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Best Joomla Templates for e-Commerce Websites

updated on Dec 30, 2014
Best Joomla Templates for e-Commerce Websites To achieve a quicker success of your online business built with Joomla, a beautiful theme is quite necessary. If you haven't found one for your website, here are some choices of the best Joomla templates that are specially designed for e-commerce websites, all of which are affordable, premium, and responsive.

There are numerous Joomla templates with the goal to stimulate sales, but not all of them are easy to use and customize. The ones listed below, however, are tested to be effective.

SJ Jare


SJ Jare is a new responsive Joomla template with support for Joomla 2.5 and VirtueMart 2.x. With this template, it is quite unique and interesting to style your website content with much coding. SJ Jare uses Content and VirtueMart component in template core, which allows you to manage your e-commerce website with great power and stability. The improved back-end UI will notify you of the new version as soon as it is released.

Highlighted features:
  • Custom site title, logo and slogan.
  • Front-end Cpanel for changing site styles, fonts and layouts instantly.
  • 6 preset color styles: green, yellow, gems, orange, purple and pink.

Best e-Commerce Joomla Templates - SJ Jare



As a premium Joomla template, inStyle comes with a completely new design which is especially useful for the restaurant, hotel and travel agency. This theme has integrated Content and K2 component into the core, which means that you can choose between simplicity and cleanliness of the default Content component, OR sophistication and K2. Using this template, you can also see a difference in the site loading speed because the template comes with MooTools which is designed for that purpose.

Highlighted features:
  • 8 custom color schemes & 3 types of menu.
  • Support for module variations that allows setting style for each module.
  • Set JavaScripts for menus, set start/end level & keep on top.

Best e-Commerce Joomla Templates - inStyle

Shaper iStore


Shaper iStore is a responsive template for Joomla intended for book theme but also can be used for multiple other businesses like photos and hi-tech products. Built on the powerful Leo framework, this theme gives you more than enough flexibility and power on the design of your website. Shaper iStore comes with 4 theme colors, clean styles, and supports the configuration of nearly every element of your site design, such as the background, text-color and font-size.

Highlighted features:
  • Multiple layout options configured within seconds.
  • Support for MooTools 1.2.
  • Lightweight, modern and fast-loading design.

Best e-Commerce Joomla Templates - Shaper iStore



BikeStore is a premium and corporate quality template built on the powerful Gantry framework. It is a good option for e-commerce websites because it not only gives your website a unique and responsive design, but also comes with a shopping cart, a gallery plugin, and a 3D slider. Besides, this template gives full support to sitemap so your visitors can easily find what they want.

Highlighted features:
  • A large number of extensions installed in the package.
  • Choronoforms, Acymailing & Xmap styling.
  • 70+ module positions & 7 slider styles.

Best e-Commerce Joomla Templates - BikeStore



Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.0, JSNForce is a professional business portfolio template which brings a beautiful display on a wide range of devices and browsers. It comes with built-in SEO options with techniques that can help you easily improve your website visibility to search engines, including SEO for source ordering, website title and top H1 tag. Besides, this theme gives a strong styling support for K2 and Kunena.

Highlighted features:
  • Full support for K2 and Kunena extended styling.
  • Clean design with ultra flexible layout built from over 36 module positions and 120 module styles.
  • Lightweight optimized template graphic and well-documented code.

Best e-Commerce Joomla Templates - JSNForce

Spice Shop


If you are planning to open an online store using VirtueMart component JoomShopping component to sell digital products or luxury goods in a clean and nice design, Spice Shop is a perfect option. This template has a full-featured homepage which contains image slideshow, brand sliders, and a footer with extra space for showing more information about your store address or links.

Highlighted features:
  • 6 preset impressive theme colors.
  • Responsive layout for displaying on mobile devices.

Best e-Commerce Joomla Templates - Spice Shop

SJ Resorts


SJ Resorts is designed with 5 preset color styles as well as the ability to tweak all typography with front-end Cpanel. It is powerful in the customization of every element of your website. In case that you want to have a separated content construction kit, SJ Resorts has integrated K2 component already. Besides, this theme supports many extensions, including SJ Basic News, SJ Accordion, SJ Gallery Pro, and so on.

