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Best Mediawiki Hosting for Starting a Wiki Site

updated on Feb 16, 2017
Best Mediawiki Hosting for Starting a Wiki Site With more than 10 years' hosting experience and having been reviewing more than 100 hosting companies, we have worked out a collection of the best Mediawiki hosting for starting a wiki site. This collection includes BlueHost, InMotion and HostGator, which are the most recommended.

Each of the 3 web hosts offers reliable and fast Mediawiki hosting service to enable customers to run websites smoothly and stably. Read this table to learn the main features they provide.

Best Mediawiki Hosting - BlueHost

Best Mediawiki Hosting - BlueHostHaving been running business for more than 10 years, BlueHost has been followed by millions of webmasters and recognized as one of the best Linux hosting providers. To enable customers to get the best hosting performance to run wiki websites, they have invested a great deal of money in their 3 first-class data centers which are featured with high quality servers, UPS and diesel generators.

Besides, the data centers are under monitoring 24x7, so that the websites are able to run with little unexpected interruption. In addition, BlueHost offers 24x7 customer service through toll-free phone call, email and live chat to help customers resolve issues to ensure they concentrate on their business. Moreover, developers and technicians have developed many in-depth articles and videos in the knowledgebase to teach clients how to deal with frequently asked question.

In addition to the high performance and helpful technical support, BlueHost provides easy-to-use cPanel integrated with SimpleScripts 1-click installer for customers to install Mediawiki with a few clicks and manage their wiki sites easily. With many highlights, the Mediawiki hosting from this company starts at $2.95/mo with over 60% discount offered through the following promotional link. More tempting features are:
  • SSH, shared SSL & resource protection.
  • A free domain name & free instant setup.
  • PHP 5, MySQL 5, Perl 5, Ruby on Rails & custom PHP.ini.

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Fast Mediawiki Hosting - InMotion

Best Mediawiki Hosting - InMotionUtilizing 2 data centers on the East Coast and West Coast of United States, InMotion equips each data center with brand new Dell servers and many other cutting-edge facilities to ensure customers can run wiki sites rapidly. Besides, this company has developed their own Max Speed Zone technology to make customers near enough to the data centers get up to 6 times faster speed to run wiki sites. Click here to learn more about InMotion speed and performance.

InMotion has released 3 Mediawiki hosting plans for people to choose the most suitable one, which are called as Launch, Power and Pro. The regular price of the solutions respectively starts from $6.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $15.99/mo, but with the favorable discount offered for visitors through the following link, the price is cut down to $3.49/mo, $4.49/mo and $7.49/mo.

With fast hosting speed and low prices, all InMotion Mediawiki packages come with PHP 5, MySQL 5, PostgreSQL, Ruby and many other advanced features, such as SSD and SSH, which all meet the minimal requirements of running the software. Therefore, each solution is 100% compatible with this program, ensuring the least issues happen to wiki sites. Move on to learn more features.
  • $250 advertising credits.
  • cPanel control panel & Softaculous 1-click Mediawiki installer.
  • 24x7 customer service via toll-free phone call, email & live chat.

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Feature Rich Mediawiki Hosting - HostGator

Best Mediawiki Hosting - HostGatorAs a reputed developer-friendly hosting company, HostGator has been famous for offering feature rich Mediawiki hosting provider. The Mediawiki hosting packages from this company come with unlimited monthly bandwidth, disk space, databases and email boxes.

To enable their customers to run their wiki sites rapidly, HostGator provides many high speed hosting features, such as CDN, 10 Gb/s redundant network, and much more. Besides, a group of people are monitoring the servers and network 24x7 to solve any issue immediately that may damage customers' websites to improve hosting performance.

HostGator prices its plans from $6.95/mo regularly, but visitors subscribing with the coupon HG45PERCENT are capable of getting a 45% discount to cut the price down to $3.82/mo. More features good for wiki site owners are below.
  • PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python, SSH & Cron Jobs.
  • Hassle-free 45 days full money back guarantee.
  • Quadruple redundant network & 24x7 network monitoring.

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How to Choose a Good Hosting Provider for Mediawiki?

Mediawiki is a free and open source script for building and managing wiki sites. It is written in PHP and uses multiple database systems including MySQL, SQLite and PosgreSQL as the backend. Due to these facts, Mediawiki runs optimally on a web server featuring the updated LAMP stack. Since this requirement is easily to be met, we have no longer taken the compatibility as one of the major standards when judging the quality of a web hosting package.

However, there are still many other important factors to look into if you want a worry-free hosting experience which allows you to focus on the development of your Mediawiki sites.

Control panel

The control panel must be easy-to-use because it determines how you can create databases, manage emails, add domains, etc. cPanel is recommended most for Linux web hosting services, and some other choices like vDeck and Plesk are also good. Besides, it is suggested that the control panel should include a 1-click installer which supports the auto-installation of Mediawiki. Such a tool will save much time for you.


To figure out whether a hosting provider is reliable, find as much information about it as possible, and read user reviews in the forums carefully. Make sure there is no severe downtime issue reported frequently, and no hacking or blacklisting issue about the company's servers. Also, if you can find the uptime statistics, be sure the provider can offer 99.9% uptime.


As there are numerous wiki sites on the web, making your site standing out is not an easy job. However, fast speed should certainly contribute to that because user experience matters much nowadays. To get your visitors staying longer for more page views, check the speed of the web hosting provider by using some reliable tools like Pingdom. Never try the services offered by a web host with too many complaints about the slow speed.