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BlueHost VS iPower - Speed, Reliability, Price

updated on Nov 16, 2016
BlueHost VS iPower - Speed, Reliability, Price BlueHost VS iPower is a trust-read comparison if you're looking for the reliable web hosting service on Linux platform. The comparison is based on our in-depth review on the company background, web hosting features, technology, speed, reliability, and price. As a conclusion, we recommend BlueHost for personal and small businesses.

Who is BlueHost VS Who is iPower?

BlueHost is one of the largest shared web hosting companies. It was founded in 2002. With over 14 years' development, BlueHost owns a dedicated data center that invested 8.5 million USD in 2010 with over 400 employees and 3,000 servers, serving for millions of customers worldwide.

iPower is also a historical web hosting brand owned by the famous Internet company EIG. Compared to BlueHost, iPower is a comprehensive web hosting company offering multiple tiers of web hosting plans, including 3 shared web hosting plans, VPS, domain registration service, web design, SEO & marketing etc.

The reputation of BlueHost in the community is much better than iPower. In fact, there are a lot of user complaints about the service received from iPower. Take one customer review as an example as below.

"Terrible web host. The damned thing crashes at the worst times. Every year I need to deal with several crashes. You can't talk to a human, so they have a chat system. You wait for 15 minutes to talk with someone via chat, but who lies to you always. Later, when I complain about the lie they tell me I must have misunderstood. What lie? 'Within the next hour your service will be restored'. Pretty clear to me what my expectations are after that statement, but surely that’s a standard answer at every time." - commented by Bob Remsing in Aug, 2011

Instead, BlueHost has devoted themselves into Linux shared web hosting service. So far they have over 2 million customers but a few complaints. BlueHost wins the game by their high technology and huge investment on the infrastructure. Take examples. They have customized Linux kernel for reliable shared web hosting; they invested 8.5 million USD to build a dedicated data center by themselves; they developed many tools and software to support shared web hosting clients, like SimpleScripts.


BlueHost offers 3 web hosting plans and prices them from $7.99/mo at regular times, but now the company is providing more than 60% discounts for the plans named Basic, Plus and Prime respectively, so that the effective price starts at $2.95/mo only. The discounted price for the most expensive Prime plan starts at $6.95/mo.

BlueHost offers a free domain for the first year in all of its web hosting plans. Besides, there is an anytime money back guarantee which ensures that new customers can get a full refund within 30 days and a prorated refund at any time.

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iPower also has 3 plans which are called Starter Plan, Pro Plan and Pro Plus. The regular prices of the plans start at $3.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $11.99/mo. However, the company is allowing a limited-time 56% discount for the Pro Plan which lowers the cost to $3.95/mo. At present, there is no special discount for the other 2 plans.


There are many differences between the web hosting features offered by BlueHost and iPower. The most significant one, however, is the control panel. The former adopts cPanel, the most popular Linux hosting control panel with an intuitive UI, while the latter uses vDeck which is easy-to-use but a little bit outdated in the features and design.

Besides, BlueHost offers many other features that are not available in iPower web hosting plans. More details are included in the table below.

Feature BlueHost iPower
PlanBasicStarter Plan
Free Domain
Hosted Domain11
Disk space 50 GB 5GB
Email Accounts 5 1
Ruby on Rails
MySQL Database(s) 10 1
Effective Price$2.95/mo$3.99/mo
ConclusionRecommendedNot Recommended


BlueHost has been known as a reliable web hosting provider. It has invested much in the data centers and networks to ensure users with the best possible web hosting performance. The diesel generators, backup power and redundant networks all contribute to good uptime. This web host is able to deliver over 99.9% uptime in most months – sometimes even reaching 100%. Below are the recent records of BlueHost uptime.

iPower lags behind when compared with BlueHost. According to monitoring, the company achieved 99.9% uptime in 5 months only in 2015, which is not convincing enough for hosting businesses on its web hosting platform. The iPower uptime is recorded as below.


We have compared the home page loading speed of the same site, same WordPress program and same content hosted with BlueHost and iPower. We found BlueHost running WordPress about 300% faster than iPower, as the following simple testing data.

Home page loading: Render time: 0.5837 sec, 0.1175 of that for queries. DB queries: 127. Memory Usage: 6,660kB

Home page loading: Render time: 1.7686 sec, 0.4889 of that for queries. DB queries: 127. Memory Usage: 6,660kB


BlueHost is a much more brilliant choice than iPower if you're looking for a cost effective, reliable, and worry-free shared web hosting service.

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