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Best Joomla SEO Plugins Boosting Search Engine Rankings

updated on Nov 12, 2017
Best Joomla SEO Plugins Boosting Search Engine Rankings SEO is the process of utilizing variant strategies and techniques for attaining a good position in the search engine result pages. Different software and tools are used by webmasters to display their words and posts obviously online. These tools help the webmasters in making websites useful to the visitors.

As Joomla is one of the best content management systems that has been used by a large user base, this article contains a list of the best Joomla SEO plugins which can help you in optimizing your site’s presence on the web.

In addition to use the following plugins, you are also able to improve search engine ranking by using the best SEO hosting plans and the best CDN services or learning some methods from the best SEO books

iJoomla SEO

iJoomla SEO is an excellent solution that can be used for the optimization of Joomla sites for the search engines. It also helps you in cutting your loading time by about 95%. It can help you in managing the Meta tags in a single page with great convenience. It also helps you in monitoring the keywords and phrases on Google. Keywords saturation is checked by this SEO plugin.

It further helps you in wrapping up the keyword with strong, bold and underlined tags, and helps in creating redirects. It adds HTML headings to the classes of Joomla CSS. Also, this tool automatically creates anchor links for specific keywords.

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Best Joomla SEO Plugin - iJoomla SEO

SEO Links

This plugin adds commas and dots as keywords. This is an excellent way of getting random AdSense advertisements in Joomla. The SEO links functions with Kunena, Joomla 3, Mosets Tree, DMS, Zoo and Sobi2. It also provides a strong support for the replacement of keyword to JavaScript. You can easily display random codes of Google AdSense at variant places in the form of content always whenever the item is open.

SEO links has been developed for K2 and content. It integrates with the elements without any warranty. You are also going to find some import and export functions in SEO links as well. With the help of SEO links, you can get your keywords automatically converted into links presented in the content. This requires encoding along with Latin characters.

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Best Joomla SEO Plugin - SEO Links

JB Article SEO Checklist

If you want your website articles to be SEO optimized, then this Joomla SEO plugin can surely help you out. You can make use of JB Article SEO checklist and get your articles positioned in the search engines highly. This plugin is really simple and easy to use. It does not require any sort of settings and coding on your part. All you need to do is to install the plugin and then enable its use.

After finishing your articles, enter them in this plugin and it can tell you what needs to be improved in your content. It checks out the keyword density in your articles. It also checks the coding and tags presented in your articles. Meta tags are also checked by this plugin. It can even display your article score in the form of points. When your article shows 100% completion, it means that you can easily publish it now on the web.

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Best Joomla SEO Plugin - JB Article SEO Checklist

ISEO Light

This is a lighter version of ISEO, which allows you to do a lot of things. It reduces your loading time to a great extent. You can easily manage the meta tags of your articles in a single page. You can get excellent help from this plugin as it monitors the keywords on Google for you. It checks out the saturation of fixed keywords for you. It further creates redirects and also adds HTML heading to the classes of Joomla CSS.

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Best Joomla SEO Plugin - ISEO Light

SEO Boss

This is an excellent SEO Joomla Plugin that helps in the provision of configuration settings and tools which are highly useful for the website’s SEO. With the help of SEO Boss, you can automatically generate meta tags. This plugin changes the title of meta tags, description of the page content and the keywords for you effectively. It further consists of a quick update feature. It helps you in finding which pages have weak information in it. It also highlights the specified keywords in your page. It further provides management of SEO for VirtueMart, JoomSport, and K2. With the help of SEO Boss, you can easily set the meta data for any web page.

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Best Joomla SEO Plugin - SEO Boss


EF SEO is an amazing extension for Joomla. It helps you in controlling all the necessary meta data on manual and automatic basis. This has made the handling of meta data on Joomla quite easy.
With this plugin in hand, you can change the information of meta data that includes keywords, descriptions and titles. It remains active on all the pages of Joomla.

All the aforementioned Joomla SEO plugins are definitely going to enhance the working of your website. You are surely going to see better SEO results after using these extensions for your websites.

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Best Joomla SEO Plugin - EF SEO


Plugin SEOSimple provides an easy way to override the auto-generated meta description. Meta description is a short sentence or paragraph which summarizes the contents of your post.

It is a fact that meta description make little difference to your SEO rankings, but it has a great influence on CTR and SERPs. With the meta description customized, you can drive more traffic to your website because it covers informative content about your post. And this plugin is built for you to avoid duplicate content penalties.

On the way to make Joomla website SEO-friendly, you are advised to start with meta description. Most webmasters are likely to ignore the importance of meta description on the search result page.

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Best Joomla SEO Plugin - SEOSimple

SEO Keyword Factory

As is known to you, SEO is not a "one solution fits all" type of problem. However, there are several tweaks and tricks you can apply to your Joomla website. One of solutions should be management of SEO Keyword.

SEO Keyword Factory is an exact plugin which focuses on keyword-rich URLs for SEO improvement. SEO links are created automatically with the search keywords used by the visitors. In this way, your Joomla website can be easily indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

As a matter of fact, the links generated by SEO Keyword Factory rank well in the search results. This is a great free tool which can increase your Google hits on specific keywords. That's the main reason why this plugin is welcome by many website makers.

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Best Joomla SEO Plugin - SEO Keyword Factory