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BlueHost VS SquareSpace – Which Is the More Cost-Effective Choice for Hosting Blogs

updated on Nov 09, 2017
BlueHost VS SquareSpace – Which Is the More Cost-Effective Choice for Hosting Blogs As both BlueHost and SquareSpace offer excellent and favourable blogging hosting platforms, it is not easy for webmasters who are seeking for the most suitable and reliable hosting solution to make a definite decision between them. Under this circumstance, we come out the following pertinent and well-thought-to comparison between BlueHost and SquareSpace on the solid basis of the unbiased real customers' reviews and our related professional experience on introducing the best blog hosting companies.

At the first place, we make out the following ratings of the two blogging solutions, which include the aspects of price, reliability, performance, technical support, hosting features and customer ratings. Proceed to the following rating table of BlueHost and SquareSpace and get more relevant information.

Plan in ComparisonPlus PlanPersonal Plan
Hosting Features
Technical Support
Customer Ratings

Main Difference between BlueHost and SquareSpace

Before comparing these two web hosts, you have to know the main difference between them.

BlueHost - The Hosting Provider Only

Firstly, you have to know that BlueHost is a hosting provider only. Leading in the hosting field, BlueHost mainly provides the shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, managed WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting and the domain registration service. Each hosting type has different packages so you can choose based on your budgets and feature requirements.

However, to create a website, you should install a script using their 1-click installer on your hosting account. For instance, you can use WordPress to create a blog site, plus the WooCommerce plugin for the e-commerce feature; you can use vBulletin to set up an online forum; and also, you can use Drupal for project development.

This means BlueHost only provides a running environment for your website. The website framework or structure should be achieved by the extra scripts.

SquareSpace - The Independent Website Building Platform

This option is totally different from BlueHost. This is an independent website builder. With it, you do not need to purchase a hosting solution or install a script at all. All you need to do is to sign up an account and purchase your needed plan. And then, you can start to run your website by choosing a template, editing the content and adjusting the overall design.

This seems really convenient for website creation. However, you have to know that the success of your website relies on the proper working of SquareSpace. If this platform is down, your website can no longer exist.

Pricing & Plans

BlueHost VS SquareSpace - Pricing & Plans As one of the largest and excellent web hosting providers, BlueHost offers bloggers the satisfying and exceptional hosting experience by providing its three newly-updated hosting plans which are named as Basic, Plus and Prime respectively in obedience to distinctive built-in hosting features.

Furthermore, as the most popular and cost-effective hosting plan offered by this company, the mentioned Plus plan is now available at a limited-time price of $5.95/mo for people clicking the promotional link as follows. The cheaper Basic plan now charges $2.95/mo only. Note that BlueHost offers people signing up any offered plans up to $200 marketing credits for Facebook and Google and anytime money back guarantee which is rarely accessible and of great help on ensuring a secure and reliable environment for payment online.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

Likewise, as one of the best website building software for newbies, SquareSpace also owns 2 popular blog hosting plans which are named after Personal and Business with different hosting features endowed. Moreover, the mentioned plans charge for the relatively higher price of $16/mo and $25/mo when compared with those of BlueHost. In addition, people are allowed to have a free 14 days trial for all the offered packages without any extras included in the meantime.

Hosting Features

Speaking to the hosting features, BlueHost and SquareSpace have some basic and essential features in common, such as they both offer one free domain and search engine optimization tools for getting high ranks in SERPs.

BlueHost VS SquareSpace - Hosting Features However, as an experienced and professional web host rather than one cloud-based software which is not flexible and powerful enough for hosting blog, BlueHost has more advanced and powerful features than its competitor, such as unlimited disk space, websites, sub domains, parked domains, email storage and email accounts. Besides, more outstanding features are listed as below.
  • Ease-of-use cPanel with which customers are able to make an overall navigation on their blog files and accounts without any unnecessary trouble and hassle.
  • SimpleScripts one-click auto installer with which people can have a quick and instant download and installation of countless popular blog software, such as WordPress, b2evolution and nucleus.
  • Powerful security measures for preventing site away from any malicious attack and malware, such as the hotlink protection, spam assassin protection and Secure Shell (SSH) access as well as override .htaccess support.

In comparison, although SquareSpace doesn't endow so many insuperable hosting features as its competitor does, it endows customers with the unique hosting features supporting for hosting blogs, such as custom code, CSS and redirects. In below, we also select some of its leading features.
  • Powerful spam blocker which is able to block over 99.95% incoming spam and leverages activity across the entire network to defend user's website.
  • Style editor with which users can control over the site's appearance and direct editing tool which allows people to edit the content directly from their sites.
  • Smart third party service support which means that customers are able to get their sites integrated with Google Analytics, Typekit or Disqus by directly using their ID without requiring any coding.

Performance & Customer Support

Both of BlueHost and SquareSpace promise to deliver high-performance and reliable blog hosting environment for customers by making use of well-equipped servers and first-rate technologies. Furthermore, BlueHost, which utilizes dual quad processor performance servers and multiple ten Gigabit Ethernet connections as well as UPS reliable power backup, actually far surpasses its competitor on server speed and network uptime. Read the following chart and check the average uptime and speed of BlueHost in the last 30 days.

As customer support is a basic and vital part in hosting blogs, both SquareSpace and its competitor offer webmasters effective email and on-site live chat support methods. Whereas, only BlueHost allows people to contact their support representatives through free of charge phone call, which is regarded as one of the biggest advantages over its competitor.


By comparing BlueHost and SquareSpace from many mostly-concerned aspects, we believe that the former is the better cost-effective and favourable choice for hosting blogs due to its bountiful hosting features, high uptime, fast speed and effective phone call customer support.

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