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Best Habari Hosting Service Which Is Reliable and Fast

updated on Oct 13, 2016
Best Habari Hosting Service Which Is Reliable and Fast To find the best Habari hosting service in 2016, we have set up a few Habari websites respectively on several web hosts' shared hosting platforms and kept monitoring the sites closely since January, 2013. As a result, we found that the site on InMotion performs best. In this article, we have worked out a comprehensive review on this service from price, features, reliability, performance and technical support to introduce why it is best.

The Truth about InMotion & Habari

InMotion is a privately held corporation built on a basis of solid ground work and planned growth. The company has been providing reliable hosting services for thousands of personal, small business and enterprise websites on a global level. Up to now, InMotion has received various awards from industry authorities for being one of the fastest growing hosting companies in the world.

Habari is a free and open source blog engine, written in PHP and currently supports MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL for the database backend. This project is created for bloggers mainly, and it owns rich features, including multiple users support, multiple sites on one installation support, modular, object-oriented core for easy extensibility, and so on.

Price & Discount

Since 2001, InMotion has been providing affordable web hosting services. This company has released 3 shared Habari hosting plans which are priced from $6.99/mo. With a 50% discount available, visitors ordering the plan through the promo link below are capable of getting the price down to $3.49/mo.

InMotion Promotional Link Activation

With InMotion, customers are able to put their money in safe, because the company offers 90 days money back guarantee which allows customers to ask for a full refund if they cancel their accounts in the first 90 days. Besides, customers have free access to $200 marketing voucher to promote their Habari websites.


A good Habari web hosting plan has to contain plenty of highlighted features. Fortunately, InMotion provides all the features that customers need to set up and run their Habari websites well. Some outstanding ones are listed as below.
  • Free domain name & 2 domains on 1 account
  • Unlimited disk space & monthly data transfer
  • 2 MySQL 5 databases & PostgreSQL databases
  • cPanel control panel integrated with Softaculous 1-click Habari installer
  • PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python & Secure Shell Access
  • Daily data backups - automated website backup service


InMotion Habari hosting is reliable. The company owns thousands of dual quad high performance Dell servers with raided storage in its two state-of-the-art data centers located on both coasts of the US. The data centers have multiple network connections, so even if any multi-gigabit connection becomes unavailable, traffic automatically re-routes to the remaining connects.


By utilizing cutting-edge hardware and software solutions, InMotion provides customers with the best possible performance for Habari websites. With the first-ranking segregation software separating each user into their own rooted environment, each website's performance will not be negatively affected by bad neighbors. SSD is also featured on each server.

Besides, to rapidly find and resolve any network problem, InMotion offers 24x7 redundant monitoring capabilities from the server-oriented response centers in each city, as well as centralized network monitoring from the Network Operations Center which has Cisco-certified technical support on duty all the time.

Technical Support

Owning a great technical support team, InMotionis able to provide a high level of technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their knowledgeable and professional technical support staffs know Habari very well so that they can help customers resolve all kinds of technical issues quickly and efficiently. No matter when being in trouble, Habari users can contact with the technical support team via toll-free phone call, live chat and email. We called them once for help last month, just after 30 seconds, we got a response.

Moreover, another way is available for customers to deal with technical issues. InMotion offers a lot of educational channels, in-depth Habari articles and useful Habari tutorials to help customers know more about Habari hosting and teach them to resolve the common issues.

Summary: InMotion Is a Good Option for Hosting Habari

InMotion provides optimized Habari hosting service which is rich-featured, reliable, and high performance. Besides, this service is much more affordable than most of the others in the market. With the 90 days full money back guarantee, customers don't need to worry about the risk of their purchases. So we highly recommend this service for all of our readers.