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Best Link Building Strategies for Improving Your Site SEO Through Links

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Best Link Building Strategies for Improving Your Site SEO Through Links Although a useful and helpful link building strategy is not the only method that you can use to improve the site SEO, it is essential and indispensable for high search engine rankings and the success over the Internet. Moreover, you are able to get the site highly ranked in the SERPs by writing an SEO-optimized blog post and making use of the backlinks.

Furthermore, having introduced the best SEO books for improving search engine ranking, we would like to offer you the best link building strategies based on our rich experience on hosting SEO optimized sites for a couple of years and a large number of reviews on over one hundred SEO tools, such as SEMrush. More details are amply displayed as follows.

What Is Link Building

Before we start with our topic, we would like to provide beginners who are not acquaint with the cyber terms with a brief and easy-to-understand description on what link building is firstly. In short, the link building refers to the actions aiming at boosting the quality and number of inbound link to one page, in the search engine optimization field.

What Is Link Building Furthermore, it consists of a plenty of links online, such as the resource link, the reciprocal link, the forum signature linking, the directory link building, the blog comments and the social bookmarking and so on. Note that all given links on your site and page request the ability to create awareness and the creation of worthy material without requiring the specific action from the search engine optimization.

Best Link Building Strategies

As the rules for the search engines have been constantly evolving and changing since they firstly used links as the votes in the late 1990's, the outdated and old link building strategies or techniques have to be abandoned, such as the package purchases of "10,000 links for $10" and the automated directory submissions. In this case, we select out the best four link building strategies which are newly updated and of great use for you to apply.

No.1 Create Attractive Infographics

Best Link Building Strategies - Create Attractive Infographics The infographics is the short of information graphics which is a graphic visual display of knowledge, information and data that helps to present complicated information clearly and quickly. Besides, it is widely used by a quantity of webmasters who would like to share data in an aesthetically and graphic way.

What's more, this kind of social networking form is widely shared and welcomed from person to person, which means that you are able to attract more traffic and scanners' clicks by adding your own website link to the appealing and creative infographics. Thus, it is worthwhile for you to spend a considerable amount of time and effort on creating the attractive infographics.

No.2 Make Full use of Interlink and Leave as Many Links as You can

By naturally interlinking the posts and pages published on your website, you are not only able to get an absolute control on them from the location on the original page to the linked place, but also able to get more additional traffic for the added links connecting to another web page. Besides, if you are not a big brand provider, you'd better not utilize a CMS plugin which can hyperlink some certain words automatically each time they appear on the website.

Then, to get your site SEO-friendly, it is the equal necessary for you to leave as many links as possible. For example, you can leave the link redirecting to your site in all of the social media platforms, the email signature or on the business cards. In addition, you can leave related reviews for the businesses you have already visited and write a testimonial of a product.

No.3 Write the Viral Content

Best Link Building Strategies - Write the Viral Content Namely, the viral content usually refers to the whole process of releasing highly shareable content and valuable content on your site and then spreading your related links on some popular social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, if you write some remarkable content on the site, then webmasters will be likely to share it with other people and it directly brings your site more attraction and attention without any link you intend to create.

Therefore, by writing the viral content which is acknowledged as the most useful and effective link building tactic, you don't need to make use of any outreach at all during the process. In addition, it is not difficult for you to create the viral content over the Internet and you just need to analyse what has been widely shared online and find out what on earth has made its popularity.

No.4 Present the Guest Posting

You can also present the guest posting which refers to writing an article published on another company or person's website. By making use of this technique, you can not only have more new audience, but also are able to verify at least one worthy and valuable link connecting to your own site. Moreover, to achieve this strategy's value, you need to partner with renowned and noted blogs and make only your excellent content published on these well-known websites.