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Best WordPress Poll Plugins Adding a Poll System on Your Site

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Best WordPress Poll Plugins Adding a Poll System on Your Site Online survey is a good way of finding out more about your visitors, readers and customers. The information that each participant provides is extremely important as it helps to interact with customers and further know their needs and demands. WordPress users can choose a variety of plugins that can be amalgamated as widgets in many cases, among which the WordPress polling plugins enable you to integrate polls to your website to start an online survey and investigation.

Below is a list of best WordPress poll plugins, through which you can easily add a poll system to your site.

Polls by OpinionStage

Through this plugin, you can insert a powerful and easy-to-use online polling to your site. It administers all your WordPress polls through the single dashboard. Moreover, you can see social profiles of the entire poll participant. It is highly customizable, through which you can customize the poll’s font, size, colour, and poll style, as well as select among the pre-defined appearance and filter poll results through social and demographic filters.

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Best WordPress Poll Plugins - Polls by OpinionStage

YOP Poll

You can create your own polling system by integrating a survey in your blog page/post. With the help of this WordPress plugin, you can also manage polls from your WordPress dashboard. It permits you to create a new poll or delete an existing one, and allows you to intervene in your poll at any time you think is required. You can schedule your polls and simultaneously run a number of polls.

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Best WordPress Poll Plugins - YOP Poll

Polldaddy Polls and Ratings

You can create and manage all the polls and ratings through this fantastic plugin from your WordPress dashboard. You can choose 20 different styles for your polls and create multiple polls. You can even pre-set a closing date for your poll and choose to either display the result or choose to keep them private. Through the new rating menu, you can insert ratings in your pages, comments or posts.

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Best WordPress Poll Plugins - Polldaddy Polls and Ratings

SodaHead Polls

You can create a free, customizable polling system for your page or blog, easily and quickly. You can make an unlimited numbers polls keeping your audience engaged all the time and incorporate advanced mapping features to display the results of your polls geographically. You can even organize or save poll templates for your future use. There are many customize options, with which you can design the layout of your poll including fonts, background, colours and many more.

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Best WordPress Poll Plugins - SodaHead Polls

WP Polls

This plugin is highly customizable through templates and css styles, along with l lot of options for you to select, making sure that WordPress polls run the way you want. It even supports multiple answer selection. WP Polls adds AJAX poll system to your WordPress blog. With the help of this plugin, you can very easily add a poll in your WP blog page or post. You even have individual colour for each poll bar, and you can display various poll stats.

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Best WordPress Poll Plugins - WP Polls

Poll one WP plugin

Based on AJAX, you can create a poll and customize polls in the website widget. In the admin, there is an option to create a poll with a maximum of six answers for each poll. It is simple and easy to customize, and you can display random questions. There is also a cookies option that allows the users to vote only one time.

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Best WordPress Poll Plugins - Poll one WP plugin

WP Survey and Quiz Tool

You can create a quiz, survey or poll using this plugin, allowing for unlimited questions and sections. It is highly customizable with the ability to export the result of all the quizzes, allowing you to have custom contact forms or send customized notification emails. You even have options deciding that only registered WordPress members can take your surveys and quizzes. It even auto marks quizzes with multiple choice questions and several other customization options.

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Best WordPress Poll Plugins - WP Survey and Quiz Tool

Pollphin for WordPress

You can incorporate this plugin without changing you template code on every page or post. This easily enables a user feedback opportunity. It easily embeds all the public pools in your WordPress blog. You can even create and choose the style of each poll with 100% and 50% width style incorporated. Loaded via AJAX, the plugin brings its own stylesheet. You can host your polls through community, increasing its visibility.

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Best WordPress Poll Plugins - Pollphin for WordPress

Skysa Polls App

After installing this plugin and activating it, you can add multiple polls to your blog posts. You can set the poll window size, poll window title and poll window position. You can make many polls run simultaneously and use the app pages to permit readers to see previous polls. You can also set an expiration date, after which the polling option can be closed and generate an auto pop-up for new polls for those who have not seen it yet.

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Best WordPress Poll Plugins - Skysa Polls App

Polls by Polar

With this plugin, you can share your polls on mobile, desktop, and laptop, etc to generate a large audience and easily share your opinion. With many customizing options, you can make beautiful polls that can make your site look amazing. You can even use images for poll beautifying. This plugin offers the display in different languages based on people’s default web browser language settings, making your polls go international.

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Best WordPress Poll Plugins - Polls by Polar