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Best Web Analytics Software Offering Advanced Statistics Collecting

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Best Web Analytics Software Offering Advanced Statistics Collecting Web analytics software is a necessity for your website if you are serious about your web presence especially when you own a store and want to improve it according to the visitors' browsing behavior.

The 3 software introduced below are the best ones in the market that help you look deep into the information about your site visitors, including where they are from, how long they stay, which web pages are browsed, and so on. By keeping these detailed statistics, it is more likely that you can set up successful marketing strategies and campaigns.


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Piwik is a leading open source software that offers a web analytics platform that contributes to optimized user experience and enhanced website strategies ultimately. With more than 1.8 million downloads, it is widely used worldwide by individuals, web developers, companies and governments to keep a close eye on the statistics they need on the web. Due to its great popularity, now many web hosts offer specialized Piwik hosting with 1-click installation of the application.

Using Piwik, you are able to view reports either in the browser on your desktop or on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. For eCommerce, the software presents details about the revenue, average order values, conversion rates, bounce rates and more. Furthermore, it can be used for monitoring server log data and importing logs, which helps you know what you want.

Piwik allows managing multiple websites and users at the same time, and you can set different admin access to every user. Integrated with over 40 CMS and frameworks, the application supports them with real-time data when visitors enter you site, site internal search statistics, goal conversion tracking, visitors' locations by country, region, city, traffic from search engines, and more.

Best Web Analytics Software - Piwik

Open Web Analytics

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Open Web Analytics is a light weight easy-to-use web analytics application licensed under GPL. Being free of charge, the application makes it easy to integrate web analytics to your site. Besides, it comes with built-in support for WordPress and MediaWiki based websites to provide them with the ability to track visits in an easy way.

Now in its version of 1.5.7, Open Web Analytics is used by thousands of websites. With the powerful tool, you are able to know clearly about your site usage, page views and visits, track events for multiple sites and set up to 5 custom variables. Furthermore, the software includes more than 35 standard reports, custom segmentation, live view dashboards, result filtering, IP exclusion, and so on. For extensibility, Open Web Analytics comes with modules which enable you to extend functionality without touching the core files or coding.

Best Web Analytics Software - Open Web Analytics


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With a couple of years of development, Logaholic is actively developed and maintained by a group of people experienced in data collection and analysis. Widely adopted by web hosting providers, marketing companies and educational organizations, the software is integrated with cPanel since 2011, and is used by many large firms like Cisco, TIME and University of Cambridge.

Logaholic has an intuitive interface which includes dashboards for information about all your websites, custom web applications and social media including Facebook business page, Youtube channel and Twitter. Within the interface, there are a large number of tools that are available for getting information about traffic, conversion, SEO, and more.

Logaholic allows browsing traffic by month, day and hour, showing visitors by month, day, hour, and digging into the search engine trends, Google rankings and keyword trends. By analyzing these information carefully, it is certain that you can drive a more successful marketing campaign.

Best Web Analytics Software - Logaholic