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Best eggBlog Hosting Service for Hosting Blogs

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Best eggBlog Hosting Service for Hosting Blogs eggBlog is a popular open source software that needs a web hosting service to work, so in this article, we have introduced the best eggBlog hosting service that is able to serve eggBlog blogs well in both reliability and performance with small costs.

Based on long-time monitoring, real customer reviews and our editors' comprehensive review on eggBlog hosting compatibility, installation service, ease of use, reliability, performance, technical support, price, and features, WebHostingHub has been awarded as the best eggBlog hosting service provider due to its excellence in nearly all the aspects listed above.

Customer Satisfaction

WebHostingHub has a quite long web hosting history that is more than 10 years, during which it has raised thousands of satisfied customers. So far, there are 537 customer reviews submitted at BestHostingSearch, and WebHostingHub is rated an average of 4.92 out of 5 by them. According to the reviews, 98.1% of WebHostingHub customers are satisfied with and highly recommend the web hosting service they use.

Price & Features

WebHostingHub offers a one-size-fits-all web hosting package priced from $6.99/mo regularly. However, subscribers going through the exclusive promotional link below to sign up now can pay only $1.95/mo for the first 3 months and $3.99/mo for the rest of the subscription. That is the most favorable promotion we have seen in WebHostingHub history. Note that the discounted price is only valid for visitors subscribing through the following promotional link.

WebHostingHub Promotional Link Activation

Just like most other leading web hosts, WebHostingHub has prepared a full package of free extras that are quite beneficial for eggBlog users, including a free domain name, free backup wizard, and $200 advertising credits for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Twitter.

As web hosting features are also crucial for the operation and management of eggBlog websites, WebHostingHub professional web hosting plan comes with the following features.
  • Server resources: Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, hosted domains, parked domains & MySQL databases.
  • Email: spam safe protection, McAfee email protection & mobile device compatibility.
  • Control panel: cPanel.
  • Programming Languages: PHP 5, Perl 5, Python & Ruby on Rails.
  • 90 days full money back & anytime pro-rated money back guarantee.
  • 24x7 US based technical support via live chat, email & phone.

Automatic eggBlog Installation

Best eggBlog Hosting - Aotumatic eggBlog Installation Usually, to install the software on a web hosting account, eggBlog users should make sure the server configuration can meet the system requirements of the latest versions of eggBlog at first, and then do some steps manually like file downloading, extracting, FTP-related works and other messy things. The whole process is not very complicated, but it is really challenging for new users.

There is a time-saving and trouble-saving way for doing the installation – to use a 1-click installer. WebHostingHub offers all customers with full free access to Softaculous, one of the most user-friendly auto script installers that can automate the installation of eggBlog. Once users fill in the needed information for the site name, username, domain name and password, Softaculous does all the other things.

eggBlog Hosting Reliability & Performance

WebHostingHub promises 99.9% uptime for all the hosted websites, and the company has taken a lot of measures to make the promise a reality. For instance, both of the data centers are equipped with the most reliable Dell servers, multiple layers of power and network redundancy, a back-up generator, and 24x7 server monitoring. Read the following chart for the real-time monitoring of WebHostingHub server uptime.

In terms of the web hosting speed, WebHostingHub has also invested heavily to ensure uninterrupted network connection and optimal performance. Leveraging BGP 4 smart routing and partnering with several world's leading ISPs like Level 3, nLayer, and Corporate Colocation for peering exchange, the company is quite confident in the speed that its service delivers to the customers.

Technical Support

WebHostingHub has a team of tech staffs that are knowledgeable and skilled in solving web hosting issues and open source related matters. They are familiar with eggBlog, so they are able to give out solutions at all times as soon as an eggBlog user contacts them via phone, live chat, or email. The on-site professional support is guaranteed to be US based and available 24x7.

Besides looking for a real human being's help, eggBlog users can also solve some common problems by checking some tutorials and documents in WebHostingHub support center and education channels.


WebHostingHub deserves to be awarded as the best eggBlog hosting as it has been taking good care of the hosted eggBlog websites with outstanding uptime, fast speed and low costs, and backing up eggBlog users well all the time with free on-site technical support.

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