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Best Cost Effective Dedicated Server Hosting

updated on Feb 15, 2016
Best Cost Effective Dedicated Server Hosting Dedicated server hosting is expensive, but it doesn't mean that all the plans in the market come with high quality. To find the top web hosts providing cost effective dedicated hosting, we have reviewed 50+ companies on their reputation, price, hardware, data center infrastructure, technology, technical support and money back policy.

As a result, we recommend the following three as the award winners due to their outstanding performance on nearly all the aspects. Now let's take a deep look at their services.

InMotion Hosting

Best Cost Effective Dedicated Server Hosting - InMotion HostingInMotion is one of the most reputed hosting providers in the industry. To meet customers' different demands of hosting, the company has released multiple hosting plans, among which the dedicated plans are highly recommended for being integrated with cutting-edge technologies and fast page loading speed.

The regular price of the 3 plans starts from $189.99/mo, but now customers that go through the particular link below are able to cut the price down to $119.99/mo. What's more, each of the plans is integrated with free cPanel and CentOS operating system. Additionally, more outstanding features included in the plans are listed as below.
  • Instant provisioning. It offers quick setup option for dedicated server hosting, with which customers are guaranteed to get their servers within minutes or even seconds after payment having accomplished, instead of waiting for hours or days.
  • Root access. Users have the headache-free root access which enables them to use the powerful server management tools to give full control over their operating system and servers.
  • Mirrored storage. It provides mirrored storage with the RAID 1 technology which helps optimize the security as well as the performance, because the requests of customers' websites are always handled by the drive with the shorter seek time and rotational latency.
  • Enhanced caching. As cache values in speeding up websites, it offers a certain amount of caching with its own RAM to ensure high performance.
  • High quality servers & data centers. The dedicated servers are custom built with the industrial-grade Intel Xeon processors, CentOS and advanced cloud technologies like OpenStack and KVM. The servers are housed in a secure data center with 24x7 monitoring.
  • Prompt support. InMotion has a dedicated support line for customers using the dedicated hosting service. The support staffs are guaranteed to respond to any requests via live chat, phone and email in 30 seconds.
  • 30 days money back and ANYTIME pro-rated refund guarantee. If customers cancel their accounts within 30 calendar days of registration, they can receive a full refund of all fees, and if they cancel the service after 30 days, they can also get a pro-rated refund.
  • 100% uptime. Backed by the quality equipment and cutting-edge technologies, InMotion is capable enough to deliver 100% uptime for dedicated server users.

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Best Cost Effective Dedicated Server Hosting - BlueHostAs a large web hosting company, BlueHost has over 2 million customers around the world. However, we have seldom received any serious complaints from the real customers. The reason should be that BlueHost has spared no efforts in satisfying every single requirement.

So far, we have received 1086 BlueHost reviews from verified customers, among whom up to 99.2% are satisfied with BlueHost overall service and reliability, and 99.0% are satisfied with the support service.

BlueHost has 3 dedicated hosting plans named Standard, Enhanced and Premium which are priced from $149.9/mo, $199.99/mo and $249.99/mo regularly. Now the company offers a 50% discount for the first month of the contract, which means you can have the trial experience starting at $74.99/mo, $99.99/mo and $124.99/mo.

Subscribers can choose any billing cycle – 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, all depending on the demands. Personally, we suggest readers to make purchases on the monthly basis to enjoy the best discount.

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The payment with BlueHost is safe and secure. The company allows customers to pay via PayPal to increase security, and moreover, guarantees ANYTIME money back to make sure that its dedicated hosting service is risk-free.

All of the plans are rich-featured, and the servers come with high performance processors, high quality hardware and software, and a large amount of server resources which can fully meet the demands of large businesses and enterprises. Details are presented in the following table.

Free Domain Name
Operating SystemCentOS 6.4 (64-bit)CentOS 6.4 (64-bit)CentOS 6.4 (64-bit)
ProcessorDual Core 2.3GHz
(3MB cache)
Quad Core 2.5GHz
(8MB cache)
Quad Core 3.3GHz
(8MB cache)
Memory4 GB8 GB16 GB
Hard Drive2x50 GB2x1,000 GB2x1,000 GB
Bandwidth5 TB10 TB15 TB
Dedicated IPs345
Regular Price$149.99/mo$199.99/mo$249.99/mo
Discount50% off 1st month50% off 1st month50% off 1st month
Promo Price$74.99/mo$99.99/mo$124.99/mo
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Best Cost Effective Dedicated Server Hosting - HostGatorAs one of the best hosting providers, HostGator has been trusted by millions of webmasters around the world. Up to now, the company has released 4 Linux dedicated hosting plans and 4 Windows dedicated hosting plans, all of which are extremely reliable and high performance.

Exclusively owning the leading data centers, HostGator guarantees solid 99.99% uptime for dedicated hosting users. In the data centers, they use quality Dell servers, redundant network, redundant power supply and multiple physical data center security measures to ensure ultra-reliability and high security. Besides, the technicians and engineers are monitoring the data centers and servers all the time, so that they are able to find and resolve any sudden issue immediately. In this way, customers are able to run websites without any interruption.

The regular price of the dedicated plans starts from 174/mo. Now, the company is offering a 30% discount for visitors using the coupon code in below, with which the price is low to $105/mo. All of the plans are featured with cPanel and QuickInstall. More highlights are listed as below.
  • free IP addresses
  • Shared SSL, SSH, CloudFlare CDN & Railgun Optimizer
  • PHP 5, Perl 5.10 &Python 3.2
  • Ruby on Rails, Zend Framework, Apache 2.2

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What Is a Dedicated Server?

Unlike a shared server where you have to share the resources with many other users, a dedicated server allows you to have full control over the entire server and not to share anything (disk space, RAM, I/O, etc) with any other.

On a dedicated server, you, the user, can choose the hardware, operating system, software, etc, as you like. But at the same time, you must have a high level of technical skills in system administration or hire an in-house technician.

Just like virtual servers, dedicated servers fall into two groups – unmanaged dedicated servers and managed dedicated servers. With the former type, you have to do everything by yourself, including the install of the operating system and control panel, and security patches. However, when using a managed server, the provider takes care of many technical parts like OS updates, control panel install and server monitoring. Of course, the latter costs more.

Benefits of using a dedicated server

There are many reasons to purchase a dedicated server instead of staying on a shared server. If you are doing business online, a dedicated server would be the best hosting option because:
  • The server is under complete control, which means that you can do whatever you want. You are able to use it as a chat server or a game server, which is not allowed on a shared server. The provider sets few restrictions.
  • You can deal with a large volume of visits without encountering any performance issue.
  • You can expect outstanding uptime, and your applications and websites will load fast.
  • You can secure your server as you want, and you are not going to suffer from any security or performance problem caused by other users' bad coding.

Concerns of using a dedicated server

Dedicated server is not a suitable choice for everyone. Since there are some pitfalls, beginners and small businesses are not suggested to choose a dedicated server.
  • Dedicated servers are expensive. The cost is usually no less than $100/mo.
  • They can be difficult to set up and use if you are not savvy enough in system administration.
  • Even for a managed dedicated server, you have to hire a technician to take care of the technical tasks.