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Best WordPress Database Plugin for Database Management and Optimization

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Best WordPress Database Plugin for Database Management and Optimization Managing WordPress database via phpMyAdmin is a little complicated for beginner, but the task should be much easier with the use of a good WordPress database plugin which offers helpful tools to backup, restore, repair or even download the tables of databases. Making use of a plugin in this kind, you are able to set yourself free from various tutorials. The ones introduced below are some of the best in the industry that have been tested and recommended by thousands of webmasters.

If you want to add extra functionality on your WordPress site or simplify the management of the site, have a try on the backup plugins, form plugins, search plugins, newsletter plugins and calendar plugins. You can install the plugins you like at any time, but remember that you should remove the unused ones for the sake of the site performance.


WP-DBManager is designed for all people in need of a tool to manage their databases in an easy way. The plugin gives you the ability to accomplish nearly all tasks related to database quickly and effortlessly, including backing up, restoring, repairing and optimizing databases, emptying tables, and running the selected queries. Also, it allows you to schedule the tasks according to your own needs. With more than 1 million downloads, WP-DBManager is under active development.

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Best WordPress Database Plugin - WP-DBManager

Participants Database

This plugin is designed for organizations and businesses that want to build and maintain a database of members, participants, volunteers, supporter, voters, and more. It comes with all the features that are needed, which enables you to keep individual records, allow the individuals to create records by themselves, and export the records as CSV files. Besides, using the tools included, you are able to insert a sign-up form in pages and posts with shortcodes and send email notifications to the participants.

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Best WordPress Database Plugin - Participants Database

Database Browser

Developed for people who want to locate information or browse tables in their databases but have no access to PHPMyAdmin, Database Browser comes with the features that allow you to query your database tables easily and even export the data and information in various formats including HTML, XML, SQL, JSON and CSV. This plugin is used to assist people with certain knowledge in coding and programming because sometimes you may need to write your own clauses.

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Best WordPress Database Plugin - Database Browser

WordPress Database Reset

This extension is specially used to initialize WordPress databases to the default settings without influencing the installation of the software itself. If you are in some situations like requiring a fresh install of database, erasing some unnecessary tables or resetting an unused database, you will need to use this plugin because it ensures an easy way without much requirement on coding. You should make sure that you have done a backup before making changes to databases to prevent unexpected issues from impacting your site.

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Best WordPress Database Plugin - WordPress Database Reset

Optimizing Database after Deleting Revisions

You are able to obtain a 1-click database cleaner and optimizer with this plugin because it supports to accomplish many tasks with only one click on the mouse. In the WordPress admin panel, you can run optimization easily, and use the special scheduler to handle future tasks. Other features include deleting the redundant revisions on your site, trashes, spam comments and more, and optimizing tables and maintaining a log file.

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Best WordPress Database Plugin - Optimizing Database after Deleting Revisions


This plugin is designed with the purpose to provide easy-to-use tools for WordPress users to clean and optimize database tables. You can use it to identify and delete the unused database tables of the plugins that have been uninstalled, and to detect and optimize the un-optimized tables. Besides, you have the option to delete the unused space of a table. This extension also allows you to set your own search criteria for the searching of certain tables.

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Best WordPress Database Plugin - WPDBSpringClean


MiwoSQL is a new but rich-featured extension which ensures fast and simple database management for both developers and beginners as a replacement of PHPMyAdmin. It allows you to display, create, edit and delete records, execute SQL queries, change table prefix, export tables as CSV files, and do many other things. All of these features can be used from the WordPress backend directly. Note that the use of this plugin may require some SQL knowledge.

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Best WordPress Database Plugin - MiwoSQL