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Best WordPress Popup Plugins for Sending Popup Messages

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Best WordPress Popup Plugins for Sending Popup Messages Popup message has become a trending component within the popular websites, with which readers can check the information they want instantly and directly from your website by moving the mouse. As this component can improve the reading experience greatly, you can increase your signup rates effectively.

Attaining a fancy popup can be done easily using some WordPress plugins; so in the following, we have listed the best plugins that can help you display your own popup with the utmost ease.


As a simple and easy to configure plugin, Popup helps you create a popup message to visitors, with which you can advertise your website and show offers, special announcements or any other messages. It is an un-blockable plugin, through which a fully configured popup message for your site can be generated.
There is an "once per session" option available, along with many other shortcodes making it extremely easy to use. Using this dynamic plugin, you can keep the website content up-to-date with your new services and products for your readers.

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Best WordPress Popup Plugins - Popup


Through this plugin, you can create an advanced popup signup form in just 5 minutes without dealing with any complicated codes. You can customize the look and feel of your popups with a quick preview. As a free WordPress popup plugin, it is compatible with iContact, MadMimi, GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp and other email marketing systems. The in-built documentation can help you create your own customized popups messages by adding image, changing colors, headline text and many more.

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Best WordPress Popup Plugins - PopupAlly

Optin Revolution

It is one of the best plugins to make a unique and un-blockable WordPress popup messages. With Optin Revolution Lite, you can have unlimited customizations with the ability to be creative without a knowledge of codes. You can modify the look of your input fields like width, height, text color, font size or change the window background and color. You can even change the frequency of popups. Through this plugin, you can easily grow the list of your subscribers.

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Best WordPress Popup Plugins - Optin Revolution

ITRO Popup Plugin

It is one of the best WordPress popup plugin, through which you can perform age validation for adult-content site. Also, it is completely customizable with WP Post Editor. With fade-in and fade-out animations, countdown for automatic closing and automatic popup centering, it offers many customizing options. It is translation ready and can be translated in multilingual. With the nature of extremely easy to use and install, you can select the pages where you want your popups to appear.

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Best WordPress Popup Plugins - ITRO Popup


Equipped with multiple popup options, this plugin is the perfect solution to raise your followers, your mailing lists or to display any message. You can combine it with multiple display filters or customize it the way you want. Also, you can change the background, font size, border or font color, as well as configure background capacity. There is an option to select from five different popup locations and trigger popup after a few seconds.

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Best WordPress Popup Plugins - Popups

Arty Popup

Especially created for designers and creative people, Arty Popup comes with optional form integration. You can darken the background behind the popup or select which areas of the site you want to show the popup. It comes with optional form integration and can be styled using Contact Form 7. Also, it is equipped with free popup templates available for download and is compatible with all major browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, etc.

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Best WordPress Popup Plugins - Arty Popup

Alligator Popup

This plugin allows for generating popup, with which you can even add links to your pages and post that can open in a popup window. No need to have programming knowledge, and you can enter these links via shortcode, so there won’t be any admin page for the plugin. In addition to adding shortcode, you can even include your link in HTML format that can be helpful in the text widget, or you can construct a link in the template file of your theme.

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Best WordPress Popup Plugins - Alligator Popup

Popup Dialog Box

Through this plugin, you can make a light-weight dialog box for popups using javascript. It comes equipped with a standard WordPress content editor with a complete charge on popup message content. You can even display a timeout based dialog box and display in specific pasts, pages or homepage. It comes with many style settings like Z-index, border, and color, etc. the plugin can be used to create any type of content including subscription forms, feedback forms, and promotions, etc.

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Best WordPress Popup Plugins - Popup Dialog Box

Full Screen Popup

Via this plugin, you can create a light-weight, non-annoying and full-screen popup box in your website or blog. It comes with timeout based popup display. Through this plugin, you can enable specific display in webpages or posts. You can configure various settings such as style settings, display logic settings. Also, you can enable the display of both automatically and manually.

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Best WordPress Popup Plugins - Full Screen Popup

WP Popup Plugin

As a beautiful and elegant plugin, it focuses on the ease of functionality and use. You can create unlimited popups with subscriber forms and create link popups that activate popup after clicking on a link or page. It supports MailChimp and offers many other options, through which you can hide or show popups in various pages. You can modify the mask colors and enable popup scheduling, that is, set the delay time post that popup can appear.

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Best WordPress Popup Plugins - WP Popup Plugin