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Best Textpattern Hosting - Best Host for Textpattern

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Best Textpattern Hosting - Best Host for Textpattern To find the best Textpattern hosting provider, we have reviewed dozens of web hosts on their Textpattern compatibility, price, performance, ease of use and technical support. As a result, WebHostingHub has beaten all of its competitors and topped our recommendation list. Below is our careful review of WebHostingHub Textpattern hosting services which shows why the company is recommended.

Textpattern Hosting Compatibility

As is known, Textpattern is an open source CMS written in PHP and using a MySQL database. The recommended hosting environment for the current stable version Textpattern 4.5.4 is PHP 5.3+, MySQL 5, Apache with mod_rewrite and a Unix server OS. In this sense, WebHostingHub has fully met and even exceeded these requirements to guarantee 100% compatibility with the software.
  • WebHostingHub utilizes high performance servers running Linux enterprise level CentOS.
  • The servers are running MySQL 5 and dual versions of PHP 5.3.x and 5.4.x. The version of PHP can be changed in the cPanel to meet customers' special requirement better.
  • Apache mod_rewrite module is installed by default so that customers can configure the URL of their Textpattern sites to be more search engine friendly.
  • PHP memory_limit is set at 256 MB, which is enough to deal with the requests of all kinds of Textpattern sites.

Textpattern Hosting Price & Extras

WebHostingHub has an all-in-one web hosting plan priced from $6.99/mo regularly. However, WebHostingHub is providing 43% discount for all visitors going through the following promotional link. That is to say the effective price of this plan starts from only $3.99/mo.

WebHostingHub Promotional Link Activation

Furthermore, the plan comes with a large number of beneficial extras including:
  • Free domain name registration or free no-downtime domain transfer
  • Free premium website builder w/ 500+ customizable templates
  • Free $200 ads credits - $100 Google AdWords credits, $75 Bing/Yahoo search credits and $25 Twitter ads credits

Textpattern Hosting Speed

WebHostingHub has 2 data centers located in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, CA respectively, both of which are connected to 4 tier 1 IPS's via BGP. The BGP 4 smart routing can effectively protect users from slowness by automatically switching data away from the network provider that is experiencing latency. Besides, the data centers also use some other technologies to ensure the fastest Textpattern page loading speed possible, such as 10 gigabit Ethernet connection and peering connection.

According to the results of our monitoring program, the server response of WebHostingHub is fast indeed, less than 400ms on average. Read the statistics as follows.

Textpattern Installer

WebHostingHub web hosting plan includes an easy 1-click application installer named Softaculous. Softaculous automates the installation and configurations of Textpattern with only few clicks, helping save users from the trouble caused by the lack of technical knowledge and skills.

Besides, customers can use Softaculous to easily manage the update of Textpattern, move the software to another directory or install and deploy many useful plug-ins.

Textpattern Technical Support

For any problem met in Textpattern hosting, customers can search answers in the extensive support center, ask questions in the community or learn from the hundreds of detailed courses in the educational channels.

In the case that customers need help from real human beings, they can also get in contact with WebHostingHub on-site support staff who have been specially trained for Textpattern. The request for support can be made via online chat, email and phone at any time.


Although there are hundreds of web hosts that meet the basic requirements for Textpattern, it is really hard to find one providing such considerate Textpattern hosting services like WebHostingHub at the price starting from only $3.99/mo. Besides, there is another important reason why we recommend WebHostingHub – the industry-leading 90 days full money back guarantee which makes customers' purchase completely secure.

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