources, they will be restarted or suspended automatically. This feature helps shared web servers under the protection of over-loading, memory leaking, or dead loop.

Backed by two stable data centers, WebHostingHub uptime is also great, which can be seen in below.

Speed Comparison

BlueHost is about 45% faster than WebHostingHub, although the page loading speed of both web hosts is in the list of top 5 which we have reviewed so far. The performance of loading the same home page, the same WordPress program, and the same content hosted with BlueHost and WebHostingHub is as following.

Home page loading: Render time: 0.4837 sec, 0.0675 of that for queries. DB queries: 150. Memory Usage: 4,757kB

Home page loading: Render time: 0.7786 sec, 0.0889 of that for queries. DB queries: 150. Memory Usage: 4,757kB

In below, you can see more details about their server response time in the recent days.

Technical Support

BlueHost support looks better than WebHostingHub for us. It is easy to check out the customer service quality of both web hosts by dialing or live chatting. The first response of technical support sounds both excellent, from these 2 companies.

We think the tier I support of WebHostingHub does less than BlueHost. Instead of helping you resolve the issue online, WebHostingHub support prefers to help you create a ticket and send you an email for the further tracking.

BlueHost also separates the technical support into 2 tiers. The difference is that their technical support staffs usually work with you on solving the problem together, which is really interactive. Only the complex issues are escalated to their Tier II support, such as helping you rollback your changes, restore database, or install new features.

Knowledge Base and Forum

In addition to the on-staff technical support that can be asked all the times, both BlueHost and WebHostingHub also have set up the knowledge base respectively. This special base is used for the self-learning, from which you can find a lot of useful articles concerning about the tips, guidance, tutorials for hosting, SEO, security, emails, domains and many more. With these great posts, you can resolve some simple issues on your own, without the need to contact their support teams.

In addition, the forum section is available with both of them, from which you can learn from some valuable experiences shared by advanced webmasters.


Both web hosts provide rich features and a reliable hosting environment. However, we do think BlueHost is the slightly better hosting choice because it is a well-known brand in the industry that offers fast, secure and affordable shared hosting services.