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Best Django Web Hosting Plan

updated on Jan 21, 2016
Best Django Web Hosting Plan If you are a Python developer in the way to find an optimized web hosting plan for Django framework, you may have noticed that it is not an easy job because only a few web hosts nowadays really care about Python as this language is much less popular than PHP. Fortunately, there are indeed some web hosts who care, and among all the web hosting plans we have reviewed so far, the one from A2Hosting is most Django friendly.

In the sections below, we carefully illustrate the reasons why our editors and hundreds of experienced webmasters have honored the company as the best choice for Django hosting. Then, we will present a brief introduction to Django and its features to help developers, especially the entry-level ones, deepen their understanding of this framework.

Why A2Hosting Is the Best Choice for Django Hosting?

A2Hosting is a leading technology-friendly hosting company which has a series of products optimized for web developers. The premium web hosting plan is recommended as the best one for Django for the reason that the plan comes with the best Django operating environment, blazing fast web hosting speed, maximum uptime, rock-solid technical support, and affordable price.

#1 Best Django Operating Environment

The first and foremost reason that we honored A2Hosting as the best provider of Django hosting services is its excellent Django operating environment. As a Python developer friendly web host, A2Hosting provides the following things in its web hosting plan to guarantee an optimized environment for Django to run.
  • Python 2.4, 2.6, 3.1 & 3.2
  • Apache 2.2, NGINX, FastCGI & virtualenv
  • MySQL 5.5, PostgreSQL 9.1 & SQLite 3.3

#2 Django Hosting Price & Features

A2Hosting has a web hosting plan named Prime whose regular price starts from $7.99/mo. Now for visitors going through this promotional link, there is a 51% discount which reduces the price to $3.92/mo. At this rate, the plan includes sufficient server resources and other features that are needed to build and manage a Django based website or application. Some of the favorable features are:
  • Unlimited RAID-10 storage, monthly data transfer, email address, databases & hosted domains.
  • SSH, SFTP, shared SSL certificate, pre-installed phpMyAdmin & phpPgAdmin.
  • cPanel 11 control panel, Server Rewind Backups & free HackScan.
  • SwiftServer Platform, CloudFlare CDN, Railgun Optimizer & server location options.

Besides these features, A2Hosting also offers some extras in the plan, including free trial for SubmitNET SEO Suite, iContact Email Marketing, and free advertising credits for Bing/Yahoo and Bidvertiser.

A2Hosting Promotional Link Activation

#3 Django Hosting Reliability & Performance

A2Hosting always takes it a pride to provide each customer with ultra reliable web hosting service. Customers' Django websites are all hosted on CloudLinux OS which is known for the ability to isolate and control resources spikes to guarantee superior site accessibility.

The 2 data centers of A2Hosting are both equipped with redundant power supply including 300kVA UPS uninterrupted power and 750kVA Cummings diesel generator to ensure that the hosted websites suffer minimum downtime caused by unexpected factors like power outage. For accidental deletion, mistakes and data corruption, Django users can also easily restore their data using the free file recovery program Server Rewind.

The uptime of A2Hosting web hosting plan is outstanding. As monitored by our monitoring program, the average uptime is 99.96% in the past 6 months, much better than the guaranteed 99.9%.

In terms of performance, A2Hosting is designed for blazing fast web hosting speed. The company offers several useful tools for free to optimally speed up Django websites. For instance, CloudFlare CDN (Content Delivery Network), which has been regarded as one of the best ways to gain high speed, is included to deliver customers' websites to visitors with the fastest route. And the Railgun Optimizer, which is also a product from CloudFlare, enables HTML to load up to 143% faster.

However, the feature that plays the most important role in high performance is the A2Hosting SSDs (Solid State Drives). With SSDs enabled, Django websites are expected to gain 300% faster page loading and MySQL transaction speed. For detailed information about how SSDs contribute to fast web hosting speed, please read the article Is A2 SSD Hosting Plan Really Fast and High Performance.

Note that SSDs are not free of charge. A2Hosting customers who would like to use this feature should pay an additional $3/mo.

#4 Django Guru Crew Support

A2Hosting offers Guru Crew support powered by on-site staff with specific knowledge on Python and Django. The support is reachable 24x7x365 via phone, email and live chat. We have tried the 3 ways by ourselves, and according to our experience, the response time of phone and live chat is less than 90 seconds, and that of email is always within 5 hours.

For customers who need any Python modules, Django applications or something else, getting contact with a support staff directly is an effective and efficient way to solve the problem. Or if they want written documentation, A2Hosting knowledgebase has hundreds of articles about Python and Django covering both simple and advanced topics and tutorial.

What Is Django?

Django is a free and open source web application framework written in Python and officially supporting PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and Orache as the database backend. Django can run with Apache and NGINX, and includes the ability to launch a FastCGI server, enabling the use behind any web server supporting FastCGI.

At present, many experienced developers, companies, organizations, as well as governments are using it to build a wide range of applications and systems, including CMS, social network, and scientific computing platforms. This is because Django eases the creation of web development and brings multiple benefits listed as below.
  • Being well-designed, Django enables developers to take their applications from concept to completion within a few hours.
  • This framework comes with multiple extras, including users authentication, site maps, RSS feeds, and more, which help developers a lot in handling common and complicated tasks.
  • Django is integrated with a high-level of security, protecting developers from SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and other security mistakes.
  • It is exceedingly scalable. With this feature in hand, even owners of the busiest websites are able to scale in an easy and prompt manner to meet their heavy traffic demands.

On the Bottom

A2Hosting is absolutely deserved to be recommended as the best Django web hosting plan for Python developers since it is not only affordable, but also fast, reliable and 100% compatible with Django. The Premium plan is the right choice if you desire to develop successful Django websites or applications easily.

The review statistics chart below comes from all the verified customers' votes collected at this page of A2Hosting review. Generally, A2Hosting is a highly customer satisfied company. To learn more about A2Hosting Django hosting service, visit