Highlighted features:
  • 100% table-less design based on CSS3.
  • Support many types of menu: CSS menu, Moo Menu and mega menu.
  • Allow to show OR hide Main Content block with options for showing images.

Best e-Commerce Joomla Templates - SJ Resorts

Travel Island


Travel Island is a clean and premium theme which is on the basis of Joomla 3.2.3. It consists of Zoo component, Framework, responsive slider and 960 grid systems based on Bootstrap. Besides, it can be easily setup and its QuickStart demo page installation enables the customization of the website to be much faster. The gantry framework also contributes to making website be built much easier and the theme is made up of the flexible parameter system, Cookie, Presets and 4 Column Mainbody or more. In addition, the theme has PSD, documentation, the Google Web Font and 65 module positions.

Top Premium Joomla Templates - Travel Island

Dinosaur Museum


As a high-quality Joomla theme which is based on the T3V3 framework, Dinosaur Museum requests Joomla 3.0 and allows free of trouble screen loading no matter how big the size is. What's more, the theme gives 4 colour styles for the layout and has more than 4 powerful Joomla extensions. Perhaps the most insuperable features of the theme is that it is a great place for hosting online music business including bands, music blogger, music event, musicians and shows. It is user friendly and easy to customize.

Top Premium Joomla Templates - Dinosaur Museum



The theme is used for multipurpose on business, agency, portfolio, corporate company and personal website. Additionally, it is responsive enough with 10 colourful styles and free of limitation module positions. And it has quantities of highlighted features, such as the powerful Helix V2 framework, awesome hover effects, slideshow module, easy admin, customizable design and code, RTL support, responsive news, SEO optimization, custom 404 error page, rich documentation and excellent support and so on.

Top Premium Joomla Templates - John



The theme is a stylish and creative Joomla template which mainly focuses on clean design elements. It is especially fit for design agencies, photographers and creative persons to host elegant web pages. Andy offers single work preview, short codes page and dark or light versions of the homepage. It needs to point out that the PSD files are involved in this pack and they make the customization of everything on the page much easier and convenient. Besides, the theme also has over 70 advanced template options, blog page with comments, more than 600 icons and no less than 35 short codes in store for users.

Top Premium Joomla Templates - Andy

LT Fitness


LT Fitness is one of the most wonderful Joomla templates whose JS/CSS compression mechanism largely shortens the loading page time. In terms of its system request, the theme is fully compatible with Joomla 2.5/3.0 and most of the universal web-browsers, including IE 7, Safari 4, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and Opera 9 or more. Apart from this, it permits 6 fashionable theme colours, diversified typography, beautiful image gallery, up to 88 module styles and search engines with built-in SEO features.

Top Premium Joomla Templates - LT Fitness



The Matchbox theme is a clean and gorgeous restaurant and food template which is designed on Joomla 3. The theme is the most ideal choice for the catering company, restaurant, bakery and other food-related websites. Moreover, 15 pre-installed extensions, no less than 50 module positions and 10 colour styles are included in the package. And it owns custom typography codes, Google maps plugin, Gallery images plugin, content tabs module, and random quotes module.

Top Premium Joomla Templates - Matchbox



JSN Vintage is an art and premium Joomla template which has responsive feature and powerful framework. The theme is customizable for any mobile devices' screens and runs successfully on most of the web browsers. And it is compatible with Joomla 2.5/3.0 and it has three free built-in extensions, including the free editions of JSN image show, JSN power admin and JSN uniform.

Top Premium Joomla Templates - JSN Vintage

SJ Lotte


SJ Lotte is a newly designed theme for the use of the restaurant, tourism and hotel or more. It is compatible with Firefox 2, Netscape, Opera 9.5 and IE8 and so on. In addition, it has 8 pre-set colour styles, such as, orange (default), green yellow, crimson, maroon, indigo, tomato, medium violet and dark green, not to mention the 100% table-less design and 3 types of the menu.

Top Premium Joomla Templates - SJ Lotte