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Best Hong Kong Web Hosting Service - Affordable, Reliable & High Performance

updated on Dec 18, 2016
Best Hong Kong Web Hosting Service - Affordable, Reliable & High Performance Hong Kong web hosting service is now enjoying increasing popularity as more and more businesses intend to come into the large Asian market especially China, a country with over 1.3 billion potential consumers.

To keep our readers away from those services that are full of scams, we have reviewed 50+ web hosting plans on their price value, features, reliability, speed, technical support and some other technologies. As a result, the plans from ZhuJi91 impressed us most with its outstanding affordability, reliability and performance.

The web hosting plans offered by ZhuJi91 gain the award of the best Hong Kong web hosting service because they have performed well in affordability, performance, support and features.

Why Choose Hong Kong Web Hosting?

Hong Kong web hosting is a good hosting choice recommended for webmasters with targeted market in China, Singapore or other Asian countries. Compared with using the hosting services in US or Europe, choosing a Hong Kong web hosting plan has the following benefits.
  • With data centers located in Hong Kong and the partnerships with local ISPs, Hong Kong web hosting providers can offer better uptime and much faster speed for websites with major visitors located in Asia.
  • Hong Kong web hosting usually comes with multilingual technical support. Basically, the available languages include English and Chinese, which can meet more needs.

ZhuJi91 Affordability

ZhuJi91 offers both Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting. Due to different costs on the server configuration and technologies of the 2 types of services, the company has set separate price policies for them. However, the common point is that both the services come with a 30 days money back guarantee which enables all customers to get a refund for the cancellation of accounts in the first 30 days.
  • Linux web hosting service: ZhuJi91 Linux web hosting plan is priced from $8.95/mo regularly, and with the 45% discount available for subscriptions through the promotional link below, its effective price now starts from $4.95/mo.
  • Windows web hosting service: This plan has the same original price as the other one, while the promotional price starts from $5.95/mo for new customers going through the promotional link below, 34% off.

ZhuJi91 Promotional Link Activation

Strong Reliability

ZhuJi91 guarantees at least 99.9% uptime for all the hosted websites. To fulfill and even exceed the guarantee, the company utilizes a state-of-the-art data center in Hong Kong which features the best facilities and technologies.

The servers placed in the data center are 100% factory-tested Dell servers with 2x AMD Opteron 4226 processor with a total of 12 cores, 32 GB RAM and reliable RAID 5 storage. And those on which Linux based websites are hosted are using CloudLinux operating system which is really stable and secure.

Besides the high quality servers, ZhuJi91 adopts a complete power management system including power redundancy to ensure that there is no power failure in the data center under any circumstances. The uninterrupted power supply system with diesel generators is also an important feature for the data center.

The monitored uptime of ZhuJi91 web hosting services in the past 30 days is as the following chart.

High Performance

As for speed, ZhuJi91 guarantees that the average server response time is no more than 500ms and the average page loading time is less than 2 seconds. According to the monitoring on the servers and the WordPress blog we personally host with the company, Zhuji91 hasn't let us down.

The company claims that they only use first-class networks with fast speed and large capacity to eliminate bandwidth traffic jams so as to ensure instantaneous response for customers' websites. The networks operate across multiple layers containing redundant core routers, core distribution switches and carrier diversity.

In addition, with SSDs (solid state drives) utilized, the hosted websites are expected to get up to 300% faster speed, enhanced data security and great stability. Due to the much more expensive costs than HDDs, SSDs are not a common feature of the servers offered by other Hong Kong web hosts.

Read the following chart for ZhuJi91 server response speed.

Web Hosting Features

Being affordable, fast and reliable, ZhuJi91 web hosting services are also quite rich featured, coming with nearly all the things needed to set up and manage a website. The largest highlight is that when using the services, websites can run smoothly and stably in China without the need for an ICP license.

Other main features of the Windows and Linux web hosting are as listed below.

