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Best MODX Hosting Service

updated on Sep 16, 2014
Best MODX Hosting Service The best MODX hosting should be a service that not only comes with powerful tools and features to support the software, but also guarantees the maximum uptime and speed for all kinds of MODX-based websites including personal blogs, community sites, small business sites, and so on. Besides, things like web hosting price and technical support are also checkpoints for the service quality.

Coming with a good combination of all the aspects mentioned above, InMotion Hosting, a professional web hosting provider recommended at, has gained the award. This company is reputed, and its services are powerful enough to serve MODX sites well, especially in the uptime and speed. Below are the reasons why InMotion has been selected to be the award winner.

Upgradable Packages & Affordable Price

One of the biggest advantages of hosting MODX sites on InMotion is the availability of a series of upgradable hosting packages which include different amount of resources to meet different levels of online demands. With the ability to choose a proper package among shared web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers, MODX users can easily find the service designed for their sites ranging from personal blogs with simple content to enterprise intranets with millions of pages.

For the basic shared web hosting service, InMotion has 3 packages named Launch, Power and Pro. Now a 50% discount is offered for Launch and Power for visitors going through the promotional link below, with which the effective price of the 2 packages starts from only $3.49/mo.

InMotion Hosting Promotional Link Activation

There are many free extras included in InMotion web hosting packages. Even the cheapest Launch, which is suitable for small sized MODX sites, has the following extras.
  • 1 free domain name.
  • Free automated daily data backups.
  • Free $275 advertising credits for Google, Yahoo!, Bing, YP listing, Amazon, and Twitter.
  • 90 days full money back guarantee.

Easy MODX Installation & Management

Before purchasing a web hosting package from an unfamiliar web host, many MODX users may worry about the compatibility. However, this is not a problem for InMotion at all, as even the latest MODX Revolution 2.2.10-pl is fully backed by PHP 5.4.x, MySQL 5.5.x and PostgreSQL supported by the company.

For beginners, MODX installation may also be a concern because they have no idea where to start or how to manage the whole process. Fortunately, InMotion offers the easy-to-use Softaculous to enable MODX users to install the software easily and quickly without being bothered by any technical issues. No specific knowledge is required.

In addition, InMotion offers cPanel control panel to support all customers in easy management of hosting accounts, website files, website statistics, server resources, security, and every other aspect of both their accounts and websites.

Excellent Uptime & Speed

InMotion, along with its web hosting services, is quite reliable, which makes up an important reason why the company enjoys a high reputation all around the world. Since its inception, InMotion guarantees 99.9% uptime, and according to our close monitoring, the real uptime, which averages 99.95% in the past 2 years, has far exceeded the figure.

The excellence in uptime should be the result of InMotion's utilization of first-rate data center facilities and technologies, like Dell servers, power redundancy, and UPS backup generators.

Besides uptime, MODX hosting speed is also a highlight of InMotion. Due to the development of Max Speed Zones technology, the use of Cisco networks, SSD drives and BGP 4 smart routing with a route optimizer, this company has always been delivering the fastest speed among all the web hosts we have reviewed. Based on our monitoring on InMotion servers, the average response time is as short as 230ms.

Efficient MODX Technical Support

InMotion has a well-trained support team staying on-site 24x7 to provide help to customers with all levels of experience in web hosting and MODX management, from beginners to experienced web developers. For newbies who don't know how to start, there is a group of new account specialists waiting to assist them.

InMotion customers can get in contact with the support representatives by calling them at the toll-free phone number, sending emails or starting a live chat directly. The waiting time for response is guaranteed to be less than 90 seconds on average.


As a world's leading web hosting provider, InMotion is able to providing MODX users with a combination of affordable price, rich features, great performance and responsive technical support. That is why the company is awarded as the best MODX hosting provider.

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