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How to Get Rid of Blog Comment Spam? The Simple Tips That You Need to Know

updated on Sep 14, 2014
How to Get Rid of Blog Comment Spam? The Simple Tips That You Need to Know In below, we would like to give an elaborate explanation on what comment spam is and how to combat with it so as to ensure site's integrity and safety under the strong demand of our readers. Moreover, according to our long time relevant cyber experience, you should pay attention to many other hidden things that would impact the website's completeness and credibility, such as the broken links which point to the wrong web pages or the removed content.

Furthermore, we make this directive and comprehensible tutorial about the frequently-mentioned blog comment spam from our hands-on experience on hosting multiple blog websites online for over ten years. Keep on reading the remaining parts and get more useful Internet-related knowledge.

What Is Blog Comment Spam?

In a word, the blog comment spam is a popular cyber term and is mostly used by the spam blacklist servers. What's more, it refers to the spammer postings that abuse the web-based forms to prevail some unsolicited ads in the form of comments on blogs, forums, online guest books and wikis websites. In details, it occurs in many kinds of appearances and in this way it can be sorted into many types, such as the forum spam, social spam, hit-and-run posting, troll and newsgroup spam or more.

Why Should It Be Eliminated?

Why Should It Be Eliminated It needs to pay attention that the blog comment spam should be definitely eliminated and removed from the web pages as it has a bad effect on the whole performance of the site. To be more specific, if some comment spams exist on your site, Google will think that the website includes bad links and further crack down your site. More importantly, it would greatly affect the readers' faith on your site and to some degree it is a hint that your site is lack of maintenance and moderation.

How to Get Rid of It?

In short, it is not a complex task for you to get rid of it as there are many useful comment spam-cleaning plugins on the market, such as the powerful Akismet plugin which is pre-installed with any WordPress installation and claims to check tens of data from numerous communities and sites. In addition, for some people who would like to further combat and avoid the comment spam manually, we have the following simple and practical tips.

Make Use of the Third-Party Comment System

Make Use of the Third-Party Comment System Here, we take WordPress for example. The third-party systems for it include Livefyre, Facebook and Disqus, usually offering webmasters multiple comment moderators and the right to review visitor's comments on the blog sites. In this way, you are able to moderate and remove the harmful or illegal comment spams by using the built-in centralized and user-friendly dashboard. Besides, this is admitted as the most valid and effective way to fight with the comment spam.

Close Blog Comments After 30 – 60 Days

Usually, any blog post begins with a page rank of zero and is able to gain its page rank after several months. Besides, the main victims of comment spam and the targeting audience of SEO spammers are highly-ranked blog posts. Thus, it is necessary for you to supervise on the older blog sites and close your blog comments after 30 to 60 days so as to have much less comments to deal with.

Turn Off the Trackbacks

Turn Off the Trackbacks The trackback, as one of the link back methods for writers to add notification which is connected with one of their works, can be worse and more harmful than comment spam. Likewise, you are able to take an overlook of which one is pointing to your site by clicking the option of Incoming Links in WordPress dashboard. Furthermore, you just need to change the bottom URL to make a match with your site and further optimize the site.

Add Captcha Verification

By using this WordPress plugin, which is called as SI Captcha, you are able to present the randomly-generated pictures before submitting it on comments. In the same way, all users have to fill in the right value displayed on the image, which can greatly avoid spam comments. However, to some degree, it would probably annoy the regular commentators.