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Best MyBB Hosting Service Serving Forums with High Performance

updated on Nov 27, 2016
Best MyBB Hosting Service Serving Forums with High Performance As a reliable and stable hosting platform is a necessity for building and maintaining a MyBB forum, finding a high performance MyBB hosting package becomes an urgent task for webmasters who desire a successful forum with thousands of participants.

In the past 3 months, we have reviewed 50+ web hosts that fully support the software, among which InMotion Hosting is selected to be the best one based on our criteria on price, MyBB compatibility, installation, uptime, speed, technical support, and company reputation. Read the overall ratings about the company in the following chart.
InMotion MyBB Hosting Review
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    $3.49/mo, 50% off $7.99/mo regularly

Affordable Price

For webmasters running or planning to build a small to medium sized forum with MyBB, InMotion offers 3 upgradable shared packages to meet their demands. Priced from $7.99/mo regularly, the packages are now available at a price starting at $3.49/mo for visitors making subscriptions through the exclusive promotional link below, over 50% off.

InMotion Hosting Promotional Link Activation

Besides the important system-related features, the packages come with a lot of extras which value over $400, including daily automated website data backups and up to $300 marketing credits for Google, Yahoo, Bing, YP Listing, Twitter and Amazon.

Besides, there is an industry-leading 90 days money back guarantee which protects customers from scams. With this feature, any existing customers are entitled to ask for a full refund within 90 calendar days of their terms and get a prorated refund when they cancel accounts after the time limit.

MyBB Compatibility & Installation

MyBB Installation Currently, the servers in InMotion data centers feature PHP 5.4, MySQL 5.5, Apache 2.2, PostgreSQL and Ruby which can fully meet the system requirements of even the latest release of MyBB. suPHP and SSH are also offered to bring the security of the software to the next level.

Some beginners may feel a little bit painful in the face of the installation of the software as they need to figure out the system specifications and do some configurations manually. Fortunately, the company offers Softaculous, an auto installer getting applications installed easily within minutes, to eliminate all the troubles.

The installation can be managed in the cPanel, the recognized #1 web hosting control panel that enables users to get complete control over all the features, website data, hosting accounts, and payment information.

Uptime & Speed

In terms of uptime, InMotion guarantees that all websites can be online and accessible at a high percentage that is at least 99.9% of all the time as long as they are hosted on the company's servers. To keep itself away from being disappointing, the company has spared no efforts in building and enhancing the facilities.

At present, InMotion has 2 data centers located on the east coast and west coast of America, both of which house thousands of high performance Dell servers with uninterrupted power supply and diesel backup generators. This prevents most downtimes caused by the quality of server and power outage. Read the uptime of the company in the past 30 days.

Besides great reliability, the company also delivers fast speed, which is the largest highlight of the service it delivers. The west coast data center, for example, is connected to 4 tier 1 ISP's via BGP to ensure there is no network outage. A BGP route optimizer is also adopted to make sure that customers' website data is transferred with the fastest routes.

The networks and network cores are purchased from Cisco and Brocade, and they are under 24x7 monitoring by a dedicated team of engineers for quick response to network incidents. As we have been monitoring InMotion shared service by ourselves, the server response time averages only 235ms in the past 30 days. Read the following chart for detailed statistics.

Technical Support

Technical Support Since its inception, InMotion has been offering 24x7 on-site technical support for customers to seek for help from professionals in the case that they are stuck into technical problems. All the popular and convenient ways, including phone, live chat and email support ticket, are available for making requests.

The company has also kept a large online support center containing an extensive knowledgebase with website tutorials, email tutorials and domain name information, FAQs, video tutorials, educational channels on popular applications, and some other tools and resources.

Is InMotion Hosting Good for MyBB?

As the web hosting service is 100% MyBB compatible, affordable, rich-featured, reliable and fast, InMotion deserves to be awarded as the best MyBB hosting provider, especially considering that the company backs customers with a helpful support team. In addition, the company has been enjoying a high customer satisfaction rate for years. Read the voting statistics chart as below, or read through each review at this link.

Things You Should Know About MyBB

MyBB, or named as MyBBoard, is an open source forum builder that is developed and maintained by the MyBB Group and is free of charges. This special software is written in the PHP programming language and supports the databases of MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL. In addition, MyBB ensures the database failover support and can be available in dozens of languages.

As for why you should choose this option to start your online forum, you can check the below benefits achieved by MyBB.
  • Ease of use – This tool is designed to be user-friendly for both the website masters and the online visitors. It uses the standard structure for the discussion board, so both you and your visitors can feel familiar with the way it performs. In addition, the interface of MyBB is also easy to use, which contains all the unique and common features you may need for the proper website running and management.
  • Plugin system – There is an extensive plugin system available that makes it a simple thing to add the new features to the forum. Note that it only requires a few minutes to install these plugins so as to make your forum work better and faster, such as showing all the threads, displaying the permissions for each active user, extending the website statistics and may more.
  • Theme editor – This tool also offers a lot of available templates along with the theme editor for the easy style customization, such as the syntax highlighting, stylesheet editing and many more.
  • Private messaging – With it, you can start the private conversation that only allows some particular registered users to participate at a time.
  • User promotion – This is an exclusive highlight that allows you to promote users automatically based on their posting date, registration date and reputation.