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Best Open Source Social Network Software

updated on Dec 10, 2017
Best Open Source Social Network Software Open source social network software has now gained great popularity in the modern society, because of its speed-up impetus on web-community building and strong consistency with success of online social networks. Besides, forum which is the traditional and public place to share and discuss things online, is gradually replaced by open social network software.

But here comes the question that which one is the most appropriate one for carrying out community activities on earth for individual appetites. To relieve puzzlement and trouble, let's have a brief look at the main characteristics of the best open source social network software, including the Dolphin, XOOPS, Lovd by Less, Oxwall, Elgg, pH7CMS and Jcow.


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As one of the world's most advanced community software, Dolphin is an independent, downloadable, scalable, customizable, full-featured and free software for building social networks, dating sites and web-communities. In terms of its features, it provides full support for many operations, such as browser with a swipe, voice search, one-tap sharing and save to Evernote or more, etc. Furthermore, Dolphin homes creen gives one-tap access to the most visited sites or favourite web apps.

Its all-new app store offers access to the most popular web apps, which makes the browser a one-stop shop that users never have to leave. In addition, webmasters are never disappointed with its customized browsing designation which enables users to pick the best preferences among full screen mode, night mode, private mode or more. Having so many unique designs and functions, Dolphin receives 4.35 of 5 stars on the ratings with little poor remarks about it.

Open Source Social Network Software - Dolphin



XOOPS CMS, written in PHP, is a free tool for creating various dynamic communities. In fact, the name comes from Extensible Object Oriented Portal System. This content management system is helpful for both personal blogs and large websites. This powerful CMS can be a social networking platform thanks to the Yogurt module. With XOOPS, you are able to add more features into the community, such as, news, forum, advertising management, and much more. Also, it is optional for you to choose from more than 20 languages so that you can better target at your audiences.

Open Source Social Network Software - XOOPS

Lovd by Less


Built with Ruby on Rails, Lovd by Less has everything you need to build your own community. This free open source social networking platform gains the popularity among website owners who want their website built on Ruby on Rails instead of PHP.

There is a long list of the feature offerings. The highlighted features should be the Flicker integration, Youtube integration, user blogs, photo gallery, profile comments, and more. Lovd by Less provides you an easy way to make websites a platform where a close relationship is created with users. It should be regarded as the first choice for those who prefer Ruby on Rails.

Open Source Social Network Software - Lovd by Less


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Oxwall is an unbelievably flexible and easy to use PHP and MySQL community software platform. It is used for a wide range of projects ranging from family sites and custom social networks to collaboration tools and enterprise community solutions. What's more, it has plenty of user features, including the photo or video sharing, blogs, forums, wiki, groups, events, friends, comment, privacy, profile customization, collaboration, file sharing and video-conference tools and so on.

In addition to those features mentioned above, it comes with added features like the complete member and content management, content moderator and ability to appoint moderators, flexible privacy and permissions management, advertisement management and statistics as well as overwhelming set of site and plugin configuration tools. At length, it allows to be built in SEO and has multiple languages available with 100% user area translation support.

Open Source Social Network Software - Oxwall


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Started in 2004, Elgg is an open source social engine which empowers all kinds of social environments ranging from education and business to martial arts and rugby. In details, it powers networks for many leading educational and e-learning organizations, for example, the Fusion Universal, the American College, the Stoas, the University of Southampton or more.

Let alone features mentioned above, the platform built on the aware-winning Elgg open source software maintains full ownership and control over customers' data. In addition, Elgg gives adequate and classified solutions on the users' guidance to serve customers heart and soul. Apart from this, its profession in the fields of networking has won trust and reputation which shows on the 4.38 of 5 stars rating on reviews.

Open Source Social Network Software - Elgg


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Jcow, as a flexible social networking software written in PHP, has great help on building a social network for interests and passions as well as building a member community for existing website. Moreover, it also devotes to creating application and plugins so as to make users' lives easier and their online presence more powerful.

Apart from it, Jcow builds marketing websites and strong identities that help start-ups and established business build strong brands. It is very stable everlasting for it adopts the high and modern technology, such as, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Responsive Design or more.

Open Source Social Network Software - Jcow


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As one of the first and best social dating open source sites, pH7CMS is written in object-oriented PHP with an architecture MVC (Modle-View-Controller). It has not only low resource-intensive, extremely powerful and secure property, but also more than 29 native modules and based on the pH7Core framework.

Besides, it supports making friends and dating on a large scale regardless of far distance and distinctive region conditions. Also, its space requires 46.14MB storage and its newest version is 1.1.0 with 8299 views presented. As a trustful and reputed open source social network software, pH7CMS has always received high ratings from the users and guests.

Open Source Social Network Software - pH7CMS


By briefly discussing those five open source social network software, it is obvious that the different software has its unique and special functions. So, each of the software has its own advantage for social networking, according to the distinctive personal demand.

In this case that you are searching for a reliable, stable and fast web hosting platform to acquire extraordinary performance for any of the applications, we have the following recommendations.