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BlueHost Managed WordPress Hosting Review, Rating and Secret Revealed

updated on Sep 14, 2014
BlueHost Managed WordPress Hosting Review, Rating and Secret Revealed BlueHost has launched a range of managed WordPress hosting packages which are claimed to be specially optimized to be fast, secure and simple for hosting WordPress sites. Since the service is new to the industry, there should be puzzlement on the quality.

Considering the issue, we have taken a comprehensive review on the service with focuses on price, server resources, features, performance and technical support. We have opened an account on the platform and experienced the managed WordPress hosting for a couple of days, so this review is promised to be based on real statistics collected from first-hand experience. Read the following chart for ratings given to some of the important aspects.
BlueHost Managed WordPress Hosting Review
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    $17.50/mo, 50% off $34.99/mo regularly

Packages & Price

Price To meet the diversified requirements on the hosting service, BlueHost has released 4 managed WordPress hosting packages that are fully upgradable. Named Blogger, Professional, Business and Enterprise, the packages show their target users clearly.

The regular price of the 4 packages is $34.99/mo, $74.99/mo, $119.99/mo and $169.99/mo. The longer the terms are, the lower the price is. As a one-time 50% off for the first month is available, people signing up through the promotional link below are able to subscribe to the 4 packages at a price starting at $17.50/mo, $37.50/mo, 60.00/mo and $85.00/mo respectively.

Subscribers of all packages have access to 1 free domain name, free advertising credits that value hundreds of USD, and an anytime money-back guarantee which entitles people to get a full refund for account cancellation in the 30 days and a pro-rated one at any time after the period.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

Features & Highlights

Built on BlueHost VPS platform, the managed WordPress hosting comes with different amounts of server resources for each package but the same secure and fast experience. The availability of RAM, disk space, IP address, security feature and the number of hosted websites is as the following table.

Disk Storage60 GB120 GB240 GB480 GB
IP Address(es)1222
SSL CertificateN/AN/A
Hosted Websites5102030
Free Domain1111
SecuritySiteLock ProSiteLock ProSiteLock PremiumSiteLock Enterprise
CDNSiteLock CDNSiteLock CDN ProSiteLock CDN WAFSiteLock CDN WAF
Regular Price$34.99/mo$74.99/mo$119.99/mo$169.99/mo
Current Price$17.50/mo$37.50/mo$60.00/mo$85.00/mo
How to ClaimLink ActivationLink ActivationLink ActivationLink Activation

BlueHost has added some custom-designed tools in the enhanced cPanel interface, which enables webmasters to easily manage their WordPress websites, emails, domains, site security, statistics and more. Besides, the company is also highlighted for the following features it gives people in demand of premier WordPress hosting solutions.
  • Instant provisioning. With the utilization of OpenStack, BlueHost gets a server up and running within seconds.
  • Dynamic upgrades. The company allows customers to add CPU, RAM and SAN storage at any time, which gives full flexibility to meet the specific needs of a website's growth.
  • Enhanced security. Every WordPress site is well backed by dedicated backups, SiteLock security and advanced CDN.
  • MOJO Marketplace integration. This allows people to find and install plugins, scripts and themes to improve websites with simple clicks.


Performance With the large investment of over 20 million USD, BlueHost now operates 3 data centers all of which utilize high performance dual quad processor servers, full redundancy in power supply and network, a nationwide fiber network, 10 gigabits of Ethernet connections and 24x7 dedicated server and network monitoring.

Leveraging the power of VPS platform, the managed WordPress hosting uses advanced NGNIX architecture which focuses on high performance and low memory usage to boost website speed. The integrated caching powered by W3 contributes much to further speeding-up by reducing requests made to server. In addition, BlueHost offers SiteLock globally-distributed CDN for free which is able to see a huge performance boost which can further improve SEO and user experience.

Since the new service has been launched for only a few days, we are not to give the short-term monitoring statistics here due to the reason that they cannot show clearly the real performance. Instead, we present the following chart of the uptime and server response speed of BlueHost VPS hosting. Optimized based on the VPS service, the brand new WordPress hosting should have even better records than those shown in below.

Technical Support

Technical Support As an experienced provider of online solutions, BlueHost has been providing customers with highly professional support service backed by well-trained staff with a courteous manner and enough patience. When getting into trouble, webmasters can get into contact with a support representative in 3 ways – phone, live chat and email.

The company keeps a dedicated team of WordPress experts waiting on-site 24x7 and claims that people who send requests via phone and live chat are able to receive a response within 30 seconds and those via email get solutions within an average of 15 minutes.

Is the Service of High Value?

Based on these days' trial and the statistics collected for the uptime and server response time, we personally recommend BlueHost managed WordPress hosting to bloggers, organizations and companies who are serious about their businesses. Having a try on the service, people are to get a satisfying experience with the power and features, or a refund is available for requiring.

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