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Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins That Make Your Site Stand Out

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins That Make Your Site Stand Out An easy-to-use photo gallery plugin is important for large WordPress sites with many images to deal with. It brings you a lot of benefits such as simplifying the upload of images, helping group images, and allowing adding detailed descriptions to images to make them SEO optimized.

The collection below includes 5 of the best photo gallery plugins that are designed for WordPress platform, all of which are tested carefully on the ease of use, functionality, performance and search engine optimization. Feel free to use any of them to manage the images on your site.

If there is any other need on WordPress plugins, check the collections for eCommerce, site search, backup, security, forum, social media integration and SEO. In case that any trouble happens in the installation, check this tutorial.

Grand Flagallery

As one of the most popular items of its kind, Grand Flagallery has had more than 1 million downloads so far at It is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices and supports full-screen mobile gallery slideshow, which makes the plugin perform very well on all devices.

As a powerful media and image gallery plugin, Grand Flagallery not only comes with all common image gallery features for managing photos, but also includes tools for grouping and arranging videos and music files. Besides, there is a responsive banner rotator which looks great on mobile themes. This plugin should be a good option for those sites with many images as well as videos.

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Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin - Grand Flagallery

NextGEN Gallery

With over 10 million downloads, NextGEN Gallery has been topping the WordPress plugin recommendation list all the time. With years of development from a team of talents, this plugin has a large number of helpful features for uploading, managing and displaying images and galleries.

You can upload batches of images at the same time, import meta data, control the color, size and style, add watermarks, create and delete photo albums, manage thumbnails, and get galleries displaying in multiple ways. For extended functionality, there are a large quantity of dedicated extensions available on the web.

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Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin - NextGEN Gallery

Gallery Photo

Gallery Photo is an actively maintained advanced plugin that provides WordPress users with a long list of image editing features. Being fully responsive, it makes photos show in an elegant and clear way no matter what device the site visitors use. Also, it is developed with multiple useful widgets for customization.

Gallery Photo is highlighted for 5 views including slideshow, compact album, extended album, and so on, which gives you enough flexibility to add and edit images to meet the needs of your site. Besides, with the file manager, you are able to easily rename, copy, or add tags and captions to images.

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Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin - Gallery Photo

Easy Media Gallery

Used to power thousands of websites and trusted by a large number of webmasters in need of the tools for image management, Easy Media Gallery is designed to be one of the best photo gallery plugins that offer some of the best features and tools that increase web presence. Besides the support for images, this item also gives support to Youtube video, Vimeo video, MP4 video and MP3 audio.

The plugin comes with a rich-featured control panel in which you are able to embed videos from more than 15 platforms including Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and Ustream. Also, you can customize colors, media sizes, effect, grid and many more as you like without wasting time in handling code-related stuff.

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Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin - Easy Media Gallery

Gmedia Gallery

Developed by the same creator of Flagallery, Gmedia is an ideal option for photo lovers and photographers because of the unlimited possibilities in customization, ease of use in photo grouping and editing, and the simple admin panel which allows you to take advantages of many modules and import galleries from other plugins.

Gmedia comes with more than 12 unique modules which cover social sharing, audio player, mobile browser, slider, 3D effect and more. With all these features combined, Gmedia is certain to bring a really good using experience and browsing experience which accelerate online success.

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Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin - Gmedia Gallery