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Best Windows Web Hosting Campaign - Arvixe vs HostGator

updated on Feb 16, 2017
The article compares two best economic Windows shared web hosting plans over the internet. One plan is mature but from a growing and new company - Arvixe and another is a new plan but from a mature company - HostGator. The Windows shared web hosting plans are often much more expensive than Linux plans. They're charged by Microsoft for license fee on Windows OS even MS SQL Server. If you're individual or a small company on startup websites, this article would be quite helpful for you to get an economic windows shared plan.

Arvixe is a growing company in the industry. It has offered windows shared web hosting for many years. As reviewed by us, their ASP.NET Personal Class plan could be one of the best shared web hosting plan in the field. After applied the Arvixe coupon, it only costs $3.5 per month for a two-year order. At this price, it offers 1 free domain with the life of the plan, supports up to 6 hosting domains, applies almost latest Microsoft .NET technology based on Windows 2008 and everything looks unlimited etc.

Recently, HostGator launched its Windows shared web hosting plan from $3.27/mo for 3-years order after applies the exclusive HG45PERCENT coupon code. The inital private windows shared web hosting plan provides no free domain and only supports 1 hosting domain. It also applies almost Microsoft .NET technology based on windows 2008 except .NET Framework 4.0 by the end of June, 2011.

Appearly Arvixe's ASP.NET personal class is much better than HostGator private Windows web hosting plan except the reputation of the company. But actually it is really a trade off between these two plans. We have listed two tables as below. The first one compares important difference publicly. And the second one compares the implied index from our deep research, analysis and review.
Index Arvixe HostGator
Lowest Price $3.5 $4.16
Free Domain 1 0
Hosting Domain 6 1
.NET Framework 4 Yes Yes

Index Arvixe HostGator
Maximum Hosting Accounts Per Server 200 200
CPU * Memory Intel Xeon E5520, 12/24GB RAM Intel XEON E5520, 12GB RAM
Maximum CPU Usage per Account 10% 2-5%
Memory Limitation Per Account 256MB 64MB
.NET Hosting Assemblies Trust Level Full Trust Medium Trust
SQL Server Management Studio Remote Connection Yes, fully free. Yes, but you have to contact hostgator suppot to enwhite your client IP to their firewall first at everytime.

At the second table, you can know HostGator is more trouble and has more restriction to the clients but keeping their environment more clear and secure in another hand. As one account can be hosted with up to 6 domains in a server at Arvixe, you can imagine the websites hosted on Arvixe servers are much more than HostGator. It's proven based on our site performance testing, the HostGator private Windows web hosting plan is 126% faster than the Arvixe one on running a same website developed on .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. And the customer service response time of hostgator is also much faster than Arvixe. Almost customer support people of HostGator are North American but Arvixe is composed of Indian and South American.

So, it's a trade off between Arvixe and HostGator. Choose Arvixe, your site average cost is low and you're more flexible for your site management. Choose HostGator, you're restricted too much but more secure, higher performance and better customer service.