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Best Open Source Database Software & Tools

updated on Sep 15, 2014
Best Open Source Database Software & Tools As database is a place storing all your website data, selecting the proper tools definitely makes the management much easier and safer. At present, there are dozens of open source database related software and tools designed to simplify the administration of databases and add functionality.

In this circumstance, the problem is that not all the products in this kind are really helpful. Even worse, some badly-coded ones may cause harm to your data. That is exactly why we work out the following recommendations – to introduce some of the best database tools that save time and energy in the process of management.

If you are in need of such a tool, refer to the information below to make a choice.


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Standing for SQL Select Insert Delete Update, SIDU is a free and professional database admin tool written in PHP. Unlike some other software developed for a single database engine, SIDU can be used to manage all of MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and CUBBRID. Since the version 5.0, SIDU uses PHP PDO, so it also works for Orache, DB++, MSSQL, etc.

As a simple front-end GUI, SIDU works via web browsers without any setup or configuration, so you only need to copy it to your website and run it. The software is compatible with all the operating systems and modern browsers in the market and works for multiple users and multiple sessions at the same time. Also, you can use SIDU to connect to multiple servers locally or remotely because you are entitled to run multiple SIDU at the same time.

In addition, SIDU is highlighted and recommended for the following features.
  • 1-click management for empty, drop, export and change engine of tables.
  • Advanced firewall and encryption method that secure data over the Internet.
  • Support for displaying DB list, table data or SQL result in grid or text mode.
  • Short-hand SQL templates & data export and import.

Best Open Source Database Software - SIDU


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Written in PHP, phpMyAdmin is a widely used database software tool designed for the administration of MySQL over the World Wide Web mainly. Having won many awards, phpMyAdmin is now in its 15th year of serving webmasters with an easy way for managing databases, tables, columns, relations, indexes, users, permissions, and so on.

Developed with a stable and flexible code base, this tool has an intuitive web interface that allows you to administer multiple servers, import data from CSV and SQL, export data to various formats, create PDF graphic of your database layout, transform the stored data into any format, etc. Besides all the features mentioned above, the software also comes with the following ones.
  • Support for browsing and dropping databases, tables, views, fields and indexes.
  • Maintenance server, databases and tables with proposals on server configuration.
  • Management for MySQL users and privileges & stored procedures and triggers.
  • Several free themes for changing the appearance of the admin interface.

Best Open Source Database Software - phpMyAdmin


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As a main competitor of phpMyAdmin, Adminer is a light-weight database management tool developed with security, user experience, performance, feature set and size in mind. It is available in 33 languages including Chinese, and works with various database engines including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MSSQL, Oracle, SimpleDB, Elasticsearch and MongoDB.

Now in its version of 4.0.3, Adminer has 16 alternative skins and dozens of plugins for further customization handled by yourself. Besides, it can reorganize columns and add them in different places at once, create multi-column foreign keys directly in create/alter table, call stored procedures and functions, download the contents of a blob field, etc. In addition, Adminer comes with the following features.
  • List fields, indexes, foreign keys & triggers of table.
  • Support for listing data in tables with search, aggregate, sort and limit results.
  • Execution of any SQL command from a text field or a file.
  • Management of events, table partitions, data export & import.

Best Open Source Database Software - Adminer

How to get these tools installed easily?

Before enjoying all the advantages brought by these easy-to-use tools, you need to install them (except for SIDU) on the server at first. It is not a big problem because nowadays, many web hosts offer 1-click installation and configuration of the software. Among all the auto installers we have used, Softaculous is the most popular and user-friendly one.

If you are searching for a web hosting provider with support for the installer, we have the following recommendations.