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BlueHost VS GreenGeeks | Shared Web Hosting Comparison

updated on Dec 20, 2016
BlueHost VS GreenGeeks | Shared Web Hosting Comparison Many people are lingering between GreenGeeks and BlueHost, because they find that both companies provide excellent Linux hosting services and enjoy good reputation. So, which company is worth going? To clear all doubts, we are going to reveal the answer in the GreenGeeks vs BlueHost, which sets forth the cost, possibilities, performance and support of the two companies.

With years of hosting experience, both companies are qualified for the deployment of premium hosting solutions. Besides, there is a majority of customers posting their experience on the Internet, and most of them claim that they get the first-level service ever than before. To give readers a quick view on GreenGeeks and BlueHost, we work out a table as below.

Tech Support
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Who is BlueHost

BlueHost, the largest shared web hosting firm that has only provided a single all-in-one shared web hosting plan consistently since 1996. BlueHost breaks many records in the web hosting industry in the past 15 years as following. As a web host only offering budget shared web hosting service,
  1. BlueHost is valued for 185 million USD in the capital market.
  2. BlueHost owns 3 dedicated data centers in Utah, US that has invested over 10 million USD since 2010
  3. BlueHost optimized and customized Linux kernel for better offering shared web hosting service.
So far, BlueHost has approximately 500 staffs and 5,000 servers, serving for 2 million domains and websites worldwide with 20,000 new customers for each month.

Who is GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is the best green web hosting company that all of their web servers and network infrastructure are 300% powered by wind energy. GreenGeeks was founded in 2006 for the fact that the web hosting industry is moving toward to be a bigger environment polluter rather than the airplane industry.

In order to compensate for the power, GreenGeeks pulls from the grid and purchases wind energy credits for the energy that they consume from the grid. In fact they replace, with wind power, 300% the amount of energy used by their web hosts. So, if they consume 1X of power from the grid, they purchase 300% wind energy credits to put back into the grid.

GreenGeeks has approximately been serving for 100,000 million domains and websites. They save the emitting carbon by 5,000 tons in 2011.

BlueHost VS GreenGeeks - Price

BlueHost has 3 Linux hosting packages including Basic, Plus and Prime, regularly starting at $7.99/mo, $10.99/mo and $14.99/mo. With over 60% discount, the price is automatically down to $2.95/mo only. The promotional link given as below is a unique way to activate this exclusive discount.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

GreenGeeks allows one Linux hosting plan for webmasters, which is pricing at $4.95/mo regularly. To make this plan perfect for all people, this company enables 20% discount via the promotional link to price the service at only $3.96/mo. In addition, some add-on items are free of charge, including domain name registration, site building tools, website migration and marketing package.

GreenGeeks Promotional Link Activation

In terms of refund policy, GreenGeeks supports 30 days money back guarantee if it fails to offer satisfactory service. For BlueHost, this company promises to give customers a full refund when they ask for account cancellation in the first 30 days of service. It also guarantees pro-rated money back for the overdue request.

BlueHost VS GreenGeeks - Feature

GreenGeeks and BlueHost both enable the maximum allocation of hosting resources and a bundle of advanced features. To bring customers surprise, the companies make every effort to include as many possibilities as they can, like what have been listed in the following table. Note that, the selected plan of BlueHost is Basic.

Free domain
Disk space50 GBUnlimited
Email Accounts5Unlimited
Ruby on Rails
Shell (SSH)
Custom PHP.INI
Special Price$2.95/mo$3.96/mo}
Claim ItLink ActivationLink Activation

Both companies utilize cPanel with 1-click Installer to simplify the installation for multiple applications, like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle, and many more. In addition to PHP5, they also support the latest versions of Perl, Python and Ruby on Rails.

BlueHost VS GreenGeeks - Performance

Each data center of GreenGeeks is powered by green power and the latest technologies. By spreading the data centers in Chicago and Phoenix, this company guarantees 99.9% uptime to the sites hosted in America and the countries around. Equipped with FM 200 server-safe fire suppression system, it also ensures a high level of security.

BlueHost also guarantees at least 99.9% uptime by investing huge expenses on its own data centers. This company takes full control of each data center and pays close attention to the maintenance of all facilities. In this way, BlueHost has done a perfect job as the statistics shown in the following chart.

All servers of GreenGeeks are provisioned by minimum 48GB ECC-Registered memory, gigabit connectivity, SSD acceleration, and more high techs, thereby achieving responsive servers. For BlueHost, thanks to the use of dual quad processor performance servers with cutting-edge technologies, this company consumes 320ms server response time and defeats most competitors.

GreenGeeks VS BlueHost – Technical Support

Live chat, phone and email are regarded as the most convenient methods to contact support staffs. Fortunately, GreenGeeks and BlueHost both enable the mentioned communication channels. Furthermore, their support teams keep working day and night and guarantee to set about the issue once receiving a request.

The technicians have made out a large number of hosting tutorials, including the information about account start, website development, domain transfer, and so on. The resources are divided into several groups to help people target the desired information at a glance.

Green Hosting

In fact, both GreenGeeks and BlueHost are the eco-friendly web hosts that ensure the green hosting solutions after making a lot of efforts for the long time. In the following, we’d like to introduce some green methods used by them.

Offset Their Carbon Emissions

Both of these two web hosts try their best to offset their energy consumption and carbon emissions. For instance, they set up the paperless working environment, encourage the recycling practice and plant trees for compensation. BlueHost, for instance, plants more than 7,000 trees in the US.

Set Up the Green Data Centers

Both GreenGeeks and BlueHost believe that the best way to achieve the green hosting is by reducing the consumption rather than compensating the usage only. In this case, they all set up the eco-friendly data centers that have the recurring climate control system. With it, the hot air produced by the machines can be vented physically with the cool air coming in. This can reduce the usage of electricity greatly for the automatic cooling system.

As calculated, GreenGeeks succeeds in cutting down the cooling costs by around 80% and reduces the carbon emission by no less than 2,000 for each year.

Ensure the Efficient Running of Web Servers

All of their web servers are of great components and have been configured properly by some guru crew. In the case, these machines can run with the best efficiency along with the least utilization of electricity.

Compensate the Energy Usage with Wind Energy Credits

This is the main green method adopted by GreenGeeks. They know that to ensure the constant power flow, they have to consume a large amount of fossil fuel that accelerates the carbon output greatly. In this case, to compensate the usage, they decide to purchase 300% of credits for wind energy.


If you'd like to protect the ecosystem on your hands, choosing GreenGeeks shall be the better decision. Especially when you choose 3 years plan, the price of GreenGeeks eco-friendly web hosting is nearly the same as BlueHost.

Otherwise, BlueHost is the more cost effective option than GreenGeeks - better price, features, performance and uptime. You can now check BlueHost offerings.