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BlueHost VS HostGator - Budget Website Hosting Comparison

updated on Jun 12, 2017
BlueHost VS HostGator - Budget Website Hosting Comparison BlueHost and HostGator are both reputed hosting companies, but which is the better choice for readers looking for an affordable and reliable shared web hosting product?

To find out the answer, we have made a comparison between them based on in-depth review on their industry expertise, web hosting features, speed, reliability and price.

About BlueHost and HostGator

BlueHost, the largest web hosting company that mainly offers 3 shared web hosting products starting at $2.95/mo, was founded in 1996 by Matt Heaton, an expert on Linux Kernel and web hosting operation. With 17 years' growth, the company is now serving over 3 million domains and websites, and was acquired by EIG for approximately 185 million USD in 2010. With the huge investment from EIG, BlueHost has built their own 3 dedicated data centers in Provo Utah in 2010 with an investment of 20+ million USD.

HostGator is one of the latest hosting company worldwide, offering comprehensive web hosting products including shared web hosting, VPS and dedicated server based on Linux and Windows platform. By the end of 2011, the company has over 1000 employees serving for more than 5 million domains and websites.

Over the past years, the company has been receiving co-location service from Dallas, Texas and reselling the servers to their small and medium sized clients. The co-location providers are famous for reliable data centers with high performance servers, the web hosting service from HostGator is also trust-worthy.

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Customer Reviews1086345
Customer Rating
WebsiteBlueHost reviewHostGator review

Target Customers

Before reading the detailed comparison, customers should know whether they are the target customers of BlueHost or HostGator. If not, everything makes no sense.

As BlueHost has rich experience on shared hosting but is new to the VPS and the dedicated services, we can know that it mainly targets at individuals, bloggers, web developers, designers, photographers, etc.

By contrast, with comprehensive services, HostGator can serves customers ranging from individual freelancers to Fortune 500 companies. So, we personally think it’s a good choice for small to medium sized businesses.

In below, we compare BlueHost VS HostGator on Linux shared web hosting mostly.

BlueHost VS HostGator > Price

The unlimited BlueHost Plus plan is pricing from $10.99/mo regularly, but now they're offering a compelling 64% discount for $3.95/mo for the visitors going through this promotional link. The cheaper plan named Basic is priced from $2.95/mo only.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

HostGator offers 20% discount for all the first orders by default, and now it has started a 45% discount for the visitors using the unique coupon code HG45PERCENT through the promo link below - the Hatching plan and Baby plan are starting at $3.82/mo and $5.47/mo.

HostGator Promotional Link Activation

Here is more information.

Plan in ComparisonBasicPlusHatchlingBaby
Regular$7.99/mo$10.99/mo$6.95/mo $9.95/mo
Discount63% Off64% Off45% Off45% Off
Current$2.95/mo$3.95/mo$3.82/mo $5.47/mo
How to ClaimLink ActivationLink ActivationLink ActivationLink Activation

It seems that HostGator web hosting packages are a little bit expensive, but it doesn't mean that they are not worth purchasing. Actually, the plans are among the best ones for businesses, because they all come with more beneficial features like Shared SSL certificate. You pay more, and at the same time, you get more features and better service.

BlueHost vs HostGator – Overall Security

Security can be viewed as one of the top issues for websites of any sizes and kinds. In this case, both BlueHost and HostGator pay much attention to this aspect by offering a lot of useful features to better safeguard your site.
  • The automatic backup service is available for free, with which your website data and files can be stored on a daily basis. Once there is something wrong, you can resolve the issues by restoring your site using the latest backup files.
  • To prevent the image and content stealing, they all offer the Hotlink protection service that can be enabled from the cPanel control panel.
  • BlueHost has the exclusive segregation technology to prevent your site from being affected by some bad webmasters sharing the same server machine.
  • To ensure the email security, the SpamAsssassin service is available that can be used to prevent spam effectively.

BlueHost VS HostGator > Feature

Compared to BlueHost only offering a single all-in-one web hosting package, it competitor has 3 levels of web hosting packages named Hatchling, Baby and Business. Read the comparison of web hosting features among these 4 plans as following.

Plan in ComparisonBasicPlusHatchlingBaby
Free domain
Domains Allowed 1 Unlimited 1 Unlimited
Sites Allowed 1 Unlimited 1 Unlimited
Ruby on Rails

BlueHost VS HostGator > Performance

We have compared the server response time of the 2 companies. Both of them deliver fast speed, mainly because they leverage the same high quality server hardware and network infrastructure, as the following performance testing statistics chart.

BlueHost VS HostGator > Reliability

The 2 companies are both reliable and trust-worth web hosting companies. They commit nearly 100% uptime in March, 2012 monitored by our website uptime monitor program. The following statistics chart is the uptime of BlueHost in the past 30 days.

To ensure the great uptime track record, both of these two web hosts have done a lot of efforts.
  • They all utilize the branded server machines to host their websites, coming with the robust server components, enough server resources and the great server specifications.
  • To ensure the proper running of these machines, both BlueHost and HostGator locate their servers at multiple data centers, each of which is the cutting-edge and world-class options.

BlueHost vs HostGator > Technical Support

Both of these two web hosts establish their own support teams instead of outsourcing this part to some service providers. All of their support representatives are professional and experienced, undergoing some training courses to learn how to offer the responsive hosting support in a better way.

According to our personal testing with them, we have found that both BlueHost and HostGator offer the 24/7 technical support that is available via the methods of live chat, email, ticket system and hotline. In addition, no matter which contact channel you choose, these representatives can give you the best resolutions with the quickest response.

BlueHost VS HostGator > Customer Satisfaction Rate

So far, as we have received thousands of web hosting reviews since 2008, both of the 2 companies have a good reputation in the communities.

We have gotten 1086 BlueHost reviews and 345 HostGator reviews from verified customers. Based on the review statistics, the 99.2% of BlueHost customers are highly satisfied with the web hosting services, including the technology, web hosting loading speed, reliability, control panel & software, technical support and price,

while 99.4% of HostGator customers are satisfied with the overall service they have received.

BlueHost VS HostGator > Conclusion

If you're looking for a business class web hosting solution for small and medium sized websites, HostGator shall be one of the best choices, given that they have powerful features to support and optimize those websites.

In the case that you're a personal blogger and looking for an affordable and rich-featured Linux-based web hosting service with free domain name and a bundled hosting extras, BlueHost shall be the exact answer.

We know, this conclusion kicks the ball back to yourself again. It's really difficult to make a judgement. You can also read the comparison on other sites, such as HostGator VS BlueHost at HowsHosting and BlueHost Or HostGator at WhatsWP.