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Best Open Source Email Software with Great Functionality

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Best Open Source Email Software with Great Functionality As there is a mounting number of people turn to contact and communicate with their pals online, many email software spring up under this circumstance. Instead of writing letters or sending mobile messages, more and more webmasters would like to get access to their circles through email means as it can not only ease of most troubles but also is economical.

So, we have selected the best 5 email software for newbies to choose and our review is based on users' indeed demand and our tireless investigations for a long span of time. Read the following part and find out more details.


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As a web-based IMAP email client, Roundcube is a free webmail for the masses. Perhaps the most catching feature of this software is that it adopts Ajax technology to display a more responsive and fluid user interface than that of universal webmail clients. Besides, this software consists of sophisticated open-source libraries for spelling checking.

Other helpful features are listed as follows:
  • Full support for MIME and HTML messages, support for external SMTP server and access control lists.
  • Available in over 70 languages, sophisticated privacy protection and multiple sender identities.
  • Searching messages and contacts, forwarding messages with attachments.

What's more, Roundcube users are capable of getting help on questions about the installation, ongoing development, or configuration through the available archives, IRC chat, mailing lists, documentation wiki or community forum.
Best Email Software - Roundcube


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As an open source software for managing mailing lists, phpList is designed for spreading information, ranging from news, newsletters, advertising to list of subscribers. In addition, it is free to download, install, use as well as integrate with any website. It is widely used by many webmasters and is downloaded no less than 10,000 times monthly.

In terms of this software's functionality, it has rich and irreplaceable features in store for users, such as one-way email announcement delivery system. More details are listed below.
  • Multiple templates which enable different subscribe pages to integrate phpList with several different web sites; user specific content which is used to make every email message personalized with subscriber's country, name or other attribute.
  • Web interface which allows writing, sending and managing phpList over the Internet; no duplicate or forgotten messages; internationalization-available in many languages and translations are provided by phpList community.
  • HTML email messages, subscriber preferences, multiple list administrators and user management tools.
Best Email Software - phpList

WebMail Lite

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WebMail Lite is a free web-based SMTP and IMAP email-client with Ajax interface and it is available for PHP and ASP.NET platforms both. Moreover, its integrated administration panel allows users to operate the system settings free from manual editing configuration files. This software supports SSL connections with mail servers and blocks javascript and external images in emails. In terms of its functionality, usability and compatibility, details are displayed in below.
  • Functionality-multiple domains, mail folders, mail search, nested folders, auto-responder and mail filters via Sieve, IMAP synchronization and quotas, delivery configuration or more.
  • Compatibility-MySQL, MS SQL as well as MS Access database backend, international charsets, supports for SMTP/IMAP protocols and supports for Ajax in all modern browsers.
  • Usability-message preview pane, keyboard shortcuts, web administration panel, built-in and user-defined skins.
Best Email Software - WebMail Lite


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SquirrelMail is a project that provides a proxy server and web-based email client for IMAP and SMTP protocols. Besides, it is a standard-based webmail package which is written in PHP and includes all pages which are rendered in pure HTML 4.0 for maximum compatibility across the browsers.

Here are some highlights of this software:
  • Web-based administration of SquirrelMail, spell checking, mail filters, calendar, an interface to submit bug reports semi-automatically.
  • Address book or other address book expansions, password change, quota reporting, weather report.
  • Security and monitoring tools to track usage, improve security and fight against attackers.
Best Email Software - SquirrelMail


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As a versatile mass mailing software, poMMo is mainly used to add a mailing list by the public. This software is not only easy to install and supervise, but also is powerful enough and completely customizable.

Moreover, it has rich features as follows:
  • Flexible collection of subscriber data, subscriber management which is based on revolutionary Ajax technology, and personalized mailings.
  • Simple 2-minute web based installation, easy creation of subscriber groups, and intuitive dialogs.
  • Easy-to-match subscribe look from a web, a collected list of sent, unsent, and recipients.

Best Email Software - poMMo