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Best PunBB Hosting Service with Excellent Performance

updated on Jun 12, 2017
Best PunBB Hosting Service with Excellent Performance PunBB, as one user-friendly and popular forum software, gains more and more support from a rising number of hosting providers. However, on the other hand, it means that users are not easy to quickly find out their most appropriate web hosts to host a PunBB from so many choices.

To help webmasters select out the best PunBB hosting provider, we have already reviewed no less than one hundred web hosts and finally find out that BlueHost is the most ideal PunBB web host along with WebHostingHub and InMotion second to it. Those three web hosts are also highly-recommended by other renowned review websites including WhatsWP and HowsHosting.

What's more, by strictly following the criteria in the best forum hosting guide and our exhausting investigations, we are firmly sure that BlueHost, WebHostingHub and InMotion are the favourable options for hosting PunBB and in the meantime we make out the table of the three companies as follows.


Best PunBB Hosting - BlueHost As a noted and cost-effective web host, BlueHost provides PunBB users with three shared hosting packages which charge from $7.99/mo. But customers clicking on the promotional link below are capable of getting large discounts and get the a sales price of $2.95/mo. Free domain registration and free set-up are included.

Moreover, this web host gives the support for one-click installer - SimpleScripts with which webmasters are able to get a quick and easy installation of PunBB. In addition, this company offers the easy-to-navigate and helpful cPanel with which users are capable of easily taking a control the forum account or content by the clean and well-designed user-interface.

Furthermore, BlueHost deserves its high reputation from a wide range of customers by delivering rich-featured and reliable hosting service. To be specific, it has one-year free of charge domain name, the SSH secure shell access and hotlink protection technology in store for users.

Besides, speaking to the databases or CGI technology, it supports for MySQL databases and MySQL 5 database server, PostgreSQL databases and PostgreSQL database server, the DHML, shockwave and flash technology. Additionally, it also endows the UPS power supply backup, Linux operating system, multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections, real video and audio support, and customizable Apache web server.

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Best PunBB Hosting - WebHostingHub As a professional and renowned hosting company, WebHostingHub devotes to delivering the first-rate hosting experience for webmasters worldwide. Moreover, it is excellent on Linux hosting and is admitted as a reliable choice for hosting PunBB forum by giving flexible and automated installation.

Additionally, this company has won a multitude of awards and recognitions and it provides PubBB users with three Linux shared hosting plans. In addition, these packages are available from $8.99/mo regularly, but customers are capable of getting a more affordable price of $1.95/mo using this promotional link. This low price is available for the first 3 months, and then the cost rises to $3.99/mo.

Furthermore, the most outstanding hosting service supplied by this company is the satisfying and professional customer service. In detail, customers are allowed to get contact with its kind-hearted support team by sending one email, carrying out a live chat or making one phone call as they like.

Moreover, users can find out their own solutions by scanning the classified and helpful articles in the knowledgebase and directly submit one ticket to their differentiated departments if they cannot select out the proper solutions in the knowledgebase.

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Best PunBB Hosting - InMotion As a powerful and professional web host, InMotion gives full support for PunBB by releasing three hosting packages among which the Launch package is accepted as the most cost-effective and ideal hosting choice by just charging for $3.49/mo. Note that this mentioned price is a 50% discount off the original price of $6.99/mo and users are allowed to get this reasonable price by clicking on the promotional link below.

Furthermore, this company claims to create a fast and insuperable environment for hosting PunBB by making use of SSD technology which can speed the site up to 300% faster than that of the hard disk drive. Moreover, InMotion promises to enable users to have a dynamic content management system such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Furthermore, InMotion also guarantees reliable hosting service by making use of battery-backed caching and the RAID cards. It means that if the power loss appears suddenly, customers are still able to store any of their data into the cache until everything is brought back into normal. Therefore, PunBB users can freely carry out their forum activities without sudden and frequent interruption.

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What Is PunBB?

PunBB is an open source application used to build Internet discussion forums. It is designed to be lightweight and fast, so it is smaller and less resource intensive than other applications in its kind.

There are some good reasons to try PunBB. For example, it is simple not only in the design, but also in the features. The administration and moderation of a discussion board built by PunBB are quite easy. Besides, since it is open source, you, the user, can read the source code and even improve it by yourself.

However, you must know that there are some features that are not included in the application, such as a private messaging system, the support for file attachments, sub forums, and polls. But the good news is that most of these features can be obtained by installing third-party modules.

Written in PHP, PunBB requires PHP and a backend database (MySQL, SQLite or PostgreSQL) to run.

What to Consider When Choosing PunBB Hosting?

PunBB is small and lightweight, so the disk storage should not be a concern for most hosting providers. In addition, if you do not plan to make the discussion board large with thousands of users, the bandwidth is not a problem, either. However, you still have to pay attention to the following factors when selecting a hosting package.
  • PunBB installer. Many web hosting providers offer an auto installer which is a great helper for beginners. If you are not familiar with the installation and basic configurations of PunBB, you will find such a tool is very helpful.
  • Uptime and speed. These refer to the performance of the provider's servers and networks. If there are frequent service interruptions due to unreliable servers or network issues, your hosting experience will not be good, and the growth of your site will be affected, too. So you'd better run some tests and read more user reviews.
  • Technical support. Good technical support ensures that you get someone to help whenever you have trouble with hosting or PunBB. 24x7 support is appreciated, and it would be better if live chat and phone are available for contacting the support team. You can try some sales support to test the response time and the professionalism of the experts on the other side.