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Best DokuWiki Hosting for Starting Wiki Sites

updated on Feb 16, 2017
Best DokuWiki Hosting for Starting Wiki Sites DokuWiki, as one of the most useful and popular wiki software, wins more and more solid support from hosting providers and a growing number of experienced webmasters. To relieve unnecessary hassle and troubles in finding out the most suitable web hosting provider from plenty of choices, we have reviewed a large number of web hosts and eventually selected out the best DokuWiki hosting companies including InMotion, WebHostingHub and HostGator.

Those selected web hosts are all trustworthy and responsible shared hosting companies with various features and affordable price included in the meantime. Besides, there is a synthetical and overall table of the three mentioned hosting providers about the hosting features, uptime, price, speed and customer service. Take a scan of the following parts and learn more needed information.


Best DokuWiki Hosting - InMotion As an award-winning and multi-functional web hosting company, InMotion offers 24x7 US-based technical support for DokuWiki users, which means that people are able to get their own domains, FTP settings, SSL or other hosting related problems promptly addressed under the help of the kind-hearted and passionate technical staffs. In addition, there are also a large quantity of helpful video tutorials and FAQs available in the forum and the knowledge.

Moreover, this web host especially prepares the detailed solutions for successfully starting DokuWiki sites, changing DokuWiki appearance and installing plugins in DokuWiki and so on. In this way, webmasters are capable of solving the mostly mentioned DokuWiki-related problems by themselves. Furthermore, this web hosting provider partners with many renowned social websites such as Facebook, which means that users are able to login into the support center through their Facebook accounts.

Speaking to the hosting packages for DokuWiki, InMotion offers three differentiated and affordable plans which are named after Pro, Power and Launch plan differently. To be more specific, those affordable plans initially charge for $15.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $6.99/mo, and people clicking on the promotional link as follows are capable of getting a sale price of $11.99/mo, $4.49/mo and $3.49/mo with 90-day full money back guarantee included.

InMotion Hosting Promotional Link Activation


Best DokuWiki Hosting - WebHostingHub As a web host with years' experience in serving open source scripts, WebHostingHub gives solid and total support for hosting DokuWiki by providing 3 affordable shared hosting plans which are named as Spark, Nitro and Dynamo respectively. The plans charge different price of $8.99/mo, $12.99/mo and $10.99/mo for endowed different hosting features.

What's more, this web host is offering time-limited discounts for visitors who use this promo link when placing an order. In this way, people are able to get the much cheaper price of $1.95/mo for the basic Spark plan and $6.99/mo for Nitro. In addition, customers are capable of getting additional up to $250 advertising credits, and in the meantime, having a free-of-risk 90 days money back guarantee which greatly improves the safety of the online trade.

Additionally, WebHostingHub allows its customers to have an instant and simple installation of DokuWiki software with its free-of-hassle and one-click auto installer which is naturally integrated with the easy-to-manage cPanel. It needs to point out that this web host promises to render a secure environment to customers so as to successfully run their wiki sites by offering shared SSL and SSH .

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Best DokuWiki Hosting - HostGator As a powerful and world-class hosting company who is experienced in delivering high-speed and reliable hosting experience for customers, HostGator claims to offer DokuWiki users 99.9% uptime by making use of UPS power backups and advanced dual quad core processors. Furthermore, this web host realizes its commitment by equipping its data centers with first-rated diesel generators and customized web servers as well as multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections.

Besides, by making use of Linux operating system, HostGator gives support for multiple scripting languages for webmasters to set up their favourite websites, such as Python, Ruby or Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Perl, PHP, MySQL, and CGI. Furthermore, this company allows customers to have the search engine submission in the same time.

In terms of the hosting package, HostGator provides customers with three plans for DokuWiki users charging from $6.95/mo initially. Also, visitors are capable of getting a much cost-effective price of $3.82/mo by using the coupon code HG45PERCENT or clicking the following promotional link. In addition, HostGator endows $100 free advertising credits for Google AdWords.

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What Is DokuWiki?

DokuWiki is a free and simple-to-use wiki software built with PHP. DokuWiki does not require a database, and instead, it uses plain text files for all management. The clean syntax is loved by many users.

DokuWiki is built with a number of useful features which make publishing, user management and website customization easy. Some of the excellent features are listed in below.
  • A high level of usability backed by automatic content saving, the ability to edit certain parts on a page, admin toolbar, automatic generation of table of contents, and breadcrumb navigations.
  • Revision control which allows users to compare their current wiki version with any older versions.
  • Simple access control which supports read-only pages. The access control list also allows admin users to define permissions on multiple levels.
  • The support for UTF-8 and more than 50 languages.
  • A fast Ajax-powered interface.
  • Multiple spam protection methods including spam blacklists and mail address obfuscation.

How to Select a DokuWiki Hosting Package?

As PHP is a popular scripting language supported by almost all web hosts, finding a DokuWiki hosting package is quite easy. However, as DokuWiki is suggested to run on a server with PHP 5.3.3 or higher versions, you must make sure the provider has pre-installed the required versions of PHP on their servers so that there will be no compatibility issue.

Besides the PHP version, the following factors should also be taken into consideration.
  • The web hosting features, including control panel, DokuWiki installer, email addresses, FTP accounts and more. Control panel is the most important thing to look into. cPanel is recommended most, followed by some other choices like vDeck and Plesk. If you do not want to deal with DokuWiki installation manually, you will also need a 1-click installation like Softaculous. For the number of emails and FTP accounts, you have to make sure it can meet your needs if your site will have more than one administrator.
  • Web hosting performance. The good uptime and speed of a web hosting package are crucial to the user experience and SEO. So you'd better check the uptime records and page loading speed carefully. This can be done by conducting monitoring with tools like Pingdom.
  • Customer support. If you are new to web hosting or DokuWiki, the technical support offered by the hosting provider could be important. Make sure the support team is professional and responsive, and you can do this by reading user reviews and trying the sales support.