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BlueHost VS ixWebHosting – Find the Better Web Hosting Service

updated on Nov 15, 2016
BlueHost VS ixWebHosting – Find the Better Web Hosting Service BlueHost and ixWebHosting are two leading web hosting providers that have been offering web hosting services for more than 14 years. The purpose of making this comparison between the 2 companies, therefore, is to help webmasters out when they are stuck in making a choice between them.

In this comparison, we have presented detailed information on both companies' web hosting price, features, uptime, speed, technical support, our editorial ratings on the service quality, and real customers' ratings. All the information is given based on either our real experience or the companies' official sites.

Editorial & Customer Ratings

To work out completely independent reviews for this comparison, we have personally experienced the web hosting service from both BlueHost and ixWebHosting for more than 3 months by hosting a sample Joomla based website in their shared web hosting environment.

Then, based on our experience and the monitoring on the website uptime and speed, we have made unbiased ratings on both hosts' overall service quality, performance, control panel and support. The details are as following.

Editorial RatingBlueHostixWebHosting
Control Panel
ReviewBlueHost ReviewixWebHosting Review

The editorial ratings of BlueHost are the highest among all of our reviewed web hosts, so are the customer ratings of the company.

According to the 1086 BlueHost customer reviews, the company is rated 99.2% on the average. And the 17 ixWebHosting customer reviews we have received so far reflect a rating of 88.2%. Read the following chart for BlueHost customer satisfaction rates in different aspects.

Web Hosting Price

For shared web hosting service, BlueHost has been offering three packages for years. Serving millions of domains and websites, these packages are now available from affordable prices starting at $2.95/mo for new customers going through its promotional link to claim the 63% discount off the regular $7.99/mo.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

ixWebHosting provides 3 upgradable shared web hosting packages named Expert Plan, Unlimited Pro, and Business Plus, the effective price of which also starts at $3.95/mo when a 44% discount is applied.

The detailed comparison on price is as the following table. Note that the package selected for ixWebHosting is the Expert Plan.

Discounted PriceBlueHost
Expert Plan

Web Hosting Features

Both of BlueHost and ixWebHosting offer nearly all the standard features in their shared web hosting packages, such as unlimited disk space, bandwidth, PHP 5 and MySQL 5. However, according to our review, ixWebHosting Expert Plan is not as rich-featured as BlueHost professional package, although they are almost priced the same. Below are the important features included in the packages.

Expert Plan
Free Domain
Email AccountsUnlimited2,500
Control PanelcPanelH-Sphere
Auto Installer
Site Builder
Custom Cronjobs
Money Back GuaranteeAnytime30 Days
Claim ItLink Activation-

Uptime & Speed

Both of BlueHost and ixWebHosting guarantee 99.9% uptime and fast hosting speed for shared web hosting customers. And to fulfill the guarantees in reality, they own and operate data centers by themselves.

BlueHost has built 3 well-maintained dedicated data centers with a heavy investment of over 20 million of USD. All of the servers placed in these data centers are developed with the best hardware, latest software and advanced technologies to ensure the hosted websites are accessible at all times.

ixWebHosting has also spared no efforts in offering great reliability. The tier-3 data center has everything required to maintain the maximum uptime, including 2 diesel generators which is ready to run 24x7 in the case that there are any emergency power outages.

As we monitored, the uptime of BlueHost and ixWebHosting in the past 30 days is:
  • BlueHost: 100%.
  • ixWebHosting: 99.94%.

Both of the companies have done well in reliability. However, BlueHost has far surpassed ixWebHosting when it comes to speed. ixWebHosting is good. But due to the utilization of a nationwide fiber networks, multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections, I/O segregation technology, and on-site network monitoring, BlueHost is even better in this aspect, let alone the CloudFlare CDN which enables the hosted websites to run up to 200% faster.

Technical Support

As for technical support, BlueHost and ixWebHosting provide the same ways for customers to seek help, such as live chat, email, toll-free phone number, support tickets, online knowledgebase, video tutorials and forum Q&A. Their support teams are US based and reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When the response speed is taken into consideration, BlueHost wins over its competitor a little. This company guarantees an average of 30 seconds holding time and 15 minutes ticket and email response time. On the contrary, ixWebHosting doesn't guarantee the support waiting time officially, and our experience shows the average response time for live chat and phone is approximately 2 minutes, and that for email is 6 hours.

Which Company Is Better for Shared Web Hosting?

We personally hold the opinion that BlueHost is better. The service from ixWebHosting is cheaper indeed, but that of BlueHost is more cost-effective considering the rich features, fast speed and responsive technical support.

To learn more about BlueHost, read BlueHost review here or visit

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