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10 Best WordPress Comments Plugins Simplifying the Management of Blog Comments

updated on Jan 08, 2015
10 Best WordPress Comments Plugins Simplifying the Management of Blog Comments In case you have followed the process of creating a simple WordPress blog, then you must know about WordPress comments system. The comment system that has been built inside WordPress is very much basic and is considered suitable for baby bloggers. However, if you want to provide your users with extra functionality, then you may find the system lacking certain important features.

This is the part where the best WordPress comments plugins come into play. These plugins assist you in bringing required improvements in the default functionality of comment system of WordPress. You can not only utilize the option of threaded commenting but can also login with the accounts of social media networks for taking benefits of providing improved features to the visitors.

Disqus Comment System

This is a service and a tool that is utilized for web discussions and comments. Disqus makes the process of commenting quite easier and interactive for you while connecting you with commenter and peer bloggers across a community of discussion. The plugin integrates Disqus API, and it also synchronizes with the comments of WordPress too. The other features of Disqus include subscription and RSS options, moderation tools, reply and notification options, exposure, readership and many more.

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Best WordPress Comments Plugins - Disqus Comment System

WP Ajaxify Comments

WordPress reloads the full page when it comes to submitting the comment form. In the case of error, the error message appears on the screen, and the users have to make use of browse back button for correcting the comment form and posting the comments. The WP Ajaxify Comment plugin hooks up with WordPress themes and incorporates functionality of AJAX to the comment form. The plugin sends the data to the backend of WordPress at the submission of comment form without even reloading the whole age. In case the comment gets posted, the plugin adds comment into the list of already existing comments without leaving the page. It also shows overlay popup of the information. The plugin also automatically refreshes the comments without reloading the page.

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Best WordPress Comments Plugins - WP Ajaxify Comments

Livefyre Comments 3

The plugin has been developed for some real-time conversations. It centralizes the conversations from the social media back into your website. Livefyre Comment 3 encourages your readers to get engaged into your site and build a discussion community around the contents. The plugin further allows you to keep a track of the comments and monitor all sorts of interaction-taking places on your website in real time.

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Best WordPress Comments Plugins - Livefyre Comments 3

Comment Guestbook

This plugin has been developed for adding a guestbook website that makes use of WordPress integrated comments. By using this plugin, you can setup comment form position in your WordPress page. It also contains features that are available for the guestbook comments. The plugin can work with all the applications that are changing the comment form and comment lists. It contains variant options of comment form and order adjustments.

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Best WordPress Comments Plugins - Comment Guestbook

Disable Comments

Disable Comment plugin helps you in disabling the comments on your WordPress sites and posts. It also helps you in removing the comment related fields from the screens. In the case of multiple site installations, this plugin can be used for disabling the comments on the whole network. In addition, the comment related items can also be removed from widgets, admin menu, admin bars and dashboards. This is among the best WordPress comments plugins being used out there.

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Best WordPress Comments Plugins - Disable Comments

Comment Images

With the help of comment images, you can provide your readers with the ability of uploading an image into their comments from the comment form directly. The plugin can notify you if it is not compatible with the web hosts. It provides active support to JPEG, JPG, PNG and GIF images. The plugin helps you by stylizing the images so that they can easily fit into the comments display. You are also provided with dashboard functionality by this plugin.

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Best WordPress Comments Plugins - Comment Images

SEO Facebook Comment

This plugin integrates your site with the comment form of Facebook. It also looks at all of your blogs in order to search for the related comments that are already published. If it finds out new comments, these words can get added into the database of WordPress. Your WordPress plugins and widgets can continue to work as all the comments are saved in the database of WordPress. It is simple to install this plugin and get it into full use.

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Best WordPress Comments Plugins - SEO Facebook Comment

Comments Evolved for WordPress

With the help of this plugin, you can make your comment section tabbed by adding tabs for Facebook, Disqus, Trackbacks, G+ comments and WordPress comments. If you already have an account and you provide the readers with the option of comment with an already setup account, then you are definitely going to get some interaction on your blog. The plugin is simple, and performs wonderful actions for your WordPress comment system.

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Best WordPress Comments Plugins - Comments Evolved for WordPress

Vertical Scroll Recent Comments

Vertical Scroll Recent Comments helps you in displaying the comment lists. The plugin does not incorporate any loads to your WordPress site. The list of comments gets uploaded on the fly whenever your readers add comments or whenever you make any sort of change. The end users do not require any extra queries for it. This plugin is configurable and is regarded to be popular among many other comment plugins for WordPress.

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Best WordPress Comments Plugins - Vertical Scroll Recent Comments

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

This is a robust plugin that enables all your readers to get signed up for getting notifications of emails for their entries. It also incorporates featured subscription manager that can be used by the commenter for unsubscribing to different posts. Readers can also suspend their notifications by using this plugin.
By using it, you can solve almost all the issues that affect the Mark Jaquith version with recent functionalities of WordPress. You can also enable the opt-in mechanism, which requires people to confirm the subscriptions by just clicking on the link that is received by email.

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Best WordPress Comments Plugins - Subscribe to Comments Reloaded