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BlueHost eCommerce - Is BlueHost Right For eCommerce?

updated on Nov 21, 2017
BlueHost eCommerce - Is BlueHost Right For eCommerce? Is BlueHost right for eCommerce hosting? You can get the answer in this in-depth review as we have reviewed BlueHost eCommerce hosting from 360 angles based on their shopping cart software support, installation, security, technical support, and price. From our editorial real experience, BlueHost is a brilliant budget web hosting option to eCommerce websites.

In the following sections, we will firstly present a brief introduction to the company's history, user base, main business, and other aspects. In the next, we carefully explain why BlueHost is right for eCommerce hosting. Scroll down to check for more detailed illustrations.

Brief Introduction to BlueHost

BlueHost was founded in 1996, focusing on offering shared web hosting services only. By the end of 2011, BlueHost had 1 dedicated data center, about 500 employees, and thousands of web servers serving for over 2 million customers. BlueHost is the only shared web hosting provider built a dedicated data center by investing 8.5 million of USD in 2010. Their huge investment helps BlueHost the capability offer the super reliable and responsive web hosting service to their clients. Now BlueHost is still growing fast, by more than 20,000 customers in each month.

BlueHost eCommerce Strategy

Based on the research of BlueHost, approximately 60% of consumers search and evaluate the products/services online before the purchase, and 45% of transactions are made over the Internet. BlueHost eCommerce hosting is designed for personal and small businesses selling or promoting their products/services online to potential 2 billion clients worldwide, without needing complicated technical knowledge and experience, at a budget rate $2.95/month only. Watch the video that the marketing manager Dan introduces the insight of BlueHost to eCommerce.

BlueHost eCommerce Hosting Features

BlueHost actually only offers a single all-in-one shared web hosting package for all kinds of clients. Their all-in-one web hosting package includes,
  • 1 free domain name & unlimited hosting domain
  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts
  • Free website builder with templates
  • 24/7 toll-free telephone, live chat & email support
  • $150 FREE Google AdWords credit
  • Secure Shell Access (SSH), SSL, FTP, FastCGI
  • PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, MySQL, and PostgreSQL

With the SimpleScripts application installer developed by themselves, BlueHost allows clients to set up eCommerce website in minutes, using one of 3 eCommerce software including OSCommerce, Cube Cart and Zen Cart. Installing eCommerce website with BlueHost is quite easy. Watch the following video to learn how to get an eCommerce website in 3 minutes by a few mouse clicks.

BlueHost Hosting Performance

For online stores or e-commerce websites, the fast page loading speed and no downtime are really important. After all, it is quite frustrating for customers to find that your website cannot access when they want to buy something or need to wait for a long time for the product loading when they check something on your website.

To avoid these bad situations, the reliability and hosting performance achieved by web hosts are really important. And BlueHost won't let you down in these two aspects.
  • This hosting provider establishes the long time partnership with DELL, so all of their servers are composed using the robust DELL components. This is the solid base of the good hosting performance.
  • These servers are configured properly to keep everything updated for the most efficient running.
  • All the servers are configured with the SSD storage for the better performance.
  • The data centers used by BlueHost are all the cutting-edge ones. The uninterrupted power supply units, advanced climate control and many other advanced systems all make sure that the servers can work properly and uninterruptedly.
  • The CloudFlare CDN is an add-on acceleration technology used by BlueHost, which can benefit the hosting speed and security of the hosting service greatly.

BlueHost Technical Support

BlueHost as one of the largest shared web hosting companies, having over 400 staffs serving for their clients via toll-free telephone, live chat and email, available 24/7. As introduced by BlueHost, all their technical support staffs are trained to deploy and configure eCommerce software over shared web hosting environment. Their real experience is the key to help you get eCommerce running efficiently.

BlueHost Hosting Package and Price

BlueHost provides a total of three hosting packages for eCommerce hosting that are named as Basic, Plus, and Prime. Regularly, the starting price of their eCommerce packages is $7.99/mo. But now it is providing a special offer to all readers from BestHostingSearch, with which these plans are able to be purchased from $2.95/mo only, over 60% off.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

Simple Steps to Start E-Commerce Site with BlueHost

Here, we have summarized the steps of how to start your online business with BlueHost.
  • Sign up with a hosting package. You can choose the web hosting or the VPS hosting as you want. Each hosting type has multiple packages and you can get one based on your needs and budgets.
  • Register a domain name with the Top Level Domain.
  • Install an e-commerce platform. The most popular choices are WordPress, Shopify, PrestaShop and Magento. The installation can be done using BlueHost scrip installer.
  • Build up your e-commerce store by creating the needed pages, uploading the product information, connecting with the payment system, setting up taxes and shipping, customizing the appearance and extending the functions using plugins or modules.

Conclusion - BlueHost Is Recommended for eCommerce Hosting

As a conclusion, BlueHost is one of the best choices for small sized eCommerce. It offers scalable and affordable hosting pcakges along with rich features. Besides, the company provides 24x7 available technical support to ease the hassle that users may encounter during each step of their eCommerce hosting journeys.