ZhuJi91 Linux Web HostingZhuJi91 Windows Web Hosting
Up to 4 GB disk spaceUp to 4 GB disk space
Unlimited bandwidthUnlimited bandwidth
Unlimited parked domainsWindows 2008 R2 with IIS 7.5
cPanel control panelWebSitePanel control panel
1-click script installationMSSQL 2012
PHP 5.2/5/3/5.4ASP.NET 2/3.5 SP1/4.5
MySQL 5 databaseASP.NET MVC 2/3/4/5
Override .htaccessIsolated application pools
phpMyAdminFull Trust
Zend OptimizerMicrosoft URL Rewrite Module 2
24x7 technical supportSilverlight 4/5
Sign UpSign Up

In the feature lists, what needs extra mentioning is that ZhuJi91 offers really good control panels for both Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting. The control panels are both among the best choices in their own kinds.

The cPanel control panel for Linux web hosting comes with an icon-based graphic interface which is built with simple navigation and powerful features. The available tools allow users to manage files, databases, backups, FTP accounts, etc. Besides, users can view the usage of disk space and bandwidth, and update the billing details.

Due to the flexibility of cPanel, the hosting provider can integrate more features with the control panel. For instance, ZhuJi91 has added Softaculous in cPanel to enable customers to install and configure CMSs, blogging scripts, eCommerce solutions and more with clicks.

Similarly, WebSitePanel is an excellent control panel designed for Windows web hosting. Within the control panel, users can access a large number of features such as URL Rewrite 2, ASP.NET version control, dedicated application pools, file manager, etc. In short, WebSitePanel can ensure the ease of use of ZhuJi91 Windows web hosting. A demo of this control panel is also available with ZhuJi91.

Technical Support

ZhuJi91 has a professional support team consisting of technicians with sufficient experience and skills in resolving all kinds of online issues including those for some certain CMS like WordPress and Joomla. The support center is based in Hong Kong.

The company offers 24x7 support in both English and Chinese, depending on the requests of every single customer, which eliminates the concern of language barrier for customers in English-speaking countries.


Based on the points discussed above, ZhuJi91 is certainly a good choice for online businesses with the target market in China or some other Asian countries. The company is able to serve them with excellent affordability, strong reliability and high performance.

For more information about ZhuJi91 Hong Kong web hosting, visit

Best Hong Kong Web Hosting Service

How to Choose the Best Hong Kong Web Hosting

Actually, there are a lot of criteria you need to think about when choosing the best Hong Kong web hosting providers. In the following, we have listed some key points for you to consider.

Hong Kong Data Centers

Firstly, you need to think about the hosting performance and the uptime, and the data center location and facility play a vital role for this aspect. Generally, the truly quality data center should be equipped with the redundant network, uninterrupted power unit, 24/7 facility monitoring, secure access, water and fire detection, automatic cooling system and many more. The great combination of these points can ensure the unceasing working of the server machines so as to host your website all the times.

In addition, as you are looking for the Asia hosting provider, the web host that has the Hong Kong located data center is worth trying. As researched, data centers in this city are generally the cutting-edge ones and can serve you well in the Asia region.

Multi-Lingual Technical Support

In most cases, the support staffs of the web host are speaking English. However, for the great Hong Kong hosting providers, their support representatives need to be able to ensure the multi-lingual support service, which includes the Chinese support and the English support.

No Worry for the ICP License

This point is especially important if you want to run a website in China. After all, based on the government requirements, all the sites need to get the ICP license before running on the web. This process is somewhat complicated and time-consuming.

In this case, when choosing an Hong Kong hosting provider, you need to figure out whether they can erase this issue for you in advance.

Affordable but Not Extremely Cheap Hosting Price

It is true that you are looking for the cheap hosting solution, but it does not mean that you can sign up with some extremely cheap or even the free options, which are likely to bring you some frauds and scams, along with the devastating hosting experiences.

Rich Features with Ultimate Ease of Use

No matter how many plans this company offers, all of the available packages must include the necessary features such as sufficient server resources, SSH, SSI, PHP, MySQL, multiple domain hosting, enough accounts and storages for emails and many more.

In addition, as the combination of the user-friendly cPanel control panel and the powerful script installer ensures the effortless hosting experience for most webmasters, these two features are also essential.

Other Basic Requirements

In addition to these key points, you also need to ensure that your select hosting provider has passed the below common requirements.
  • Affordable charge along with the rich hosting features.
  • 24/7 available support service along with various support channels.
  • Ensured uptime record and page loading speed.
  • Great customer satisfaction and online reputation.