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Best TomatoCart Hosting That Is Powerful Enough for eCommerce

updated on Jun 12, 2017
Best TomatoCart Hosting That Is Powerful Enough for eCommerce After reviewing thousands of TomatoCart hosting plans, we found that the ones provided by A2Hosting are the best, which are reliable and powerful enough for eCommerce. Founded in 2001, A2Hosting is one of the best reliable and reputed web hosts in the industry. In below, we have worked out a comprehensive review on this service to explain why it is the best in detail.

In addition, to know what A2Hosting customers think about the service they have got, we have collected a large amount of verified customer reviews. Based on our hosting experience and the real feedbacks, we have made the ratings of the company as below.

A2Hosting Review
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    $3.92/mo, 51% off $7.99/mo regularly

Low Price

A2Hosting has released 3 TomatoCart hosting plans named as Lite, Swift and Turbo. The regular prices of the plans are $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $18.99/mo, but visitors who subscribe the services by going through the following promotional link are able to get a 51% discount to lower the prices down to $3.92/mo, $4.9/mo and $9.31/mo. Besides, $50 Bing AdWords voucher and free email marketing services are integrated with this plan.

What's more, the company is offering 30 days full money back guarantee and anytime prorated money back guarantee, which enables customers to ask for a full refund if they cancel their accounts in the first 30 days or a prorated money refund after that period. Besides, the company supports both credit cards and PayPal. So the purchase is totally risk-free and convenient.

A2Hosting Promotional Link Activation

Easy Management

It is not easy to find a web host that offers rich features for customers to set up and run eCommerce websites, however, with A2Hosting, TomatoCart users are able to get enough useful tools and sufficient server resources to manage their websites smoothly and stably.
  • Unlimited disk space and monthly data transfer enable customers to get a lot of space and bandwidth to manage their websites.
  • The powerful cPanel makes customers manage every aspect of their websites with the least effort being made.
  • The Softaculous 1-click installer within its cPanel allows customers to install TomatoCart with just a few clicks in minutes and upgrade the software easily.

Enhanced Security

Thanks to the large amount of security features with cPanel, websites hosted with A2Hosting can be protected from being damaged. In addition, by offering shared SSL and utilizing suPHP, the company is able to encrypt the data and restrict permissions to enhance the security of customers' websites. Moreover, the company also uses some other secure firewalls and network monitoring system to ensure the security of TomatoCart hosting.

Perfect Reliability & Performance

By utilizing multiple data centers in the US and Europe, A2Hosting has the confidence to provide at least 99.9% uptime. In the data centers, they use cutting-edge facilities like 100% factory-tested high-performance servers with RAID 10 drives and SSD storage, UPS power supply and diesel generators. Besides, the cooling, security and HVAC systems are all fully redundant. Therefore, our uptime monitoring has reached good results for A2Hosting.

As for hosting speed, A2Hosting has never disappointed any of their customers. With this company, all server services run on SSD drives, which ensures faster speed than lots of other common web hosting companies. In addition, A2Hosting offers CloudFlare CDN to ensure customers' websites are well distributed across the globe. Besides, with the first-class segregation software separating each user into their own rooted environments, each customer is able to get unmatched hosting performance.

Quality Technical Support

As a reliable web host, A2Hosting offers a high level of US based technical support powered by hundreds of support staffs through toll-free phone call, email and live cart, all of who are experienced, professional, on-site 24x7, and proficient in TomatoCart, so that they are able to give quick response and effective assistance to help troubled customers with any kind of hosting issues.

In addition, technicians and engineers have developed a pile of in-depth articles and detailed video tutorials with rich information about TomatoCart hosting to teach customers how to deal with common issues independently.

High Customer Satisfaction rate

According to our survey, A2Hosting is highly trusted by almost all of their customers, and is award-winning over the hosting review sites. The real customer reviews we have collected show that 99.7% of 291 customers are satisfied with the overall service; 99.0% are pleased with the reliability, and 99.3% are happy with the easy-to-use cPanel. Learn detailed customer satisfaction rate information in the following chart, or read through each review at this page.

Conclusion: A2Hosting Is the Best TomatoCart Hosting Provider

As we reviewed, integrated with rich outstanding features, perfect uptime and fast hosting speed, A2Hosting provides great TomatoCart hosting service which is powerful enough for eCommerce. In addition, the quality technical support they provide enables customers to concentrate on business without any distraction. So we sincerely recommend webmasters who are looking for reliable TomatoCart hosting service go with A2Hosting by activating this 51% discount for $3.92/mo.

What Is TomatoCart?

TomatoCart is a free and open source e-commerce solution that is designed based on the ExtJS RIA framework, achieving a second-to-none usability for all the online store owners. To ensure the best experiences, this tool covers almost all the features and functions a normal shopping cart can give to you and continues progressing for more extensibility. In addition, TomatoCart now supports some great features of one-page checkout, default email system, optimized URLs, Analytics Piwik, web-based on modules and many more.

How to Pick Up the Best TomatoCart Hosting

When it comes to the selection of TomatoCart hosting, the following requirements are necessary to be taken into account.
  • Basic System Requirements – Including PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x, Apache 2.x and Extjs 2.x
  • Fast Hosting – Achieving a peak performance for better browsing experiences
  • Hosting Reliability – Making sure that the TomatoCart store is accessible all the times
  • Basic Features – Offering sufficient server resources, 1-click TomatoCart installer, cPanel, free advertising credits and many more, all guaranteeing a proper working of TomatoCart
  • Affordable Price – Setting up the hosting charges properly, ranging from $3/mo to $7/mo.
  • Responsive Support – Offering all-rounded and all-time-available support for both newbies and experienced store owners.