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Best Wiki Software – Top Open Source Applications for Starting a Wiki Website

updated on Nov 16, 2016
Best Wiki Software – Top Open Source Applications for Starting a Wiki Website There are dozens of wiki software on the web that can be used to build a wiki website with rich content, but some of them have limitations in either features or ease of use. Considering this fact, we have reviewed more than 10 PHP based open source wiki applications to look into their usability.

Finally, we selected Media Wiki, WikkaWiki and PmWiki as the best ones due to their powerful features in knowledge management and permit control, easy navigation, outstanding customizability, and professional-powered support. Below is the detailed information about the applications mentioned above.

Media Wiki


Now in its version of 1.22.3, Media Wiki is a free open source wiki package written in PHP and licensed under GPL. Designed to power high-traffic websites with even millions of unique daily visits, the software has gained increasing popularity and is recognized to be powerful, feature-rich and scalable. For large wikis, the application support caching to deliver reliable and fast performance.

One of the security measures taken by Media Wiki is to store both the new content and the previous one in the database when a change is made, which allows quick reverts in the event of errors, spam, or any other malicious changes to the pages on the site.

Another highlight of Media Wiki is that users are allowed to upload images and multimedia files to the sites built with the software. Some more advantages are as listed below.
  • The wikitext format enables people who have no knowledge in XHTML or CSS to edit content.
  • The application can be translated into approximately 60 languages.
  • The large number of extensions adds more features to sites.

Best Wiki Software - Media Wiki



As a lightweight wiki engine, WikkaWiki is designed with speed, extensibility and security in mind. One of the most awesome features of this software is that it can be easily integrated with some CMS, forum platforms and blog engines, such as WordPress, Simple Machines Forum, Xoops, Mambo, phpBB and Movable Type.

As for page editing, WikkaWiki comes with an editor toolbar which supports page preview, edit notes, search and replace handler, doubleclick quick editing and a Universal Edit Button. And in terms of security, it features SafeHTML which prevents potentially dangerous content, advanced referrer management with blacklist support, and access control through folder-level .htaccess files, global ACL and page-level ACL. Some other features include:
  • Support for file uploading/downloading, inline Flash, images & mindmaps.
  • A large collection of plugins for calendar, feedback form, Google search form, etc.
  • Revision control tools with support for tracking pages without links and missing pages.
  • Mass user deletion & mass page reversion.

Best Wiki Software - WikkaWiki



Having been popular for years, PmWiki comes with a large number of highlights that attract people much. One of the key features is the fully functional self-contained access control which includes password protection that allows administrators to control the access to reading pages, editing pages and uploading attachments. The protection is flexible, applicable to the whole site, some certain groups of pages and individual pages.

The development team claims to only offer the essential features to give users complete freedom to customize the software for their own needs. Therefore, there are a large number of extensions which are called recipes available in the Cookbook for adding extra features, and hundreds of skins (themes) are downloadable for changing the appearance. The feature list also includes:
  • Enhanced security with SPAM protection, page, group or site based passwords & user authentication.
  • Browser caching, HTML meta information, web feeds, sitemap & backlinks.
  • User support with FAQ, troubleshooting guide, error messages & mailing lists.

Best Wiki Software - PmWiki

How to Find a Good Web Host for These Applications?

As the performance of the server that websites reside on has a significant impact on success, users should be careful about selecting the proper web hosts and service. According to requirements, webmasters wishing to build a Media Wiki based website demand a large amount of resources, so what they need is a virtual private server or a dedicated server.

For those who want to set up a small website with WikkaWiki or PmWiki, they don't need that much, so they can start with a shared web hosting package and then upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting in accordance to the growth of the website.

In this case, we have the following recommendations, all of which offer a full range of shared, VPS and dedicated hosting services and enjoy a high reputation over the Internet.

InMotion - As an experienced and famous web hosting company, InMotion gives a favourable solution for hosting any wiki application with three PHP-based and SSH-based shared hosting packages which are called as Pro, Power and Launch differently with charging for $9.49/mo, $4.49/mo and $3.49/mo. What's more, visitors are capable of obtaining the mentioned affordable price by clicking on the promotional link as follows.

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BlueHost - As an excellent hosting provider delivering quality Linux hosting, BlueHost gives solid support for hosting wiki software with 3 optional shared hosting plans. In details, those mentioned plans are priced from $7.99/mo. Moreover, more reasonable price of $2.95/mo is available for visitors using the promotional link below.

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HostMonster - As a powerful and trustworthy web hosting provider, HostMonster gives full support for wiki hosting by delivering scalable hosting plans which charge from $9.49/mo regularly. But to everyone's comfort, this company now endows a quite affordable and reasonable price of $3.95/mo for visitors clicking on the promotional link in below.

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