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Best Prestashop Hosting - Top 3 Shared Web Hosts for You to Start an e-Commerce Using Prestashop

updated on Nov 24, 2016
Best Prestashop Hosting - Top 3 Shared Web Hosts for You to Start an e-Commerce Using Prestashop Hosting e-commerce websites built with PrestaShop has many strict requirements on the web hosting service. Therefore, we have worked out the award of best PrestaShop hosting and recommend the top 3 shared web hosts in this article based on our real hosting experience and customer reviews.

As PrestaShop is a widely-used e-commerce software, finding a good web host for PrestaShop websites is of great importance, because such a web host can certainly boost your visits and sales with the reliable and fast web hosting service. The 3 companies recommended here are all coming with rich features, outstanding reliability, high performance, great ease of use, and award-winning technical support.

The selection of the top 3 PrestaShop shared web hosting providers is mainly based on the following check points.
  • The support for multiple security features like shared SSL, password directories, automatic backups, etc.
  • Over 99.9% real monitored uptime & page loading speed less than 2 seconds on the average.
  • 1-click installation service for easy PrestaShop installation and upgrade.
  • 24x7 US based on-site technical support available via email, live chat & phone.
  • Web hosting price no more than $5/mo.
  • Free marketing credits for Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo/Bing, etc.

Best PrestaShop Hosting

Best PrestaShop Web Host BlueHost

BlueHost has always been a reputed web hosting company since its inception. As a leader in the industry, BlueHost has a large customer base consisting of millions of customers from various locations of the world. The most impressive thing of this company, however, is that it keeps enjoying a high customer satisfaction rate which is more than 99%.

As a PrestaShop recommended web hosting package, BlueHost Basic plan is an ideal option for PrestaShop users who look to set up a rich-featured e-commerce website. The plan includes not only the needed resources like unlimited disk space and bandwidth, but also some cutting-edge technologies and beneficial extras.

SimpleScripts, a custom built auto script installer, is offered for free for customers to install and deploy PrestaShop in minutes without making any efforts in the complex things like using FTP to upload PrestaShop zip files. It is a trouble saving tool useful for all PrestaShop users no matter they are newbies or professionals.

Coming with SimpleScripts, BlueHost Basic plan now starts from $2.95/mo for visitors going through its promotional link, 63% off the regular $7.99/mo. Included in the plan are also free pay-per-click advertising credits which can drive a significant flow of traffic to the PrestaShop site, as well as an ANYTIME money back guarantee.

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Cost-Effective PrestaShop Hosting

Cost-Effective PrestaShop Web Host WebHostingHub

WebHostingHub has been growing with one goal in mind – offering an easy-to-use and affordable web hosting product for customers' online business. Over the years, the company has always focused on offering a high level of technical support, customer satisfaction and quality of service in the web hosting industry.

As an accredited BBB A+ rating service provider, WebHostingHub provides an optimized web hosting service for the users of multiple popular e-commerce software including PrestaShop. Its web hosting plan, which starts from $1.95/mo with this promo link, includes a 1-click installer for PrestaShop, 1 free domain name, free marketing credits, and 90 days money back guarantee.

The performance of PrestaShop sites is guaranteed by WebHostingHub. With two data centers in the US, customers are able to choose a closer data center according to the location of their target visitors and consumers. This enables their websites to be shown to visitors with much shorter response time and page loading time.

In addition, WebHostingHub has prepared a series of PrestaShop tutorials to help customers get their stores up and running easily. The tutorials include both basic and some advanced topics, such as configuring the checkout in PrestaShop, setting up SEO, inventory management, making a bulk price adjustment, and enabling the Debug Profiler.

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High Quality PrestaShop Hosting

High Quality PrestaShop Web Host HostMonster

HostMonster is a reputable web hosting company. The web host is fully trusted because it has been dedicated to delivering great reliability and high performance to every website hosted in its closely monitored data centers.

HostMonster has three web hosting plans named Basic, Plus and Prime which come with guaranteed server resources and competitive features. The upgradability to VPS and dedicated servers allows PrestaShop users to only purchase what they need and then pay for a higher/lower level of plan according to the ever-changing demands, which certainly helps customers to better manage their budget.

