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Best WordPress Calendar Plugins Helping Manage Events & Posts

updated on Nov 06, 2017
Best WordPress Calendar Plugins Helping Manage Events & Posts A calendar plugin is important for WordPress sites with rich content and events to manage as it allows you to arrange posts and events according to dates. In this way, you are able to edit, move, and schedule posts more easily and get an overview of all the posts on your site at any time.

For the management of events, you can use a calendar plugin to display the site events to all visitors to let them know about the site activities, and to analyze visitors' reaction to the activities. By taking these factors into consideration, we have selected some of the best WordPress calendar plugins which are powerful, easy-to-use and under active maintenance and development.

If your site needs some other plugins for extending the functionality, check the best ones for eCommerce, site search, newsletter, security and photo gallery. For any trouble in installing a plugin, please refer to this step-by-step tutorial.

Editorial Calendar

This extension is designed for managing the posts on WordPress sites. Compatible with WordPress 3.0 and higher versions, it allows you to get quick information about the time when every post is published, how you schedule the posts that are ready to publish, and how you have arranged the whole blog.

Besides, you can take advantage of the features to change the post dates, get known of the post status, edit post titles, and manage drafts. Supporting multiple authors, Editorial Calendar makes it possible to grant access to each author. The ease of use enables the plugin to be a really good tool for site editors.

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Best WordPress Calendar Plugins - Editorial Calendar

My Calendar

As one of most popular items of its kind, My Calendar is mainly used for event management. It is quite easy-to-use, requiring no technical skills or knowledge, so that it can be used by all kinds of webmasters, both beginners and experienced users. With the plugin, events on your site can be displayed in a customizable and stylish way.

You can show events on the basis of month, week and day, and categorize the events into today's events, upcoming events, and so on, and applies different design for event output. In addition, visitors are able to search events easily. For the view access, the plugin allows setting restrictions by location, author and category, which protects private information much.

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Best WordPress Calendar Plugins - My Calendar

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is developed by developers for developers, which means that it is professionally coded and at the same time, comes with great customizability. Built to work in a creative and efficient way, the plugin is now used by large companies, universities, institutions and also start-ups and bloggers.

This plugin allows users to create events, make a list out of them, and categorize them rapidly for publishing and promoting. Other highlighted features that are related to site performance include Google maps integration, Ajax smooth loading, and Microformats SEO. Being responsive, it works well on mobile devices.

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Best WordPress Calendar Plugins - The Events Calendar

All-in-One Event Calendar

This plugin offers a rich-featured calendar system for event list and sharing with which you can get many views, multiple widgets, colorful categories and recurrence. With the integration with social media, you are allowed to import or export events from Facebook. Sharing is available for Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and so on.

The ability of importing and exporting is the most significant feature of the plugin, because it enables events to be shown in the calendar of all the linked websites when you create one on a website, which simplifies the management of news, community and more. When using the plugin, you don't need to modify the site theme.

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Best WordPress Calendar Plugins - All-in-One Event Calendar

Calendar Event WordPress

Calendar Event WordPress, also called as Spider Event Calendar, is completely responsive and compatible with all kinds of devices. It comes with the ability to create an unlimited number of calendars, categories and events. You can add several events from one category or multiple categories for one date.

For event displaying, you have the choices of day and month, or repeat on a certain date of week. For views, there are 4 options including month, week, day and list, which can be further customized to specific visitors. Moreover, it is possible to set different colors for each category to fit the overall site design and color scheme.

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Best WordPress Calendar Plugins - Calendar Event WordPress

Booking Calendar

This plugin is well-designed for websites involved in online booking services. There is an intuitive interface where your visitors can not only check the availability of property but also select days in calendar, fill booking form fields, and submit their booking requests in a minute. It is up to you on the permission to these requests.

To avoid the troubles brought by spammers, Booking Calendar also provides CAPTCHA support. This gives you the freedom to decide who can make a booking in the admin interface. However, the free version is not a perfect solution if you want to add new booking forms.

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Best WordPress Calendar Plugins - Booking Calendar

Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar provides an easy way to integrate your WordPress site with Google Calendar events. The events management can be directly made in Google Calendar. After the provision of Google Calendar feed URL, you turn your website into a place where events will be displayed.

To give you a better using experience, this plugin also comes with shortcodes which enable you to decide how to display the calendar and events. What's more, it is possible for you to use custom stylesheets to change your website design.

But there is a flaw that Simple Calendar lacks a ticket system. With the goal to sell event tickets, you need to rely on the services from third parties.

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Best WordPress Calendar Plugins - Simple Calendar