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Best WordPress Backup Plugin for Keeping Your Website Data Safe

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Best WordPress Backup Plugin for Keeping Your Website Data Safe A good WordPress backup plugin is able to help you effectively backup your website and prepare for any problems you may meet. However, it is a little difficult for a lot of WordPress users to find a proper one to keep their sites safe. To relieve our readers' worry, we have reviewed a pile of WordPress plugins and selected the 5 best ones.

All of the 5 winners are easy-to-use and rich-featured. In below, we have worked out a comprehensive review to list the main information about the plugins, designed to help our readers know more about the which and choose the most appropriate one according to their needs and likes.

No.1: BackWPup Free

  • Requirement: WordPress 3.4 or higher.
  • Download: 1,110,202
  • Price: Free

BackWPup Free is the number 1 backup plugin for WordPress with over 1 million downloads and in the top of 20 of all WordPress plugins, which can be used to save your complete installation, including /wp-content/, and push them to an eternal backup service, like Dropbox, S3, FTP and many more. In addition, with a single backup .zip file, you are able to restore an installation with the least effort being made. Advantages of BackWPup are listed as below.
  • Backup in zip, tar, tar.gz, format.
  • Send logs and backups by email.
  • Store backup to Amazon Glacier & Google Drive.
  • Available Languages: English, French, German, Russian & Simplified Chinese.

Download BackWPup Free

BackWPup Free

No.2: BackUpWordPress

  • Requirement: WordPress 3.3.3 or higher.
  • Download: 853, 829
  • Price: Free

BackUpWordPress is able to back up your entire site, including your database and all your files on a schedule that suits you, which is hosted GitHub. Rich-fetaured and special, this plugin is able to manage multiple schedules, use zip and mysqldump for faster backups if they are available, work in low memory, and work on both Linux and Windows server, with which your backups can be send by email selectively.

  • Exclude files and folders from your backups.
  • Integrated with a high level of support.
  • Translations for Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Serbian, Dutch, etc.

Download BackUpWordPress


No.3: WordPress Backup to Dropbox

  • Requirement: WordPress 3.0 or higher
  • Download: 726,367
  • Price: Free

With media files and database backed up to Dropbox withhin just a few minutes, WordPress Backup to Dropnox has been created to give you peace of mind that your website is backed up on a regular basis, with which you also can set where you want your backup stored within Dropnox and on your server as well as choose what files or directions, if any, you wish to exclude from the backup. We have listed more highlights of this plugin in below.
  • A user-friendly and secure plugin.
  • 2 GB of space completely free of charge.

Download WordPress Backup to Dropbox


No.4: Online Backup

  • Requirement: WordPress 2.2.6 or higher.
  • Download: 347, 716
  • Price: Free

With the vast amount of time and investment that goes into running a blog or website, it is essential that a simple system is available for backing up. Online Backup, a reliable plugin that can encrypt your backup data to keep it secure while it is downloaded, emailed, and even while it is stored. In addition, this plugin can backup your site's database as well as its file system to any one of the three places – a folder on your server, your email inbox and 100 MB free online storage space.

Outstanding features:
  • Full ACE encryption support.
  • Backup only files that have changed since the latest backup.
  • Support forum is actively monitored to help users with any issues.

Download Online Backup

Online Backup

No.5: XCloner

  • Requirement: WordPress 2.0.2 or higher
  • Download: 245,144
  • Price: Free

XCloner is a backup and restored component designed for PHP/ MySQL websites, which can work as a native plugin for WordPress. XCloner design was specially created to generate custom backups of any LAMP website through custom admin input, and to be able to restore the clone on any other location with the help of the automatic restore script they provide, independent from the main package. Besides, XCloner backup tool uses open source standards like tar and MySQL formats to enable you to rest assured your backups can be restored in variety ways, giving you more flexibility and full control.

  • Backup and restore any PHP/MySQL application.
  • Generate automatic backups based on Cron Jobs.
  • Share your custom backups with your clients.
  • Restore your backups anywhere & create custom backups.

Download XCloner