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Why Are They the Best vBulletin Web Hosting Choices?

updated on Nov 27, 2016
Why Are They the Best vBulletin Web Hosting Choices? vBulletin is a powerful and rich-featured community software powering over 100,000 websites including many of the largest social websites on the Internet. However, the rich features of vBulletin itself are not enough for people to build a successful online forum because the quality of the web hosting service also has a notable impact on the performance of the forum.

As we have reviewed hundreds of web hosts, BlueHost, WebHostingHub and JustHost are the best companies deserving to be recommended to every vBulletin user, since they have far surpassed their competitors in terms of the ease of use and quality of vBulletin hosting service.

In below, we have analyzed the reasons why the 3 web hosts are the best vBulletin web hosting choices in detail.

vBulletin Compatibility

As is known, vBulletin is developed with PHP and MySQL, so it has some specific system requirements on the server where it runs. For example, the latest stable release vBulletin 5.0.4 requires a minimum of PHP 5.3.0, MySQL 5.1.5, 1 GB hard drive space, and rewrite engine.

In this case, all of BlueHost, WebHostingHub and JustHost are 100% compatible with vBulletin for the reason that they offer an optimized vBulletin hosting environment with the following preinstalled applications and features.
  • PHP 5.3.x, 5.4.x, 5.5.x (the most favorable PHP version for running vBulletin), MySQL 5.4.x, 5.5.x & Apache 2.2.x.
  • 256 MB PHP memory_limit allocation & PHP running as suPHP to enhance security.
  • Apache mod-rewrite 2 module (a feature needed for vBulletin's Friendly URL routing to generate user and SEO friendly URLs).

vBulletin Installation

For newbies who are not familiar with the technique-side skills and knowledge, installing an application like vBulletin by themselves may take hours or even end with getting stuck. The good news is that the 3 companies recommended here are among the few web hosts who has free vBulletin installation service or an auto installer for the software.

WebHostingHub provides free installation service for vBulletin, with which customers can send requests to the software installation team and then vBulletin will be installed properly in few hours or minutes.

Being different from WebHostingHub, BlueHost and JustHost offer a 1-click installer to automate the installation process, so vBulletin users only need to spend approximately 2 minutes to have their forum set up.

Note that you should purchase the vBulletin license by yourself.

Rich vBulletin Hosting Features

Besides the system configurations and the script installer, all of the best vBulletin hosting providers offer a number of other features to guarantee their customers a simple hosting experience. These features include:
  • cPanel, an easy-to-use control panel that makes it easy to manage website files, domains, emails, databases, application install, and so on. People with no knowledge about coding can also start a vBulletin site without any trouble by using the features included in cPanel.
  • A free domain which values over $10 per year.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and ample disk space for vBulletin sites to operate and grow.
  • Free email accounts, email forwarders and auto-responders.
  • The support for Cron Jobs, SSH, .htaccess, etc.

Fast and Reliable vBulletin Hosting Service

No matter for a small forum or a large scale business website, high accessibility and fast response and page loading speed are of the biggest importance because no one wants to visit, stay or come back to a website which takes seconds to show the content or frequently suffers downtime.

To gain increasing number of members and frequency of interactions, a vBulletin forum should be online and fast at all times. And that is what BlueHost, WebHostingHub and JustHost are good at. The 3 companies are among the most reliable and high performance ones we have reviewed in the past 7 years.

The monitored uptime in the past 6 months and server response time of them in the past 30 days are as following.
  • BlueHost – 99.99% uptime on average & 320ms server response time.
  • WebHostingHub – 99.99% uptime on average & 400ms server response time.
  • JustHost – 99.97% uptime on average & 360ms server response time.

vBulletin Technical Support

There are always sometimes the situations in which webmasters need instantaneous assistance from their web hosts to help them get through some troubles, so technical support is a must in considering a good web host. And when the support is faster and has more means, the web host is regarded to be better.

In this case, all of BlueHost, WebHostingHub and JustHost have a specialized support team staying online 24x7 waiting to resolve problems for their customers, and they all allow customers to reach support staff via various means including email and live chat. Another common thing among them is that none of them outsources.

Going with any of the 3 companies, vBulletin users have access an extensive online support portal filled with tips, how-to's and video tutorials to know more about web hosting and vBulletin itself. And they can also interact with other users and experts in the forums.

Affordable vBulletin Hosting Prices

Hosting vBulletin boards does not have to be costly. All of the 3 winners set their web hosting plans at low rates, and they also offer special discounts for new customers.


BlueHost offers 3 scalable plans for vBulletin users. Depending on the amount of disk space and several other features, the plans are priced from $7.99/mo, $10.99/mo and $14.99/mo respectively. Now, up to 64% discounts are available which lower the prices to $2.95/mo, $3.95/mo and $6.95/mo.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation


WebHostingHub provides 3 vBulletin hosting plans with the regular prices starting at $8.99/mo. Although the prices are not expensive already, the provider still allows up to 78% discounts with the use of the promo link below. Therefore, new customers can buy a rich-featured hosting plan at $1.95/mo only for the first 3 months and $3.99/mo thereafter. A free domain and free advertising credits are also included.

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Being one of the cheap hosting providers, JustHost prices the web hosting plans from $3.49/mo only for subscriptions through its promotional link. Such a cost is affordable for almost everyone. What's more, those who are not satisfied with the vBulletin hosting services are able to ask for a refund at any time as soon as their accounts are terminated.

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Final Awards

BlueHost, WebHostingHub and JustHost are the best vBulletin web hosting choices because they have full ability to take good care of customers' vBulletin sites. With 5+ years' experience in the industry, they are able to provide nearly everything customers need, which results in that they all enjoy over 95% customer satisfaction rate.

General Knowledge about vBulletin

To put it simply, vBulletin is an online forum script that is developed in the PHP programming language and uses the MySQL database, acting as a branch of Internet Brands.

The initial release of this forum software is in the year of 2000. During the past years, vBulletin has undergone several improvements and changes. In the following, you can check a list of its major revisions. Note that the current version is 5.0.

vBulletin Version 2

This version was released in 2001, coming with a large number of new features as compared with the version 1. For instance, you can send the private messages for your users, attach all the polls to your threads, enable the user avatars and get the user-friendly control panel.

vBulletin Version 3

The version 3.0 was released in 2004, with the initial goal to extend the function of the version 2 for the improved user experience and performance. However, with the better refinement, it has become a total rewrite, coming with the support for multiple languages, the WYSIWYG editor, multiple views for each thread, templates edited using CSS and many more.

vBulletin Version 4

In 2009, this script announced the development of the version 4, which was described as the extensive rewrite of vBulletin. It follows the object-oriented principle of MVC, along with the great capabilities in the extendibility of coding stuff.

This version includes functions for CMS and blogging, improved SEO optimization and a great system for attachment. In addition, the special StyleVars system has been inserted into the CSS variables from vBulletin Template Coding directly.

vBulletin Version 5 Connect

This is the latest version of vBulletin that was released in 2012. Initially, this release was for the verification and testing purposes. But now, it moves this script to a new direction, which is quite different as compared with the previous releases. Some of its major features are listed as following.
  • Built-in applications for Blog, Groups, Polls and Forum
  • SEO-friendly URLs with the custom meta descriptions
  • Extensible profiles for all the users with URL rewriting
  • Great management for member groups, SSL, security, CAPTCHA, email, password and many more