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Is BlueHost SCAM on CPU Throttling?

updated on Nov 15, 2016
Is BlueHost SCAM on CPU Throttling? There are a few complaints in the community about BlueHost scam due to their CPU throttling in result to some accounts been slow down or suspended. Is BlueHost really SCAM, or just because of the unreasonable expectation to shared web hosting?

Who is BlueHost

BlueHost was founded by Matt Heaton in 1996. With 15 years’ industry engagement, now they have a 10-millions of USD valued dedicated data center, over 400 employees, thousands of servers, serving for millions of domains. Their customer base still keeps growing fast by 20,000 new customers in each month.

BlueHost CPU Throttling

Usually, CPU Throttling is the technology used by Intel and AMD to slow down CPU to avoid damage when the temperature is closing to a boundary. But it has the different meaning when it comes to web hosting.

BlueHost CPU throttling was developed by the found Matt in 2010 by customizing Linux kernel to segregate CPU, disk I/O and memory used by every hosting client in the shared server. BlueHost CPU throttling is allows Linux kernel to detect a website taking too much system resources which may affect other clients in the server, then restart the website, recycle the over-allocated system resources, or suspend the website even. This is the complete automated process by rewriting Linux kernel. BlueHost had invested a million USD to implement it. It’s unique in the shared web hosting industry.

Why BlueHost CPU Throttling

In fact, the mass of complaints and worries to shared web hosting is the reliability. The root cause of poor reliability usually comes from some bad neighbors over-using the system resources in the shared server. As a result, the websites of other users are all slow down even out of memory because of the insufficient system resources.

Almost all shared web hosts claim for unlimited web hosting. It’s just virtually correct based on that the hosting websites don’t have much traffic or using too much system resources. Meanwhile, all shared web hosts have the process to check the over-usage of hosting accounts, including famous HostGator, InMotion hosting, WebHostingHub, Godaddy. They’re all doing such of this work manually so that they cannot prevent server over-load errors on time.

In 2010, the 14th year of BlueHost providing shared web hosting service, the founder, CEO and Linux expert Matt, decided to invest a million USD to customize Linux kernel to complete eliminate the issue and complaint of shared web hosting.

What does it mean to customers?

High reliability and fast speed for most of customers.

The automatic mechanism ensures the system resources used by each user reasonably, and penalize the bad users on time. This is exact solution to eliminate the prejudice to shared web hosting about reliability and security.

What’s a reasonable usage?

We definitely describe it as: the website has less than 600 page views daily as shown in Google Analytics, without memory leaking, dead loop, or other server over-loading bugs in the website program.

Some websites have thousands of visits daily. It’s not reasonable for them to be hosted by costing only $6.95 for a month. BlueHost suspends these kinds of sites and recommend them upgrading to BlueHost PRO package or moving out. As a result, some "victims" send the complaints for BlueHost over the Internet. In fact, from our editors’ perspective, it’s a right thing BlueHost done to make most of customers happy!

Conclusion – BlueHost is NOT SCAM!

If BlueHost is SCAM, how it runs for over 15 years, has so large number of customers, and values hundreds of millions in capital market. BlueHost is not SCAM. They invest huge money to build up their own data center, customize Linux kernel, and hire hundreds of employees (eliminate hundreds of job loss meanwhile).

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