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Best SugarCRM Hosting with High Performance

updated on Oct 11, 2016
Best SugarCRM Hosting with High Performance As a multi-functional customer relationship management application, SugarCRM wins solid support from many renowned web hosting companies and enjoys high popularity and reputation among a rising number of merchants. Besides, a powerful and high-quality web host can add quantities of exceptional features and create a positive environment for hosting SugarCRM.

However, it is a little bit time-consuming to select out the most suitable hosting company from so many options on the market. Therefore, we would like to recommend the best SugarCRM hosting companies based on our unbiased researches on more than 100 web hosting companies and the real customer reviews.

Furthermore, all of those recommended web hosts are affordable and rich in features including InMotion, HostMonster and WebHostingHub. In below, we make out an overall table of the mentioned three companies. Details are elaborately displayed as follows.


Best SugarCRM Hosting - InMotion As one of the leading web hosting among many big Linux hosting companies, InMotion devotes itself to serving for more than 200,000 customers with no less than ten years' experience. In addition, this company has released three business hosting packages for SugarCRM users with big ambitions for commercial activities. In details, the mentioned three packages which are designed for database-driven content management systems are called as Launch, Power and Pro, and they regularly charge for $6.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $15.99/mo.

Moreover, InMotion now gives a time-limited half discount for all business packages mentioned above and enables visitors clicking on the promotional link as follows to purchase those SSD-based packages at the price of $3.49/mo, $4.49/mo and $11.99/mo with 90-day money back guarantee involved in the same time. Likewise, InMotion also gives support for free of charge one-click auto-installer for SugarCRM.

Besides, this hosting provider offers high-speed and reliable environment for running SugarCRM by applying multiple data centers which are always available for people to choose and advanced routing technologies as well as excellent bandwidth providers. Moreover, this company spends a lot of time and effort on enhancing the security of the site by making use of SSH, which makes site administration much easier for SugarCRM users.

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Best SugarCRM Hosting - HostMonster HostMonster is an experienced and award-winning hosting company which offers an easy-to-use hosting solution for SugarCRM users. Although the regular price of the plans start from $7.99/mo, people who are subscribing by clicking the promotional link below can get a sales price $3.95/mo with one free domain name included in the meantime.

What's more, there are many optional and premium choices for people to choose, such as automated secure backups which work to secure the important files with backing up to 10GB and anti-spam protection which helps to prevent the email accounts from spam and viruses in the daily life.

HostMonster also offers satisfying customer service under the support of a group of professional and pertinent experts and technical staffs, all of who are standing by 24 hours a week and 7 days a week. In addition, customers are allowed to get their issues instantly addressed through carrying out one on-site live chat or directly sending one email ticket to this company's technicians and developers, not to mention its helpful knowledgebase.

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Best SugarCRM Hosting - WebHostingHub As a growing cost-effective hosting company, WebHostingHub is famous for both of its affordable Linux hosting packages. To be specific, this company provides SugarCRM users with three optional and affordable shared hosting packages which are named as Spark, Nitro and Dynoma respectively. What's more, those three mentioned packages only charge from $8.99/mo regularly with up to $250 free marketing credits as well.

Fortunately, for visitors who are now subscribing to this company' service by clicking the exceptional promo link below, they can obtain up to 78% discount which reduces the initial price down to $1.95/mo only with 60-day full money back guarantee included in the meantime. Moreover, this company promises to provide customers with free and instant setup without any hidden fees. Note that $1.95/mo is only available for three months, and then the price becomes $3.99/mo.

What's more, WebHostingHub gives support for multiple payment methods such as PayPal and credit cards, which is able to create a secure environment for trade and ensure the safety of the customers' money. Perhaps the most outstanding hosting service of this company is that it supports a quick and instant installation of the SugarCRM application by making use of its built-in auto-installer integrated with the offered easy-to-manage control panel - cPanel.

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More About SugarCRM and SugarCRM Hosting

SugarCRM is a popular customer relationship management application that allows users to build a centralized and flexible system for managing the customer accounts, offering customer support and tracking sales. The management of campaign and project is also supported.

With the user of SugarCRM, companies can store the information of suppliers, customers and contacts, and then keep a centralized record for all the interactions. The application is easy to install and set up because most web hosts offer a 1-click installer.

SugarCRM comes with 3 paid versions including Sugar Professional, Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Ultimate. In addition, there is still an open source version named Community Edition which is free to use. What the 1-click installer mentioned above supports is the Community Edition of SugarCRM.

It is easy to find a shared hosting provider that provides SugarCRM hosting solutions, so you don't have to be worried if you have a limited budget. However, in the case you want to gain an optimal SugarCRM hosting experience, you will also have to look at other details of the hosting package you are considering.
  • Disk storage and bandwidth. As you will upload some large documents to your SugarCRM site, these documents could consume much storage and bandwidth eventually. If your hosting package does not include sufficient resources, it is possible that your site will be suspended by the hosting provider. So make sure that you have learned enough about the usage policies.
  • 1-click SugarCRM installer. It is not a necessity, but such a tool makes you getting started more easily and quickly unless you are very familiar with every step of the manual installation.
  • Reliability. The security and uptime of the server SugarCRM is installed on are crucial. The former makes sure your data is safe, and the latter guarantees your accessibility to the data.
  • Speed. With large documents included, it is better to choose a fast hosting package as the user experience will be quite different. A slow platform can easily drive you mad and may badly affect your relationships with the suppliers and customers.