The shared hosting plans are priced from $9.49/mo, but with the use of the following promotional link, the price can be cut down to $3.95/mo. Available at this low price, the Basic plan gives customers a free domain and free setup. The online data security is well ensured by SSL because it automatically encrypts all the data to prevent information from leaking or stealing.

Another advantage of HostMonster for hosting PrestaShop sites is that the company has a premium support team available 24x7 via a variety of ways including email, phone and live chat. The representatives in the team all have the expertise in PrestaShop hosting and at least 5 years working experience in this field.

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What is PrestaShop?

To explain in a simple way, PrestaShop is the open source and free e-commerce software which is developed and published based on the Open Source License. This tool is written using the PHP programming language along with the MySQL database. At present, PrestaShop has bee used by more than 250,000 store owners all over the world, and the number continues growing rapidly. Even, PrestaShop now is available using 60 languages.

As for the features of this e-commerce solution, there are more than 300 default features that allow you to easily manage the payment methods, shipping, product display, suppliers, manufacturers and many more. Even, this tool is integrated with an online template system so that you can customize and modify your store appearances using your preferred themes and add more features with the add-on plugins.

In addition, there are many other great highlights you can get from PrestaShop. In the following, we have listed some main aspects.
  • 100% Mobile Friendly – Shopping using the smart-phone has become a trend at present. In this case, PrestaShop achieves the 100% mobile friendly so that your customers can check your item and make the online deal at any time. Note that the mobile checkout process can be seamless and quick.
  • eMarketing Tools – To help you stay competitive as compared with many other store owners, PrestaShop offers a lot of brilliant eMaketing tools that help you increase sales, boost profits, drive website traffic and maintain customer loyalty with ease.
  • Intuitive Store Builder – You can set up an e-commerce site with your desired layout within minutes using this tool. Also, with the intuitive interface that looks like the back-end of WordPress, you can add, delete, update and manage your products, services, orders, contents, discounts and customers without much hassle.

The Most Important Factors to Consider When Choosing PrestaShop Hosting

PrestaShop is now supported by most of the web hosts in the market. However, this does not mean you can rest assured that any web host will serve you well. The service qualities are different from one provider to another, after all.

Among so many things you have to consider when selecting a hosting package for PrestaShop, such as the cost, control panel, disk space, memory and support, the following ones are the most important which you have to pay much attention before making a purchase.

PrestaShop installation

To have a successful PrestaShop install, you must make sure the hosting environment is compatible with the script. The minimum system requirements of the latest version PrestaShop v1.6 are:
  • Apache 1.3, Apache 2.x, or Microsoft IIS
  • PHP 5.2 with the memory limit higher than 64 MB
  • MySQL 5.0
In today's hosting market, almost all web hosts can meet these requirements, but we suggest you choose a provider offering more and newer versions of Apache, PHP and MySQL to make sure the future releases of PrestaShop can run well, too.

In addition, you'd better ask the provider whether they provide 1-click PrestaShop install if you don't want to deal with any technical thing.

Security and performance

The security of the hosting environment is of great importance because it affects the reputation of your business a lot. If you are hacked for once, it's probable that you will lose over 90% sales. People care about their personal information much more than your business. Performance, on the other hand, influences your sales too, since inaccessible or slow sites cannot retain customers.

Therefore, when you are interested in a hosting provider, collect as much statistics about its servers, uptime and speed as you can. Search on the Internet to see whether it has been hacked in recent years and how its services perform in uptime and speed. Also, you can read the complaints to know the company's main weaknesses.

Besides, if you are serious about the security of your PrestaShop site, you may need to go with a hosting provider offering dedicated IP, private SSL certificate and PCI compliance. Although this costs more, it is worth the money. Note that the features discussed here are not necessary for very small online stores.

Technical support

If you are a beginner planning to start your first PrestaShop store, you have to pay attention to the responsiveness and quality of the web host's technical support as there are times when you need help. A good web host like the recommendations above usually:
  • Offers 24x7 support with various communication channels including live chat and phone.
  • Responds to customer requests within 90 seconds on phone and live chat, and 2 hours in the ticket system.
  • Provides the basic guides that a beginner needs in the knowledgebase.
To test the quality of a web host's support services, you can try contacting the company through different channels and at different times in a day. Reading customer reviews is also a good idea.