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Best Web Hosting Extra Features

updated on Sep 01, 2015
Best Web Hosting Extra Features Besides the standard features like disk space and bandwidth, web hosting providers always provide a large number of useful add-ons in their web hosting packages to attract customers as well as to guarantee their customers to gain much better experience. In this case, do you know which ones are the most useful?

When choosing a web host to build your online presence, you should give a priority to those web hosts who offer the add-ons which your website will benefit from. Those ones, to some extent, are also key features that will either help you manage your website more easily or help your website grow and expand, or even both.

Generally speaking, the following add-ons are the most commonly used ones that are always provided by excellent web hosts.

1. Free Domain Name

A domain name is essential to building a website. When you purchase a web hosting package, it is probable that the web host will offer you access to a free domain name. The main advantage of using this domain name is that it costs you nothing, of course. Regularly, a domain name is priced about $12.95/year, so this offering saves you the money.

Another advantage lies in the easy registration process and management of the domain name that you will use for your website. When signing up with your web host, you can easily choose a TLD to start you online business in seconds, instead of looking around for a domain registrar who charges affordable rates. The TLDs available include .com, .net, .org, .us, .info, and .biz, and more.

2. Add-on domain name

An add-on domain is an independent and fully functional domain that has its own email addresses, forwarders and FTP accounts, but shares the same control panel with your main domain. Add-on domains should really be a part of a web hosting package, especially for people who desire to manage multiple domains from a single interface.

Supposed that you have 3 websites but have subscribed to a web hosting package which doesn't support add-on domains, you have to purchase 3 separate packages for your domains. However, by using add-on domains, you can host all the 3 domains in only one package, which represents a significant saving on your budget. As for the management of those domains, you only need to log into one control panel, but not 3 different ones.

3. Free Marketing credits

In the case that you want to drive more traffic to your website to boost sales and reputation, marketing credits are what you need. With the credits, you can advertise your website in some famous search engines or social networking, such as Google, Yahoo/Bing, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon. $100 Google AdWords credits is the most common offering.

For each click to you website, you will be charged a small amount till the credits are used up. Using marketing credits can not only promote you website and grow you business, but also save much money. Therefore, before going with a web host, make sure that this company offers this add-on feature.

4. Money Back Guarantee

The web hosting money back guarantee is an important buffer for people to try whether the web host is good or not. Most of the web hosts offer 30 to 90 days full money back guarantee. But some terrible web hosts advertise a very long time guarantee but claim Cancellation or Refund Policy in the “Terms & Services” at a corner of the web pages. When you ask for refund, you may find the "money back" is not "full money back" in your mind, the web host sucks the following fees from the refund,
  • setup fee, from $10 to $25.
  • registration fee for domain name, $15/month, about 20% more expensive than external providers.
  • up to $50 billing service fee depending on the payment method.

5. Integration with Various Free Applications

The bare web hosting works for developers certainly but it's complicated for non-technical people. So, some easy-to-use web hosts integrates with dozens of free applications in the web hosting control panel. It allows people to start their blog, photo gallery, forum or business web presence by mouse clicks simply, in 10 minutes only.

6. Static IP Address

It is a common sense that most shared web hosting users are set up with dynamic IP addresses where you share an IP address with several other users. When your domain name's DNS server experiences downtime, some other DNS servers will track that IP and translate it into a domain name that is accessible, which means that the IP you use changes. For normal users, using a dynamic IP address doesn't matter, but advanced webmasters will need the more powerful static IP addresses.

A static IP address is manually configured and doesn't change. It can be accessed universally all the time. When your domain name's DNS server cannot be connected, you can still type the static IP address into the browser address bar to access your website, which makes it a more reliable choice. Besides, a static IP address is a necessity if you want to run advanced web applications or some other tasks that are not compatible with a dynamic IP address.

7. Secure Shell Access (SSH)

Developed by SSH Communications Security, Secure Shell is a cryptographic network protocol that allows clients to log into another computer over a network to execute remote commands and transfer data from one machine to another one securely. It offers strong authentication and secure data communication over an insecure network.

SSH is important because it helps reduce many security threats like DNS poisoning and IP spoofing by encrypting all the communication between the client and the server system. Besides, this feature also plays an important role in resolving connectivity issues in cloud computing by avoiding exposing a cloud-based virtual machine directly to the Internet.


As the add-ons mentioned above are the most useful ones that can help create and promote your website at the lowest cost possible, you should seriously take them into account when selecting a proper web host as well as web hosting package. In the following, we have listed some top options.